Best Paints for Wood Craft

No matter how good wooden crafts you can make or what type of furniture you have, they are incomplete without the necessary coating of paints. The best paints for wood crafts bring perfection in your furniture or other crafts. The right paint with the eligible color a craft pleases visitors' eyes. 

If you are set to do the paint job all by yourself, then the primary condition is to get a good set of paints. Through our article, you can fulfill the primary condition swiftly. So, without any further delay, let's begin our main discussion.

​Several paint brands produce various paint types currently in the market. You should compare paints brands so that you can get the right type of product depending on your purpose of painting.

We always look for the best things throughout our lives; best food, best home within our reach. So, when it comes to wood painting, naturally, people start asking what are the best wood craft paintings?

Paints for craftworks have high-quality pigments. These pigments create a smooth and finer texture. Here, creamy texture is always acceptable. It helps to use the paint using the most type of brushes. 

Apart, balanced thickness is another feature of such paints. You can mix a quality paint type with any other element to get the necessary shades. When you need to paint woodcraft, you have to use paints that have true and vivid colors. In rare cases, you might need to fade the color using water or something else. Thus, a package of paint is incomplete without all these features, and it can never do well on wood or any other surfaces.

Top ​7 Paints for Wood Craft and Other Purposes

​Depending on our analysis and recent users' opinions, we have found five products that are worthy of making your crafts look better. We are now going to talk about those in detail so that you get to know which one you need.

​Before you go through this article, we just want to remind you that, sometimes Acrylic paint is called craft paint. Both are the same; don’t get confused. You will find a lot of craft paint for wood in the market. Today we have accumulated some of the best craft paints here for you. 

​Acrylic Paint Set of 24 Colors (36 ml) by Mont Marte

Twenty four different colors can help you to finish your craftwork pretty well. The set of acrylic paints are brighter and durable on most type of surfaces. We prefer this as the best paint for wood and other hard surfaces.

The paints' set contains vibrant colors. These colors can stay well for a long time, even in harsh weather conditions. The perfect texture can cooperate with the surface to work faster than you expect. 

You can apply these paint tubes for almost every type of technique. The amount is quite enough for normal paint jobs. Each of the twenty-four tubes has 36 ml of acrylic paint. 

The rich pigments cover the necessary areas without keeping any gaps. You can use any brush to do paint jobs fluently.

The variety and perfection in this set can help you to create any shades you need. Durable pigments provide proper mixing ability to ease your job.


  • ​Each tube contains enough paint to do craftworks
  • ​The tubes here are very handy
  • ​Proper thickness can help you to create any mixture of paints
  • ​The creamy texture plays a positive role here
  • ​Eligible for most types of surfaces


  • ​The sealing system of the tubes is average

​Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 285140 (30 oz) by Rust-Oleum

To give your wood crafts a classical look, you need to use this superb container of paint. The 285140 chalked paint has the structure that performs to enhance interior looks. The paint has a balanced texture to help you with any type of customization.

The structure of this paint is not like any average acrylic paints. The chalked paint is more sustainable on wood, metal, ceramic, paper, and many others. You can finish your paint job without having any special preparation for painting when you use this product. 

The paint takes less time to get dried. It needs almost half an hour to get dried to touch. Besides, one coat of this paint is enough to cover an area. You can give several coatings on an area by having nearly 4 hours of a break after every coating.

Despite being so thick, this paint features very soft finishing. Even after giving several coats on a craft, you can find the paint quite smoother than others


  • ​Very thick paint can cover an area with only one stroke
  • ​The paint has a light smell that doesn't annoy your nose
  • ​The paint dries fast
  • ​The turbid paint gives your crafts a vintage look
  • ​The smooth finishing brings perfection in your paint job


  • ​You cannot have a vibrant color combination when you mix this product with any other color paints

​Acrylic Paint Set of 18 (2 ounce) by Apple Barrel

It is another water-based paint that you can use to make your wood crafts look beautiful. Many previous users have found this set as the best paint for furniture. The texture and quality make the paint eligible for several purposes.

