​Best Paint Sprayer - Reviews & Top Picks

​​​Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

​Graco Magnum 

​​​Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint...

​Wagner Spraytech

​​​​HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint...

​HomeRight Power Flo Pro

Are you looking for the best paint sprayer for a paint job in your home? Well, you are in the right place. You will get all the solutions about choosing the right painting tool for your next project.

We have researched the paint sprayer market, talked with the veteran architects and painter to compile the list of 10 best paint spray guns. Now, you do not have to do any head-scratching while choosing the best. 

Think about the type of your paint jobs and pick the perfect one from our list. No matter which option you choose, the painting project will be colossally colorful! 

What Are the Best Paint Sprayer?

​Graco Magnum X5

​​Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum X5 is one of the best paint sprayers for home use. It will help you with almost any type of painting job. This spraying tool is perfect for wood and wall painting. 


This is a convenient color machine with long-lasting durability. The stainless steel piston pump is the core of this machine. It provides high-pressure painting. 


Are you worried about latex-based paint, or thick acrylic? No worries, Graco Magnum X5 can paint with any type of color. The high-quality suction tube can spray from any buckets sized between 1 to 5 gallons.


The Graco X5 comes with a firm but light design for easy carrying. The handle will allow you to pick up this machine with one hand. This gives you more control over detailed jobs  


You will have enhanced control due to the pressure-sensitive trigger. When 0.27 GPM spray volume combines with the trigger,  it becomes a fantastic combo for any home improvement project. 


The 1500 watt motor generates 1/2 horsepower. This configuration can raise the working pressure to 3000 PSI. Such a massive load will make your painting projects lightning quick with a professional finish. 


Cleaning a Graco Magnum X5 is easy after you are done with the painting. The hose settings will allow you to attach a garden hose to clear any clogs. Besides, you will get a 1-year warranty with this magic tool.


  • ​Comes with hose port
  • ​Diverse painting function
  • ​75 feet hose length
  • ​Adjustable pressure settings
  • ​Stainless steel piston


  • ​Heavyweight machine
  • ​Not suitable for small spaces

​Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max

​​Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint...

If you are looking for the best paint spray gun for your home, the Wagner Spraytech is the one. With variable air pressure, adjustable flow control, and 3 spray patterns, any of your paint jobs will be a memorable one.


Wagner Spraytech is a small and lightweight spray gun easy enough to carry. Thus, you can use it in almost any home improvement work. Besides, you can carry it to any tight corner for easy access. 


The variable pressure control can work between 1.5 to 2.63 psi. It ensures an excellent coat quality even with thin materials like lacquers. You can perform any sensitive works with the paint storage under the gun. 


Adjusting the flow control with this spraying tool is like a breeze. You can do it precisely with the ten-level dial. Either a small space or a large room, you can walk and work with this Wagner Spraytech. Thanks to the 20 feet hose. 

The delicate paint job on the doors or massive painting on the wall, you can do them with equal precision. This machine comes with three adjustable spraying modes of spraying. Cover any surfaces with half to twelve-inch wide jets. Just flick the switch to get this variation.  

The two-stage turbine will power through any type of paint. Thick latex, or thin lacquer, the performance will be the same. This handy but best paint sprayer for home use is great for both novice and veteran.


  • ​Adjustable functions
  • ​Affordable price
  • ​2 stage turbine motor
  • ​3 spray pattern
  • ​20 feet hose


  • ​Flimsy plastic made
  • ​Clogs easily

​HomeRight Power Flo Pro

​​​HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint...

This is a heavy-duty spray gun for large-scale painting projects. With high-pressure settings and high paint volume, you can cover any large surface with ease and efficiency with this best electric paint sprayer.

You can work on walls, fences, and any type of home exterior project. When you are dealing with larger surfaces, but a shorter period, this pro paint sprayer is the best option. 

Power and mobility is the core of this machine. You can have a high volume of paints due to the ½ HP motor. The 25 feet hose will give you the freedom to move almost anywhere in a home. Now, the painting will be quick and efficient.

The nozzle is fully adjustable. Therefore, you can work on any delicate or broad surfaces with just a few tweaks in the tips. Designed headboard to flat walls, all will have the same pro-finish and look.

Home Right Pro is one of the best paint sprayer for walls. This machine is specially designed for home improvements. However, you find the frequent clogging a bit disturbing. It means you have to clean it frequently.

Another issue that might bother you during a paint project is the leaking. A few users complained about it and said it ruined their best painting gloves, let alone the surface. You may not see this machine in any professional paint workshop; however, beginners love this machine.


