Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners

Are you an automotive enthusiast and love to carry out DIY jobs related to automotive? Quite interestingly, what about giving your car a facelift, painting it out with the color you love. You can do it by yourself; the per-requisites are; a garage with the right tool and the best automotive paint gun for beginners. The spray gun is a must-have tool to pull this job off, and to make your DIY paint job resembles a pro.

By painting your car by yourself you can save lots of money, it would not be as difficult as most of us think. Just grab the best automotive spray gun and start undertaking your painting job.

Painting a car or anything else using a spray gun would not be as difficult as finding the best spray gun. Believe me; it is not an easy task; it directly related to reading hundreds of products, filtering thousands of feedback, and deciding upon which one suits my job.

Here, we are going to do that for you; ease down your effort and time to find the best paint gun for beginners. You do not need to spend your precious time to pick the one you desire by going through hundreds of products. Just give a bird's eye view of these enlisted items and pick one as per your requirements.

​Any highest rated paint sprayers don't come in a cheap range. You need to have a budget of over 100 dollars for buying something that can do professional works.

The list includes our top picks of the automotive paint gun. It is not like we  have randomly picked these products and added with a no-brainer. These products have gone through our detailed checking process and upon fulfilling our criteria made to this list. 

​The automotive paint gun reviews give you a clear concept and save you from buying a junk product. We suggest you check this review section below to get the right type of sprayer gun in a jiffy as all these options are also recommended by experts.

​Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed

If you are a beginner and just taking out baby steps in painting your vehicle, it would be ideal for rolling hands onto something easy to use. Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed paint gun makes a good option for a beginner and assist in painting smaller as well as larger objects.

This perfect beginner product comes with a 2 mm nozzle. The nozzle size is perfect for large surface areas and enables you to starts off learning the very basics of automotive painting.

The best auto paint gun for beginners comes with operating pressure of 40PSI along with working pressure of 10PSI. The air consumption of the spray gun falls at 4.5CFM; by all means, it is a user-friendly model and renders a seamless painting experience.

The paint gun also includes a stainless steel made nozzle tip and a 600cc Aluminum cup with lid. The other accessories that assist in painting your vehicle are air gauge with the regulator, a too wrench, and a cleaning brush. Last but not least, this unit comes in hands at an affordable price. Its price is reasonable, that's why DIY lovers love this spray gun, other than its functionality


  • ​The 2 mm spray gun assist in covering a large area
  • ​An ideal option for beginners to start off
  • ​Good to go operating and working pressure
  • ​Stainless steel constructed nozzle tip
  • ​Includes three control valve to offer perfect spray
  • ​Affordable price


  • ​Difficult to clean

Devilbiss GFG670 High-Efficiency Gravity Feed Spray Gun

If you are hunting for a high-quality constructed spray gun that comes in hands at the budget price range, your search ends with Devilbiss GFG670 spray gun. The gun is designed and produced by one of the esteemed names in outdoor products manufacturing. This is one of the most sought-after products right on the market with positive word of mouth.

This is a downright wise investment, built to last lifetime, and helps you carry out your automotive painting project with zero flaws. With the product on board, you will enjoy a seamless painting with zero hiccups. Its enhanced atomization lets you throw more spray than most of the HVLP spray guns and let you conclude your projects swiftly. The spray gun is famous owing to its perfect finishing, just one coat, and you will see a moderate coat.

It comes with three stainless steel made tips; 1.2mm, 1.3mm, and 1.4mm. The other specs include a 900cc aluminum cup with lid, an air adjusting valve with gauge, a fluid filter, and a gun hook.

​​​With the gun on board, you enjoy super atomization, glass-like finish with few over sprays.

This is not an HVLP spray gun, but its air pressure is higher than most of the HVLP spray guns. The gun produces a 65-percent material transfer rate, better than most enlisted.

The price comparison to the quality is less, it is a professional-grade spray gun and really with investment for beginners.


  • ​A professional-grade product
  • ​Comes with three tips of varied size
  • ​Includes air adjusting valve for controlled sprays
  • ​Super-atomization
  • ​Provide enhanced glass-like finishing


  • ​Overpriced

TCP Global Paint spraying gun

If you need a spray gun for multiple types of jobs, TCP Global HVLP spray gun set makes an ideal grab. The package is ideal for beginners and intermediate and helps them carry out their operations without changing spray gun and nozzle tips.

The package includes three separate spray guns and nozzles, allowing you to have controlled spray and color without switching your tool.

It comes with three nozzle tips, 1.4mm tip for light and medium substance, 1.8mm tips for medium viscosity liquids, 1mm tip for detailed applications.

The 1.4 mm nozzle is made of durable stainless steel and the aluminum cup comes with one-liter paint storing capacity. The package also includes one regulator; several control knobs to help you adjust the amount of paint and pressure.

The gun is considered the best for spraying tasks such as base coats, clear coats, and many others.

The best automotive spray gun operates at a pressure between 29-50PSI. The air-consumption of the unit falls in between 3.5-7.1 CFM.