The paint can stick on any surface perfectly to last longer. The balanced thickness and contrast bring perfection here. Each color is vibrant and sustainable.

Moreover, this set can work on terra cotta stuff too. So, you can apply any technique to make your craft look colorful using this set of paints.

You can clean the paint with ease. By only using soap water, you can remove the unnecessary paint from anywhere. But still, the paint dries quickly. You can prepare your crafts within a short time.

Experts suggest using Acrylic paint mostly for indoor furniture and other substances. But when it comes to outdoor paintings, you should use choose Acrylic enamel especially. Acrylic enamels are best for outdoor craft paint. This paint doesn’t fade away easily. Moreover enamels are water resistant.

The paint is quite smooth. The texture gives perfect finishing after the paint job. As the paint glides smoothly, you don't have to worry about covering a full area in a short time.


  • ​The set contains 18 bright and common colors that you can use on most paint jobs
  • ​Works on any surface
  • ​The paint dries within a few hours
  • ​You can use any tool or instrument to do paint jobs with this set
  • ​The set also features easy cleanup


  • ​The bottle caps have a cheap construction

​Large Acrylic Paint Set of 12 (75 ml Each) by Castle Art Supplies

No doubt that acrylic paint sets are vital for wood crafts. That is why we are showing you another acrylic paint set of Castle Art Supplies. This set is the best paint for bookshelves, cupboards, chairs, tables, and other furniture.

People of any age can use this set of paints. Apart from wood crafts, you can use this paint on paper, walls, and fabric. Even if you are not an expert, you can use this paint set. 12 different and necessary colors have a good texture. You can mix them or use them separately with any of your instruments on a surface with ease. The paints ensure you get the perfect shade you want on your crafts.

The paint is safe to use in any place. Each tube contains water-based paint. The set has also earned certifications for not containing any harmful elements.

​Balanced thickness is the key feature of this product. The well-balanced thickness helps to cover an area well and smoothly in a short time. Along with this, it lets the paint take a small amount of time to get dry.


  • ​Each tube contains 75 ml of smooth and vibrant paint
  • ​Features perfect finishing
  • ​The set has no toxic material
  • ​Anybody can use the paint tubes with ease
  • ​Tubes are durable and keep the paint in good condition for a long time


  • ​A plastic odor from the paint may annoy you for the first few days

​Acrylic Paint Set of 14 by ARTEZA

The Box of 14 acrylic paint pouches is worthy of buying for wood crafts. To give your furniture a better look for quite a long time, you can apply this product.

Like other quality acrylic paints, this set can produce the smooth finishing you want. The thick and vivid paint texture also allows you to have your desired shades to create your design.

Besides, the non-toxicity allows even children to use this paint on their craftworks. You can use it even with your bare hands. The paint set has certificates of being harmless.

​We have told you earlier that each pouch has small and vital pigments. Such pigments can hold the real color for quite a long time, even in bad weather conditions. Moreover, you can apply any painting technique using this set. It mixes with other elements well to produce the desired result.


  • ​The set appears in a stiff box to keep the pouches safe
  • ​Non-toxic materials don't cause any type of trouble to your skin or eyes
  • ​The paint doesn't fade in bad conditions
  • ​Each pouch contains 120 ml of paint
  • ​Highly-thick paint works well on most surfaces


  • ​Caps of pouches are very poor in quality

​Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint Set, 22ml

If you are about to start your painting journey, this could be a great option for you. This is easy to paint. Liquitex BASICS comes from the world’s one of the best painting brands Acrylic. We have gone through some reviews before cite it on to our list. Most of the customers are delighted using this paint. It offers easier layer and a smooth finish.  

If you want to paint like a pro, you must know about the color theory. Acrylic used to provide a lot of color assortment (48 colors) and this makes it easy to learn about color theory. This paint is basically for students and mid-level painters. 

