Best Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

Are you about to face one of the biggest challenges in your life? You have taken the task of painting your home and now considering buying ​the ​best commercial airless paint sprayer. You cannot but have to buy a professional airless paint sprayer to do what you have thought

That's a reasonable consideration, as it helps DIY enthusiasts and professionals to complete painting tasks in half of the time of roller and paintbrush. Luckily, paintbrush and rollers are not the only options to paint your home, fences, doors, ceiling, and other objects as you can have professional paint sprayers these days.

Now, you can choose a quality commercial Airless Pint sprayer to paint your home or for your workers to complete a painting project in lesser time. Besides, you can also get perfection through using sprayer guns for DIY jobs. 

Using an Airless Paint sprayer is easier than other tools due to various reasons. For instance, users can adjust the pressure to suit the needs, and you can buy some useful tips to paint different liquid materials such as Latex, Varnish, or oil-based paints. So, a good sprayer truly can finish a job without too much effort.

Now, the problem is, you are buying Airless Paint sprayer for the first time in your life, you might not be able to decide which product to go with. It is quite normal to get confused and make blunders in picking the right one.

​Paint sprayers have different types and qualities. A paint sprayer for home use doesn't require too much energy as they are not for bulk projects.

It is really tough to choose one as per your needs and requirements. So, we recommend you take a look at these commercial airless paint sprayer reviews and see what falls right on your criterion.

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879

HomeRight is one of the leading names in the paint sprayer world. The brand has earned a unique name due to its original designs and the highest possible quality.

The power Flo Pro 2800 integrates all features to be called a HomeOwner product.

Its innovative design, boasting speed, big capacity of 5 gallons, and large tip size make it an ideal grab. The Airless Paint sprayer is an ideal option for DIY enthusiasts as well as professionals who are looking for a sturdy product to carry out their commercial projects.

​​​The industrial paint sprayer is a Chrome Plated sprayer with a pressure of 2800 PSI. In carrying out big projects, the pressure of sprayer matters and the sprayer comes with the option to turn the knob to control the pressure. The feature means you will have more precision in your work and less overspray.

The tool helps you paint anything you want from unthinned latex to oil-based paints. You can put anything in the reservoir and paint your objects with no limitation.

The Airless paint sprayer includes 25 ft hose to help you reach everywhere in the surrounding of 25ft without moving the entire setup. Rather than transporting your machine, get the 25 ft hose to paint anything without any big trouble.

 The paint sprayer integrates a reversible tip to help with any clogging issues while painting any thick object.

​The biggest advantage of buying the HomeRight sprayer is, it comes in hands at an affordable price range and withstands against big projects.


  • ​Durable and sturdy option
  • ​25 feet hose pipe makes the sprayer an ideal grab
  • ​An efficient sprayer that helps you paint anything from unthinned latex to oil-based paints
  • ​Easy to assemble


  • ​With painting some paints, thinning may require

​Graco Magnum 262805 X7

If you are going to paint a large area, and looking for something that could cover with its smooth performance, do not pass Graco Magnum X7.

The brand offers a variety of paint sprayers with tiny differences in their design, features, and price. The same brand also offers Magnum 257025 and Magnum 262800 X5. This means the brand has a range of products to offer to their customer as per their use capacity and needs.

I have been reading the reviews, specs, and features of all products of the brand. I loved Graco Magnum 262805 X7 due to more than one reason. The customer satisfaction of this airless paint sprayer exceeded my expectations. Obviously, the paint sprayer uses air compressors for perfect through on the targeted area. The price of the sprayer was affordable; I did not see any other brand offering this much range of features in that price range.

The commercial paint sprayer can spray all materials, including thick latex to light stains and other materials also. You get this impressively designed sprayer for your commercial project that comes with saver pail hook with a flexible suction tube.

Yes, it is easy to clean as well; the tip comes with reverse function feature. You can even use flash adapters to clean the pipe after concluding the painting job.