  • ​Adjustable pressure settings
  • ​25 feet hose
  • ​2800 psi pressure
  • ​0.28 GPM volume
  • ​Heavy-duty machine
  • ​Reversible tips


  • ​Easily clogs
  • ​Leaks from several joints

​Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

​​​​Fuji 2202 Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System, Blue

Fuji 2202 is a highly professional painting tool that comes with reliability and high-quality. The non-bleed technology, 1400-watt motor, and the stainless steel tips make it one of the best handheld airless paint sprayer.

This machine will serve you for a long time. The stainless steel finishes and durably made is the core of this robust tool. You can use it in almost any type of paint project for your home. 

The Fuji 2202 Semi-Pro 2 may look like a toy; however, do not get deceived by the look. It is a powerhouse for painting.  

Any type of detailed painting job is comfortable with this pro machine. The quarter gallon metal cup mounted on the bottom is designed for intricate paint jobs.

Don't think the machine cannot deal with more significant projects. The 25 feet hose will give you the access to move anywhere around the home and complete the restoration jobs. Fill a bucket with the paint, dip the tube, and start coloring.

Are you a fan of DIY? Good news, Fuji Semi-Pro 2  is one of the best paint sprayers for DIY. The 1.3 mm cap on the spraying nuzzles a steady flow of paint. Moreover, you get a smooth finish. For any new endeavor with colors, this feature is a great aid. 

You never have to worry about any paint types when you have Fuji Semi-Pro 2 in hand. The two-stage 1400-watt motor can work with any kind of paints. The shaft is inside the metal casing that ensures full suction and pressure. 

The machine easily gets clogged, especially with latex-based paints. So, you may have to thin those paints with water. The air filter on the nuzzle also gets clogged with paint particles. Make sure you clean them frequently.

Except for its higher price tag, the Fuji Semi-PRO 2 is an excellent painting spray machine for both indoor and outdoor.


  • ​Adjustable paint and pressure settings
  • ​1400 watt motor
  • ​25 feet hose
  • ​Stainless steel tips
  • ​Highly durable


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Easily clogged

​VonHaus Paint Gun Electric HVLP Spray Gun

​​​​​VonHaus Paint Gun Electric HVLP Spray Gun with 3...

If you are looking for a fast-paced paint job or want to cover a smaller area, get the VonHaus Paint Gun. This machine gives you a powerful painting with a flawless finish.

The paint gun has a 35-oz container for delicate close-range works. It prevents the frequent filling of the jar, and you do not have to stop work frequently.

You can move to almost anywhere in the house with this paint gun. The shoulder strap gives you additional control over any delicate painting project. The 60 Din-S viscosities ensure a smooth finish.

Three spraying patterns cover almost every type of paint job on any surfaces. You can get diagonal, horizontal, and vertical painting positions with the VonHaus Paint Gun. 

Both horizontal and vertical patterns neutralize each other for an even coating. On the contrary, the diagonal pattern gives you the freedom for spherical shapes.

You can adjust the flow rate for both large and small surface areas. Twist the nozzle tip to get the desired flow. Nevertheless, the flow may stop automatically, and you have to restart the motor again. 

The problem happens due to quickly overheating. Thus, we recommend you to be prepared for frequent breaks. Why don't you have a bottle of beer handy for a quick sip?


  • ​Powerful  motor
  • ​Higher paint volume with 0.35 GPM
  • ​3 spray patterns
  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Lightweight


  • ​Shuts off automatically
  • ​Quickly overheats

​HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish

​​​​​​HomeRight C800971.A Super Finish Max Extra Power...

The HomeRight C800971 is an affordable HVLP sprayer with power and precision.  This best handheld airless paint sprayer is excellent for any detailed home improvement work.

You will be delighted to unbox this model of HomeRight spraying paint gun. The package includes a spray gun and three tips. Any painting project will be a tale of triumph with such a fabulous free combo. 

Power is packed within affordability for HomeRight spray guns. You will get all the punches to form the 450-watt motor at a low price. The attached cup at the bottom ensures no periodic filing during the paintwork. 

With such handy features and affordable prices, this version of handheld sprayers will be a necessary tool for DIY lovers. If you have a limited budget or have a moderate project, go for this lightweight machine.

If you are dealing with different types of paints, be careful. This machine does not have the reputation of dealing with them evenly. You have to be a little playful with the colors to figure out the perfect density. 

Too thick paint will clog, whereas too runny will not give the desired finish. After every paintwork, cleaning this handy tool is a hassle. You may end up spending more cleaning time than the actual painting project.