When it comes for painting wood, acrylic paints are the best. There are several acrylic paints in the market. All are not the same. No one affords saying this is the best acrylic paint for wood. It depends on some criterion. If you are a beginner then Liquitex BASICS 48 Tube Acrylic Paint is one of the best options available.  

The combination of the price and the quality is unbelievable. You don’t need to worry much. You will be able to paint paintings comfortably with Liquitex BASICS acrylic paint.

Some paints are too shiny that these look like plastics. This paint doesn’t offer too much shine rather it gives matte or a satin finish. The light fastness of this paint is excellent. It indicates that paintings will not fade over time. They will look as new as possible for as long as possible.


  • ​It provides a satin finish
  • ​It can survive for a long time
  • ​48 paint tubes
  • ​Permanent artist pigments
  • ​Highly-thick paint works well on most surfaces
  • ​Intermixable with other Liquitex paints


  • ​Not recommended for professionals

​FolkArt 34169 Home Decor Chalk Furniture & Craft Paint in Assorted Colors

We usually know, if we want to paint on wood or metal we need to prime it first. Interestingly this FolkArt 34169 Home Décor Chalk paint doesn’t require any kind of priming or stripping. Like all other excellent paint it offers an ultra matte finish which makes it looking expensive.

Though it is the best for furniture, you can use it for metal, plaster, canvas or ceramic too. FolkArt Home décor rich black is 5.8 ounces in weight. FolkArt 34169 Home Décor chalk paint is superb for indoor furniture like table, chair, showcase etc. 

This brand accumulates a number of decent colors and palette. The consistency of blending and shading power is one of the profound qualities of this paint. 

This paint is flexible enough. It offers you not just a single finish rather it allows you to have chalk paint, enamel, outdoor, glitter and many other finishes. You can use FolkArt enamel for your kitchenware like glasses, jars etc which makes your kitchen more aesthetic. 

This is a modern paint. It provides some gorgeous looking finishes and leaves no stain or brush marks.  

According to MSD (material safety data sheet) this paint is totally harmless and you can choose it for your little sweet kid to your elderly parents.


  • ​It provides durable matte finish
  • ​It doesn’t require any priming or stripping
  • ​Consistent in blending and shading
  • ​Too flexible
  • ​No harmful ingredient in the paint


  • ​Chalk paint in not recommended for glasses

What to Consider before Buying the Best Paint to Use on Wood?

​Only buying a container full of quality paint is not enough for the best result. You have to think of something before buying paints. This part is going to show you those.

​The Condition of the Surface

​Sometimes, you need to prepare the surface or top of the craft before applying any paint. You have to remove the old layer of paint before applying the new one. But if you wish to overlay the old paint, you have to judge the old paint first. In some cases, you might need to rub the surface with sandpapers or other stuff before paint jobs. Therefore, you have to prepare your wooden crafts first before painting

​Your Experience

​Skilled persons can paint with any type of paint on most surfaces. You can relax and think less if you are experienced in painting. But you have to be a bit choosy when you are not fully skilled. An inexperienced guy can use thick paints to finish his paint jobs. Thick paints are easy to use. You can even fix the errors that have occurred by using thick paints without any hustle.

​Your Safety

An individual needs to ensure his safety in every case of painting. Some elements of paint can cause your skin allergy. Sometimes, toxic pigments can even harm your eyesight or lungs too.

To keep yourself protected, you must buy some stuff like gloves, goggles, apron, and face mask. These can stop paint from making any contact with your body. You should also avoid touching paints or paintbrushes with your bare hands.

​Your Tools or Machines

The tool you are going to use for painting also matters a lot. Not all paints suit every type of painting methods. If you want to use a sprayer, then you have to buy such paints that can be thinned or work with issues with the sprayer machine.

For brush strokes, there are different types of paints. When the matter, rollers come, our opinion remains the same. That is why determine what you are going to use to paint your crafts.