These guns make an ideal option for pro and feature almost everything that a regular automotive painter would ever require. These guns let you carry out various work jobs and assist you in getting better and smoother finishes.


  • ​Inclusion of three spray guns with three nozzle tips helps a lot
  • ​Adjustable controls to change spray patterns
  • ​Works well with other spray attachments
  • ​Can be used for various projects


  • ​Difficult to use indeed

Iwata IWA5640 LPH400-134LV

Iwata is one of the most recognized names in the world of producing paint guns. This is Apple of paint guns and earns a great name because of its hands-down performance. Yes, it costs arms and legs, but the product worth this price.

It features cutting-edge function to assist beginners and pro alike. Beginners would love to experience advanced features and produce smooth finishing like never before. Even a beginner would be able to make a statement in powerful in painting projects. If you spend money on buying the best spray gun for painting cars, you would not have to pay high for lifting the face of your vehicles.

The high-performing tool renders the highest atomization and a faultless option for a beginner seeking professional output. Just remember, if you can afford a big dent in your pocket, only get along with the product. The product costs four to ten times more than a regular paint spraying gun.

The spray gun is the best-selling product with the highest rating as well. You do not have to worry about the performance, just worry about the price you are going to pay.


  • ​An excellent spray gun for professional and beginners
  • ​Render optimum spraying experience with zero flaws
  • ​Easy to use and function
  • ​Enhanced atomization, superior finishing
  • ​Durable built
  • ​The package includes all bells and whistles essential for painting jobs


Wagner Spraytech 0529031

If you are looking for a 2 in 1 paint gun, Wagner has something up to the sleeves. Wagner Spraytech 0529031 offers flawless painting automotive experience using not only one but two guns out of the box. 

You can seamlessly achieve any painting jobs using the handed two separate guns. Each gun specifies different functions and accessories to offer a varied painting experience. Each gun provides complete paint-flow controls and different patterns to achieve a dedicated job.

The first one is for heavy-duty painting tasks, used to provide professional-grade finishing. The paint gun adheres to high volume less pressure tech due to its powerful motor that renders optimum atomization without having a compressor on board.

The other gun is used to offer delicate painting jobs. This is taken on board for special detail finishing and spit-out thin coating distribution uniformly.

Both of the guns ensure minimum overspray and are a master at doing their specified jobs.


  • ​2 spray guns for different finishing and coating
  • ​High power motor ensures the highest level of atomization
  • ​Assist you in carrying out heavier as well as lighter jobs
  • ​Adjustable paint flow
  • ​Includes 39-foot flexible hose for accessing hard-to-reach areas


  • ​Small container
  • ​Need constant cleaning

​Tekna 703517 Prolite Spray Gun

This is a legendary creation from the brand Tekna. The spray gun does pretty well in most cases. The whole construction of this paint sprayer is simple and user friendly in most cases. Though DIY experts suggest this for experienced persons, you can also use it for small tasks if you are a beginner. 

You can have good control over the pressure this gun creates. To get the desired type of finish on the surface, you can adjust the sprayer anytime.


The spray gun also performs depending on the weather of your area. You can spray various types of paint with the help of this gun in both dry and wet weather conditions. 

The spray gun is quite compact in size and weight. You can hold it with ease. The whole construction is also easy to clean. That's why you don't have to worry about the maintenance of this product.

The nozzle with the gun does a fantastic job. It creates pressure and force to make the gun spray firm coats on surfaces. If you intend to put solvent-based coatings on your car, boat, or other surfaces, you can surely pick this gun for the DIY paint job.


  • ​The gun features you the perfect finishing you want
  • ​The gun has DPC 43 adapter to perform better than average guns
  • ​HAV 555 valve helps to adjust the air in the construction
  • ​The size of this gun compact and easy to hold
  • ​The lightweight gun doesn't give you too much paint while you use it for bulk works
  • ​The gun also features excellent corrosion resistance facilities


  • ​The air leakage issue arrives soon when you use it for heavy works frequently

What to Consider Before ​Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners?

Whether you are looking for the best automotive paint gun for your personal painting tasks or own a painting business, there are few critical things to think before buying the best paint gun.

You need to focus on those necessary considerations to make sure you get the best paint guns for automotive for your next DIY projects. So, we have tried to mention those in a brief.

First and utmost important thing, you need to think about the type of paint you will be throwing using a spray gun. Beginner guns usually don’t spray every type of paint fluently.

The thicker paints require high-powered paint gun with a bigger sized nozzle. The thinner paint spraying tasks can be done using a less-pressure having paint gun.

The budget is another important term to take seriously. You have to make a reasonable budget that can easily cover the price of top guns and some other kits.
You also need to know what type of work you are going to do in the future. Every gun can’t work well with all types of paint and paint jobs. Depending on the type of job and the type of materials you are going to spray, you need to make your mind about buying a new gun.

There is more than one feature to look into while buying a paint gun. In the next section, we will discuss the most important ones. So, do not roam around and read to the end.