  • ​Highly affordable
  • ​3 tips come with the machine
  • ​450-watt motor
  • ​3 spray pattern
  • ​2 years warranty
  • ​Lightweight


  • ​Don't work consistently with different paint type
  • ​Cleaning is a hassle

​REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer

​​​​​​​REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP...

If you are looking for a silky finish and high power performance from an affordable paint sprayer, get the REXBETI paint sprayer.

The 500-watt motor gives enough punch for precision spraying and superior finish. However, sometimes you may find the paint dust is blowing backward. Try to tighten the joints.

You will get 3-nozzles with the machine. They will ensure diverse coverage for any painting project. Moreover, you can twist the tip to get 3 painting patterns. The horizontal and vertical patterns are for a smooth finish, and the diagonal is for dynamic jobs.

A simple twist on a knob will adjust the flow control. Now, it is easy to adjust the paint volume according to your painting preference. No matter if it is a corner, edge, or a wide surface, you can easily handle them. 

Cleaning is not a big deal with this best paint spray gun. It comes with cleaning attachments. Therefore, the machine will always be ready for any paint job.

You will have mobility with the REXBETI paint spray. The 6.6 feet extension cord gives you access to the most robust corner around the home.


  • ​Adjustable flow control
  • ​500-watt motor
  • ​3 spray pattern
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​750ml/min flow
  • ​Extra-long power cord


  • ​Uneven paint thickness
  • ​Paints blow backward

​Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun

​​​​​​​​Astro Pneumatic Tool 4008 Spray Gun with Cup - Red...

You can call it a heavy-duty, all-purpose spray gun for paints. It will power through car doors, cement blocks, fences, or door surfaces. Mobility and diversity are the trademarks of this affordable spray gun. 

Adjusting the air is comfortable with a few twists of the fan control. You can get up to 11-inches fan width from an 8-inches distance from the surface. Some of the best paint brushes will struggle to give you this outcome.

The air-lines are spill-free. That means you do not have to deal with colored gloves, spotted floors, or dotted walls. The metal finish ensures a safe collaboration between color and the machine.

If you are new in the world of painting and spray guns, this will be the best instrument to start with. The instruction manual is one of the easily written among all the best indoor paint sprayers. 

This is one of the lightest spray guns in the market. With only a 3-lbs weight, you can carry it almost anywhere. However, if you are working for a long time, this lightweight may seem cumbersome.

You won't get a very high-pressure rating from this spraying paint gun. The highest you can get is 50 to 60 psi.  This is highly suitable for a delicate painting job.

The maintenance of this air-powered is very straightforward. Make sure you clean this tool after every single use. For correct cleaning, follow the instructions in the user manual. 

Sometimes the spray gun shoots uneven paint consistency. Therefore, you may end up going through some trial and error attempts to get the right paint consistency.


  • ​Adjustable tips
  • ​3 HP compressor
  • ​The anti-spill line for air
  • ​Great for beginners


  • ​Inconsistent spraying
  • ​Spit and sputter

​Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

​​​​​​​​​Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum X7 is designed for the pro. The high paint volume, motor power, and heavyweight build give a clear impression that X7 means business. 

Like Magnum X5, the X7 is one of the best paint sprayer for trim, smooth finish, and many more. The ⅝ HP motor provides all the power for a high-quality painting job. At its peak setting, the machine offers an enormous 3000-psi pressure for quick and extensive coverage.

You can adjust the pressure according to the paint job. Besides, the reversible tip will not stop the project even if the tip is clogged. The RAC IV switch will twist the tip for continuous action.

The 100 feet hose gives you mobility. You can move to almost anywhere in the house for painting. If your home is multi-storied, do not worry. The tube will follow you everywhere. 

Painting jobs will not be thinned with the stainless steel piston pump. It will pump the right amount of paint per minute. Yes, it's 0.3 gallons per minute. You can cover almost any size of the walls with this paint volume.

Cleaning is not an issue with this magic painting machine. The hose adaptor will allow you to connect with a garden hose to flush this airless sprayer. You can spray 125 gallons of paint each year with it. 

If the price makes wrinkles on your forehead, a 1-year guarantee will remove them instantly.


  • ​Adjustable pressure
  • ​⅝ HP engine
  • ​0.3 GPM volume
  • ​Stainless steel piston
  • ​Easy to carry pull-cart
  • ​100 feet hose length


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Clogged down easily

​Titan 0516011 XT250 Airless Paint Sprayer

​​Titan 0516011 XT250 Airless Paint Sprayer, 25' Airless...