​The Shade You Wish

​To get your desired color scheme on the crafts, you have to know which pack or set has the right colors. When you know the fact, you can buy the right paint to give your stuff a nice coating of eligible colors.

How to Choose the Best Paints for Wood Craft?

​There are some facts you need to consider for getting the right paint for your crafts. Without keeping those facts in mind, you can get confused among thousands of products in the market.


​Durability is the prime demand of customers in any case. If the paint doesn't last long, we consider it as waste. The pigments must make the paint stay firm on the surface. Quality paints stay strong even in bad weather conditions.


​You should check the quality of the container, can, tube, or pouch. A bad container can never store the paint left after paint jobs for a long period. Make sure the container features proper sealing and anti-leak features.


​Thickness determines the performance of the paint. Too thick or too thin paint rarely comes handy. So, you need to add thinner if the paint is extra thick. You also need to add some paint powder to increase the thickness when the paint is very light.

​Drying Period

​It is a waste of time if the strokes of your brush take time to get dry. A coating of the paint should get dry within six hours. Otherwise, the paint is annoying.

​Color Stability

​In most cases, the color gets fade away in sunlight or heavy rain. Using such paint can ruin the beauty of your wooden crafts. A type of paint, applied to furniture, should hold its vibrant color for at least three to four years.


​No matter how good the paint is, you need to avoid it if the paint contains harmful materials. Sometimes those toxic ingredients can cause you cancer. The paint you choose should be 100% non-toxic.

​Frequently Asked Questions of Best Paints for Wood Craft

​What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Wood Crafts?

Paints for wood crafts are divided into water-based paints and solvent-based paints. The water-based paint for wood is far preferable because it has a low environmental impact. The reason may be, it has water as a diluting element and almost wholly reduces the emission of solvents. Often these are the cause of allergies and skin irritations.

Also, the water-based paint for wood is odorless, straightforward to use, and guarantees exceptional aesthetic performance. Suitable for interiors, therefore even for furnishing accessories or wooden floors, this type of paint is also ideal for the treatment of windows, doors and any other element found outside.

​How to Seal Painted Wood Crafts?

Wood sealants are used as a treatment for this material. This kind of product provides the wood with various protective properties, generates better adhesion. It makes it easier to fix paint, lacquer, or varnish. It also isolates and protects the wood from external agents such as moisture.

Once you have the wood ready, it's time to start applying the sealer. These types of applications are made with a brush or spray gun. If you have chosen to do it with a brush, dip it in your sealant. Clean the excess to guarantee a smooth finish until the entire project to work is completely covered. The sealing primer protects the wood but allows it to breathe.

Apply only one coat on the wood. We recommend that you follow the directions on the containers of any finishing material, in this case, the wood sealer.

​How to Paint Unfinished Wood Craft?

To paint unfinished woodcraft, you will need to have:

  • ​A sponge
  • ​A toothbrush (optional)
  • ​A dry cloth
  • ​Warm water
  • ​Marseille soap
  • ​Coarse and fine-grit sandpaper or sandpaper
  • ​One or more brushes of different sizes
  • ​A paint roller
  • ​A paint tray
  • ​A primer or undercoat paint
  • ​A paint for furniture in the color of your choice
  • ​A colorless matt or glossy varnish for furniture

​The 5 steps to follow to paint unfinished woodcraft:

  1. 1
    ​Wash the unfinished woodcraft with Marseille soap
  2. 2
    ​Sand the varnished woodcraft with sandpaper or abrasive paper
  3. 3
    ​Apply a primer or an undercoat paint on the varnished woodcraft
  4. 4
    ​Paint the unfinished woodcraft in two layers
  5. 5
    ​- Apply a colorless varnish on the painted woodcraft


​Applying the wrong type of paint makes a normal wooden craft paler. That is why we want you to stay mindful while picking a set of paints to enhance your crafts' beauty.

This article provides with most of the necessary information a man can require to find out the best paint. You can easily pick any of our chosen products to save time. Else, you can follow our guide to get the right product by yourself.

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