The sprayer comes with the capacity to take 1-5 gallons of paint filled in the bucket, so we will have to refill the bucket lesser than the normal paint sprayer.

It has a long 25 ft hose pipe, the range of pipe helps you reach hard to reach areas and paint with no big trouble.

The product is designed for professionals, keeping homeowners and professionals in mind. You can use this airless sprayer inside or outside; you will not be disappointed with it.

With the sprayer bought, you will not have to have a professional to do the painting jobs at your home. The sprayer can bring professional touch in your finishing.


  • ​Lightweight model, easy to transport
  • ​Contains 1-5 gallons of paints
  • ​Can take maximum spraying tips
  • ​Easy to operate
  • ​Integrates portable wheels
  • ​Comes in hands at an affordable price range


  • ​The hose could have been longer than this

​Goplus Airless Paint Sprayer 3000

If your work needs to demand a high-pressure paint sprayer, Goplus Airless Paint sprayer 3000 with the highest spraying speed. The paint sprayer integrates an advance feature that helps a person to complete the project in lesser time compared to the traditional painting tool. The commercial airless paint sprayer gives a professional touch to your painting tasks and concludes your project more quickly.

The biggest advantage and about all the buyers loved this features; easy to clean. The sprayer painter comes with the advance cleaning features that make its cleaning hassle-free. With the sprayer you are using, run a simple cleaning solution of water until the paint is gone. You can use any solvent as well; sometimes your workers store the sprayer without cleaning, solvent help remove the paint in that situation.

The lightweight model is easy to maneuver, no external assistance needed, carry the model around from one building to the other.

The sprayer can make you go through any kind of work that comes to your ways, whether you need to paint walls, ceiling, or decks, doors, and even furniture. The airless sprayer assists you to paint anything; a professional finishing will give a pro touch.

The output pressure of the sprayer can be adjusted as per the need. With the option, you control the speed of your paint flow and switch to a needed pressure speed. In that way, you would be able to finish a project using just one tool, no need to replace tips.

​The tool is a breeze to assemble. With clear instructions in a user manual, you will assemble it alone in half an hour.


  • ​Affordable price range
  • ​Working pressure 3000 PSI
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Users can control the speed of paint flow
  • ​25-feet long hose pipe


  • ​Can have an issue dealing with more than one type of substances

​Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Everyone knows to achieve versatile painting application; an airless paint sprayer is a must-have gadget. The Wagner Spraytech, on the other hand, stands heads and shoulders above when it comes to versatility in painting. The airless paint sprayer is a lightweight model, easy to mobile and good at spraying anything you throw at it.

The handheld sprayer integrates advanced features such as 1-quart cup that seals and prevents paints from spillage. The sealing is very tight; you will not see any paint around even when the sprayer upside down.

The model stands out when compared to other enlisted, specifically due to its EZ Tilt Flex tube feature. The section continues drawing paint even when the tub has very low paint.

The paint sprayer suites the needs of all types of jobs, such as commercial jobs, or home paint jobs, etc. You should keep the reservoir topped off to get optimal results.

In my opinion, this is the equipment everyone should own in their home. This is one of the best high volume, low-pressure sprayer, and most popular ones as well.

The versatile airless paint sprayer comes with a 20-feet long hose pipe; you can walk around the different portions of the house like kitchen, porch, and others carrying the handheld part of the device.

If you are concerned about the coverage, the sprayer suffices most housework. It comes with three different adjustable mods of spraying and serves you in any condition.


  • ​Affordable price range
  • ​Provides work-pressure 3600 PSI
  • ​Reversible sturdy tip
  • ​Include 100-mesh to filter out impurities
  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Lightweight


  • ​Leakage issues are reported

​Titan Tool 0580005 High-Efficiency Airless Paint

​​The product is best to do outdoor projects, as it is easy to maneuver, its carts though does not include in the package price, will have to pay extra to get it included. Still, having a dedicated cart is something you must not overlook.