This heavyweight paint-spraying gun is for medium to small painting projects. However, the price tag will encourage any newbie to start their colorful journey into the work of painting. 

You will feel comfortable while using this best electric paint sprayer. The machine is easy to control and operate. You can carry it almost anywhere in the home for a great paint job.

The ½ HP motor provides enough power to pump 0.25 GPM paint. The engine can generate up to 2500-psi pressure for covering large surfaces. 

You can quickly unclog the line by reversing the tips. It will ensure a continuous painting and quick completion of the project. The pressure is enough to complete a detailed painting on delicate surfaces. 

Durability is an essential factor of this Titan spray gun. The high-quality metal gun can withstand any rough use and handling. Moreover, it can deal with almost any kind of paint. All the tips used in this gun are capable of handling diverse paint density.

The tips and filters of this excellent painting gun are replaceable. Thus, you can switch them according to your painting projects. However, the short hose distance limits the tool for indoor use only. 

Cleaning is easy for this spray gun. The instruction manual has all the directions for a relaxed cleaning session. Just follow it, and the tool will be all set to go for the next job.


  • ​½ HP motor
  • ​25 feet hose
  • ​Comes with a stand
  • ​Easy to carry handle
  • ​Great for beginners


  • ​Motor breaks down after a few uses

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Paint Spray Gun?

There are several reasons to buy the best paint spray gun​. However, when we have consulted with professional architects and painters, they summed up all the ideas into three broad groups.

​Wide range of Options

Any best paint sprayer for trim, DIY, or polishing comes with diverse varieties. You will find different specifications, power ratings, shapes, and sizes among the paint spraying guns.

Moreover, there will always be a model that fits your budget. No matter if you work on big painting and home decor projects or just remodeling your kitchen, you can find a perfect paint spray tool.

You can also choose between air and airless spray options. Air-powered spray guns are more powerful and expensive. However, they will give you the most detailed finish. 

The airless sprayers use pressure to spray paints. Despite the affordable price, the finish may be a little rough.

​Diverse and Quick Operations

Pace and agility are the most important reasons to get a paint spray machine. These handy tools will do your paint job quick. Moreover, you can work on any nook and corner of your home with them.

Gone those days when you used to change roller brushes for different types of paint trim and polish. Now, you just have to change the tips. Each tip will have a unique paint spray pattern for different surfaces.  

With paint spraying guns, you don't have to jiggle between brush and rollers. Change the tips, and you can have either the brush or roller finish. Switching from a broad surface to a tight corner is a matter of twist now.

The pace of the paint spraying guns is incredible. They can cover larger areas within a few minutes. Now you can put multiple coatings on a single surface for a smooth finish. 

Everything will happen even before finishing your favorite coffee.

​Better Outcomes

Unlike a roller or a brush, paint-spraying guns offer a smoother finish. Thus, it will not be a big deal if you are a novice painter or trying to follow some DIY painting videos. 

Spray guns use microscopic droplets to coat a surface. It ensures an even distribution of paints over the surface. These droplets will cover even the irregular surfaces with a lustrous finish. 

If you are working on delicate surfaces, furniture, or doors, it's better to use a spraying paint Gun. No brush or roller will give you the same finish like a spray gun.

Putting multiple, but even coating is not comfortable with any other tools. However, a high-quality paint spraying gun can do it for you. Some of the spraying patterns counter each other to give you the most luxurious finish. 

Uneven surfaces like a designed headboard, doors, or walls are the most difficult to paint. Too much paint will make it subdued, whereas too little will expose the original materials. Only the best paint sprayer for walls can save you from the dilemma.

How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayer?

It will be an easy job for you to pick the best sprayer gun now. Because we have rounded up the most important factors to consider for buying a perfect paint spraying gun. 

Next time you go for picking the best paint sprayer gun, do not miss any of these factors. The salesperson will be impressed with your knowledge. It is a guarantee.


The pressure of handheld sprayers determines how fast the paint is coming out. You will always see a horsepower rating for every best handheld paint sprayer. This is the power of the engine that shoots the color out.

When we think of any painting project, the first thing that comes to our mind is the compressed sprayers. They are the most powerful and can cover a big area. If you are a novice painter or working on a big surface, it's the best option. 

The compressed sprayers give even spray patterns on any surface. You do not need any mastery of painting. 

On the contrary, the best HVLP spray guns are for close-range work and come with a low-pressure rating. These paint guns are for a detailed paint job and require mastery. 

If you are looking to work on a delicate surface with extreme detail, get any HVLP spray gun.