​Nozzle size

Nozzle size plays a big role in making the best spray gun for painting cars. You should be alerted to this feature as it can make or break your whole painting DIY experience.

The factor is crucial because the size of the nozzle is directly proportional to the type of paint you ought to spray. For spitting-out thicker paint, a larger hole having nozzle would be required and vice versa.


People love easy to carry around products. This is an essential factor to have a look when choosing the best spray gun. You should consider the type of projectors you want to carry out using the gun. A portable product that is easier to put in a backpack and carried without giving a second thought is recommended and sought-after as well.


While throwing at sprays at objects, you will have to adjust the patterns. So, it would be advisable to have a spray gun that provides arrays of spray settings so that you could adjust as per your work needs.

​Speed rate

The speed rate is the flowing rate of your gun. The spray guns are constructed with a regular system connected to them so that you could choose the speed rate as per your painting requirements. When you need to speed up the process, just change it anytime.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning after finishing a painting project does not have any escape. If you do not do that, your expensive gadgets can be devastated. So, it would be wise to look for the ease of cleaning features. If a product consumes hours in getting it cleaned, it would be difficult to conclude a project. Nowadays, brands are manufacturing spray guns that are easy to clean and comes with the cleaning brushes.

​Frequently Asked Questions of Best Automotive Paint Gun ​of Beginners

​How to Use a Spray Gun with Air Compressor?

The usual way of using a spray gun is eligible for any brand and model. You can also get to know the right instruction on the box of the sprayers. But still, I am telling some facts to look after well while using a sprayer for painting for the best result. 

Keep the container of the paint connected to the gun 70% filled with your thinned paint. You have to pick a nozzle that can create lots of pressure. Before starting to paint your surface, you need to test the paint spraying on a paper board. It helps you to know the quality of the mixture that you have made using thinner and paint, spraying pattern, and the volume of the paint the sprayer is throwing.

After testing, you can start painting your surface by keeping a distance of almost 6 inches between the sprayer and the surface. But remember to wear your safety kit before starting your paint job.

​How to Spray Single Stage Urethane Paint?

​I think there is no difference in the processes of using normal paints and urethane paints. You can follow the same ideal method that most automobile shop follows to use a sprayer and paint to make to give cars a catchy look. You need to be extra careful while sanding the metal body of the car. Moreover, you should use tapes and paper to cover the areas that you don't want to paint. You should also be careful while removing those tapes.

​What Size Air Compressor Do I Need to Spray Paint?

​Here, the size should be not less than 40 gallons. According to me, the ideal size of an air compressor is almost 60 gallons.

​How to Spray Paint a Car Professionally?

The majority of the car owners or automobile shops follow the common way to repaint a car using a sprayer. But before start spraying, you need some more works. 

You have to fix dent and rust issues before starting any paint job. Then, you must sad the whole area with a quality sander. After that, when you find the surface quite smooth and eligible for new paint coats, you need to clean up all the mess through ripping off the old paint. 

Now, you need to do some priming if there is not a paint layer left on the car. After priming, you have to do a little bit of sanding with less power to bring the smoothness on the new coat. 

After all these, you can now start spraying the paint. You can use a thinner to thin the paint if you want. Mostly, it takes three or four coats of paint to make a car look new. Remember, you need to use lacquer in the final spraying session.

​How to Adjust Spray Gun for Auto Paint?

The adjustment of spray guns is not an easy task. It is impossible to explain the whole thing in a few lines. I can only tell you the main functionings in short. 

All the auto sprayers have three systems ongoing while spraying paints. One of them is controlling air while you have pulled the trigger to paint a surface. Another system directly contacts with the nozzle to keep up the user's desired spraying pattern. The third task a sprayer does is to control the volume of the paint that is passing through the nozzle. You can have separate knobs or control systems for each of the functions.

​How Much Does a Paint Sprayer Cost?

We can divide paint sprayers into two sections; DIY sprayers and professional sprayers. 

Paint sprayers that you want to use at home occasionally when you need to repaint any surface of your home can come at a reasonable price. Mostly, you can get a good sprayer gun when you have at least 70 to 110 bucks. But many other sprayers come in below 50 dollars. Such cheap sprayers are almost like kids' toys for me as they don't feature any quality functioning. 

Sprayers for professional purposes are a bit costly. You need to have a budget of around 500 dollars to get a fantastic sprayer. These sprayers are professionals who do bulk paint jobs regularly. So, it's up to you which type of sprayer you want to buy depending on your budget.


Being a painter or DIY enthusiast, it is important to have the best automotive paint gun for beginners in your toolkit. With the best painting gun onboard, you will have a boosted painting experience with superior finishing. You do not have to read thousands of reviews and behold their ratings; we already have curated a list with top-rated products at the best price. Just have a bird's eye view of those and decide which falls right on your needs.

We can hope that you like this guide and these reviews ​make you find the best paint gun that suits your needs.

best result. However, in fine, we should say that you also need to focus on following the right spraying method along with buying a good paint gun.

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