If you want to give your painting job a pro-touch-up, look no further and purchase Titan Tool 0580005. The brand has been in the paint spraying business for years now and has a unique place in the market. The next version of the same product has also been surfaced, but the 1500 model renders efficient performance compare to the updated versions. I love the way it provides pro finishing; 55-percent less overspray, on the other hand, is one of the major benefits of having the Titan tool onboard.

The design of the model is compact; it is easy to transport compared to other products such as Mangum and others. The product is rather higher than others as well; you will experience a longer life duration than others as per the reviewers and buyers. The sprayer is obviously going to provide results that will make you have trust in it.

The unit is easy to assemble; one person can pull it up together in half an hour without any need of professional hired. We also appreciate the way its swifts from one job site to the other, because of its own truck. We also loved its 25-foot long flex hods that add agility to this machine.

The motor is another impressive feature, must not overlook. It is built as a high-efficiency sprayer, which means, it allows you to minimize over spraying and waste, what you would have experienced if you had chosen any other product.

The airless paint sprayer comes with a five-gallon bucket. The size of the bucket ensures that you will finish the job in one go if it is not a big project. In a big project as well, the size is enough to make you finish the project way faster than ever.

Another glaring feature, the users can fill the container with soapy water and clean it up in minutes.

If we compare the model with others, it lasts longer than others. With the model on board, you can work 300 gallons per year, which is far better than others.


  • ​With the unit, you will have a 55-percent lesser overspray
  • ​Easy to mobile and maneuver due to its compact design
  • ​Paint directly from the Five-gallon bucket
  • ​Can throw any type of paint, no need of thinning
  • ​The fluid section is replaceable
  • ​Can use up to 300-gallons per year


  • ​Easily clogged
  • ​Issue with priming

Buying Guide: ​What to Look When Buying a Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

An airless paint sprayer is a powerful tool for painting tasks. If you need something that could finish the painting projects in less time compare to other tools, have an Airless sprayer, and you will not regret the decision. These sprayers are the best for throwing paints at high pressure. If you need to cover a large surface with paint, this high-pressure airless paint sprayer can fill the bill.

Industrial airless paint sprayers give you the feature of providing the required result most of the time in any situation. Other sprayers can’t do as per as your demand. You can feel quality sprayers are obeying your commands just like your hands. So, finding the best sprayer is important to have best painting experiences.

These are the key points you must look into an airless sprayer before giving a final shot. Have a look at them to start your search for an industrial level sprayer.


An airless paint sprayer is famous due to high power performance. How much power you require for doing painting tasks depends on what you want to paint.

If you need to paint a small furniture item, you might not require that much power. 

You can easily do small jobs with an average sprayer that doesn’t cost too much also. Getting an industrial quality product is not mandatory here in some cases.

On the other hand, if you need to paint an entire house, yes, you need something sturdy and big to handle the level of the project.

 More power means more pressure, and you will get the job done in lesser time than other tools such as roller or paintbrush


Although the volume is not as important as the power in an airless paint sprayer, still, this is one of the essential features and influences the overall performance of a sprayer.

The volume of a paint sprayer dictates the overall unit size. If you want a compact product that could easily maneuver from one corner to the other, you will have to sacrifice on the volume. But, if you are in a hurry and have to cover a larger area in lesser time, the volume will make you finish the work. As you will have to refill the sprayer less, thus can paint larger areas in one go?

​Adjustable Pressure Tips

Adjustable pressure tips help in doing different types of jobs.

With a higher pressure model, you can do more jobs in less time.

Having a less pressure unit means you can do smaller tasks with delicacy. With a model that has adjustable pressure tips, you can adjust the flow of the paint.

The tip you are putting is directly related to the type of substance you are throwing. The spray tips that withhold wear and tear are the best as they offer performance for a long time.

​Paint Type

When you decide which type of paint you are going to use before you buy a sprayer, almost half a job is done. 

For staining, you can do the job with a sprayer that produces low pressure. But you need to have a sprayer with the high-pressure capability and good volume rate for priming or acrylic paint coating. 