​Power Source

How does the best paint sprayer for home use will operate? Will it work on gas or electricity? This is one of the most crucial questions you need to address before getting any handheld spray.

The best electric paint sprayers are handy and easy to work on all types of paintwork. You can carry them in every corner of your home without any hesitation. Above all, they are environmentally friendly. 

The only issue that can bother you about the electric sprayers is their low power rating. They are great for small scale but detailed painting projects. 

Gas driven tools are the most potent tools for spraying paint. You can get more coverage than any electric paint sprayer. 

However, you have to be more cautious while using the gas-powered paint sprayers. Any leakage can be harmful to you and for the environment.

​Spraying Tip

Tips are one of the most vital parts of the handheld sprayers. You have to choose the most appropriate spraying tips for both indoor and outdoor paint jobs.

Tips of any best paint sprayer come in different sizes and spray patterns. If you perform a wide range of painting projects, your tools box should have a wide variety of tips. 

Spraying tips come with either two or three-digit numbers. If it has only two digits like 12, it means the tip opening in the thousandths of an inch. 

In the case of three-digits like 615, the first digit indicates the spraying pattern. The last two digits stand for the opening size of the orifice.

You have to multiply the first number with 2 to get the width of the paint fan. You will get this width while spraying from 12-inches of the surfaces. 

Therefore, both 615 and 715 tips have the same orifice, but you will get a 12-inches and 14-inches wide paint fan. 

​Spray Volume (GPM)

The GPM stands for Gallon per Minute. It means the amount of paint a paint sprayer can transfer from the bucket to the surface. 

Higher GPM guns are the best paint sprayer for walls. They will cover more areas within a short period. Besides, you can put multiple coats of paints with a high GPM paint sprayer. 

If you are working over a small surface area or on a delicate surface, go for the sprayers with low GPM. They are the best indoor paint sprayer and great for any paint job that requires mastery. 

The low powered handheld sprayers will cover a small surface at a time. Nevertheless, they are easy to maneuver and move in congested spaces like closet, attic, and bathrooms.


The price ranges of any of the best paint spray guns depending on their features. The more features they have, the higher the price will be. 

You have to keep in mind that you will use this spray gun for a long time. Besides, you may end up using it in diverse types of paint jobs. Thus, try to foresee the future before you choose the best paint sprayer.

The high powered and feature-packed paint guns may cost you a higher price. Nevertheless, they will offer you an excellent service for a long time and on indoor and outdoor paint jobs.

On the contrary, handheld sprayers may come at low price ranges. However, they will limit your ability. You cannot use them for every painting project. 

Low priced spray guns are suitable for dedicated jobs and for novices. But, if you have a painter inside you who wants to paint the world, get a pricey one.

​Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning even the best paint sprayers for DIY is a hell of a job. You have to flush the tips, gun, and tubes with water. Otherwise, paints will clog there quickly. 

It will take a long time to individually clean those components with water. You have to disassemble the spray gun to access those components. 

If you want to avoid this hassle, get paint spraying gun that comes with a hose port. It will allow you to connect the garden hose to flush out remnant paints from all the components. 

This hose port feature comes with the most expensive airless sprayers. Thus, you may have to make a balanced decision between the cost and convenience.


The portability of a paint spray machine depends on its size and weight. More massive machines require extra effort to move, whereas the lighter handheld sprayers are easy to carry.

Any of the best handheld airless paint sprayers that weigh more than 30-lbs comes with wheels and handles. Thus, you do not have to use excess force to move them. However, you have to place them on the floor, and you do the paint job with the gun. 

Lightweight sprayer guns weigh around 3 to 5-lbs. You can use them as a cordless spray gun. They are convenient to use in almost any tough-to-access places. The weight may sound negligible, but it's not easy to work for hours while holding them. 

Bigger machines come with high power. Thus, you can cover more surfaces within a short time. On the contrary, lightweight tools are affordable and easy to use on delicate paint jobs.


​A few accessories with your best paint sprayer for home use can make it a killer machine for color. Make sure you get these accessories before your first paint job.

  • ​Extension cord - for accessing the narrow or hard-to-reach places
  • ​Carry cart - to carry the heavyweight spraying guns
  • ​Hoses - to cover large areas while your machine is on the floor
  • ​Filters - for getting a smooth finish and clog prevention
  • ​Covers - to cover the large-sized machines from dust and moisture


​When you have several options and all of them are great, selection becomes a tough job. However, you will not face this dilemma while picking the best sprayer for paint for your home and outdoor paint job.