In fact, some other impacts paint type puts clearly. Some sprayers also mention which types of paints are compatible with the construction. Know the compatibility well before purchasing.

​The Material Used in Construction

Having a look at the construction can save you lots of money. When you buy an airless sprayer, you go on outdoor and indoor jobs.

If you are the one who has to do outdoor jobs, you need to go with metal made airless sprayers. As they are sturdy and while transporting the sprayer could withstand wear and tear.

On the other side, plastic made sprayers are ideal for smaller DIY projects. They are less reliable and durable compared to metal. Thus they cannot resist roughness. So, opt what suits you the best, if you can afford, go with metal made they offer a longer life duration.


​As you intend to look for commercial paint sprayers, you surely need something with lots of features and high-performance capabilities. A sprayer with such capabilities is not too easy to control. But some products have simple functioning to let you control. You should focus on buying those options. Otherwise, you can make a mess of your surface while using a sprayer that is tough to control.

​Frequently Asked Questions of Best Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer

​How Does an Airless Paint Sprayer Work?

The Airless paint sprayer is quite portable and handy type tool. It helps you to do your paint jobs faster than air compressor sprayers. The functioning of an airless sprayer is pretty complex. We have tried to describe the whole thing in simple words below. 

A sprayer has a gun, nozzle, hose, and pump. The wider part of the hose stays in the gallon of your desired mixture. It only transfers the paint from the gallon to the tip.

The pump does the job of creating pressure here. The pump can create around 3000 psi pressure. The pump pulls the paint towards the nozzle through the hose. It mainly stores the paint in the chamber of the gun. 

The gun has a trigger. It turns on the functioning of the whole machine. 

The nozzle consistently shoots paint particles. You can fix the pattern of the nozzle according to your wish.

Besides, the knob of the gun allows you to control the pressure. It orders the pump to create pressure according to your command. 

So, unlike traditional sprayers, this type can spray paints by only pumping. The system forces the paint to go through hose, gun, and nozzle to cover a surface with small droplets.

​How Much Overspray with Airless Sprayer?

The airless sprayer has lots of positive sides. You can finish your paint jobs in a short period with the help of an airless spray gun. Besides, the most important fact is it can save the paint by stopping overspray.

No fixed ratio shows how much paint gets wasted by using an airless sprayer. But our research tells than you can reduce the overspray to almost 40 percent by replacing normal sprayer with airless types. 

It is because an airless sprayer gives you the freedom to fix the pressure rate. You also get handy nozzles that ease your work. So, if you customize your airless sprayer well, your sprayer can produce more than 50 percent less overspray than other sprayers.

​How to Prevent Overspray When Spray Painting?

Overspray means spreading of paints on unwanted areas. Spraying excessive paints even on the targeted area is a kind of overspray. You can prevent overspray by taking some vital precautions. 

You can keep the pressure in the sprayer in control to avoid overspray. Extra pressure can let the paint go out on the surface pretty quickly. Turn the pressure knob at the right place to get the balanced pressure. 

Picking the right size nozzle saves you from overspray. If you pick a large nozzle, paint can come out faster than usual. Try to pick the right size according to your project. We suggest you use a small nozzle for indoor paint jobs. You can use a large nozzle for outside paint jobs. 

Wind can put some serious impact on outdoor paint jobs. You can start your work when there is less disturbance of wind. 

Selecting the right pattern is another important fact. When you set a pattern larger than the width of the surface, it creates a mess. Fix the pattern carefully to finish the job well. 

The right distance from the surface of the sprayer can lead you to a great paint job. Moreover, it produces great coatings. Make sure you are holding the sprayer 8 inches away from the surface. 

The best way to avoid overspray is to cover the surroundings. You can use paper or cloths to cover the surroundings. Nowadays, experts suggest using plastic instead of paper or cloths in this matter. 

Sometimes, other things or surroundings still get messy despite having precautions. In such cases, you need to have detergent and water with you. You can wash some paints by using them. You can also use sandpaper to do the job. But here, you need to be extra cautious while using sandpaper on any type of surface. Because sandpaper can harm any surface.

​How to Thin Latex Paint for Wagner Spray Gun?

Well, it is easy to thin the paint for doing paint job using Wagner gun. We let you know all the items you need along with the necessary steps. 

You have to collect some essential stuff first. Those are,

1) A large stick

2) Clean gallons

3) Fresh water

4) Desired paint

5) Funnel

6) A paper board

First of all, you have to take a small amount of paint to check the thickness. Put the paint through the funnel. If the paint goes through the funnel with ease, then you don't have to thin it at all. 

Next, put the required amount of pain in a gallon. Also, put some water in the same gallon. Remember, you can put .5 cup water for a gallon of paint. 

After that, you can put the lid on that gallon and shake it properly. You can also stir the paint using a large and stiff stick. You need to stir or shake the paint for almost thirty seconds. 

After all these steps, use the funnel again to check the thickness. If you find the thickness right, then go for the final test. Put some paint in a separate gallon for testing. And start spraying the mixture on the testing board to see the quality. Then, start your paint job when you find the mixture perfectly ready.

​Why Does My Airless Paint Sprayer Leaving Streaks?

You can find the streaks issue with your spray gun because of some specific problems. During our research, we have found out that bad customization or poor mixtures are two main causes of a bad performance. 

The lack of enough pressure mainly causes such a blunder. If you don't maximize the pressure at the tip, the paint job can't be perfect. You need to turn the pressure knob at the maximum level gradually for getting a perfect paint pattern.

Apart, using a regular sprayer for bulk painting tasks leads to unfinished results. You have to find the right spray gun which has the capacity you need. 

Sometimes, the length and diameter of the hose can put bad impacts. In such a situation, you can cut the length to increase the pressure. You can also replace the old hose with a new one having a larger diameter. Any of these steps can eliminate sudden pressure drop for good. 

In the gun, unclean filters minimize the pressure. You have to keep those filters clean to get the desired pressure for painting. 

A paint sprayer has a range for its tip's length. Using a top larger than the range can drop the pressure. So, you have to maintain the range for a good paint job. 

The mixture of the paint also puts some impact here. You should take good care of the thickness of the mixture to avoid stripping.

​Some Necessary Advising

The review and buying guide section is enough to find the best commercial spray gun in the market. But buying the best product doesn't mean your job is done. 

First of all, buying the best sprayer of the year goes in vain when you don't follow the right technique of painting. Spray painting mainly depends on how well you handle the sprayer. You need to have nice control over the functioning to be a good painter. 

Also, you need to check the paint before spraying. You can test your paint's thickness and other things by spraying on cardboard first. 

After spraying, there is lots of stuff to do. You need to clean other surfaces around your spraying spot such as the floor, furniture, etc. after painting. You can also cover them before starting your work as prevention of mess. 

Most importantly, you need to clean your gun well. Your gun's maintenance decides the longevity. After doing your project, you must clean your gun tips and nozzles with an effective cleaner and a needle. You have to store them after dismantling. You can have a precise case or bag to keep all the parts safe. 

These were some facts that some pro spray painters also forget. You need to remember them pretty well so that you can be perfect in the painting by any angle.


There are two ways to complete a painting job; the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is simple, get a brush or a roller and spend hours painting a simple project and get backache or wrist fatigue. The easy way is to have a paint sprayer, and get the job done in hours.

The airless paint sprayer is an easy, reliable, efficient, and versatile way to paint a home, furniture, and other objects. Such a product saves you from working hard and getting bad results from DIY paint jobs.With a quality paint sprayer, you can cover any surface with the desired paint faster than a brush or roller.

We have reviewed top commercial airless paint sprayers, and as per our knowledge, these are the top-rated products. We also have mentioned their flaws, features, and specification and what are they got at doing. So, read this review and behold which product falls right on your requirement and do follow the guide to stick on the right path while buying a new sprayer for the first time.

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