Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint

Paint stripping is a daunting and time-taking task. It can take your days literally, scraping the oil paint out off your walls. With a heat gun makes it easier; in this way, you will be doing way less scrapping.

The heat guns for paint scrapping makes the job a lot easier, and paint comes off easier without any big mess.

If you are looking for options to make a jump and buy a heat gun for paint removing, you should look for a model that suits you the best without costing arms legs and the soul of the last born. You should look for an option that could perform as per your expectations and suits your conditions.

And one step ahead, if you want to buy online, the tasks can be a little tricky. Here, lots of brands and hundreds of products are competing for the neck to neck. There are literally more, and more options available about all looks the same. It seems there is no clear winner, and you may be in frustration opt with some sub-standard low-quality model.

Wait, we have done some research for you, we have curated a list of top best heat guns for paint stripping that you can buy.

These are our top picks. We researched and found these products are the best to remove paint off the wall, ceiling, woods, and furniture.


​If you are scouring for a powerful heat gun to remove off adhesive paint from titles, walls, and floors.

The Powerful Porter-Cable heat gun features a 1500-Watt motor that produces enough power to make you strip off paint from any surface without any issue.
The temperature control dials that control the temperature is set too low, but it does the job and makes you control it easily to any temperature.

The temperature range is quite high, from 120-900 degrees to 130-1150 degrees, meaning you can have desired temperature control without any big issue.
As the power tool comes with two-speed settings, it gives you control on how fast you want to work as per the need of the hour.

The dual fan speed selector lets you power set from low to high; the fan is much quieter than a typical hair dryer. You will have the smooth performance of removing oil-paint from the surface with zero hiccups. 

The Porter-Cable comes with a hanging hook that makes it easy to store; keep it up off the floor.

The Porter-Cable is an ultimate light-weight product; it weighs only 2-pounds. You would not feel the weight for working longer hours; the weight is way less than most of the competitors on the list.

By using the heat gun, you are not restricted to paint removal, but other powerful tasks such as plastic pipe bending, taking off tiles with adhesive backing, and many others can be carried out using it.

One knock against the model is that its high setting would not be that high as most of the models. That means the air flows would be lesser than others; you will have to hold the unit closer to the project from which you are removing paint.


  • ​Affordable price range
  • ​Powerful 1500-Watt motor
  • ​Wide temperature range
  • ​No mess in paint removing
  • ​Comfortable and solid gripping
  • ​Sturdy thick cord


  • ​Low airflow

​DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display

DEWALT is a big name in manufacturing electronics products. The brand has also earned a unique name in the world of heat-gun. The brand has introduced some of the top features in the heat gun that even pioneer lacks.

Dewalt Heat gun with LCD display is going to blow you off with its earth-shattering performance. The heat gun will perform beyond your expectation and offers seamless results.

The heat gun comes with an LCD screen that helps you in removing paint off the surface more easily.

The heat gun comes with adjustable settings of heat from 150-1100 degrees Fahrenheit with an increment of 50-degrees. The heavy gun is suitable for doing DIY projects and commercial big heavy-duty projects.

​​The heat-gun also comes integrated with many useful attachments, that assist in producing more precise airflow and make common and simple tasks more efficient and error-free.

The paint stripping heat gun comes with a kickstand, the stand helps cooling down the nozzle safely without causing any harm.

If you talk about the design, it comes with a comfortable gripping along with a manageable weight that would not feel cumbersome while using it for extended hours.

Yes, there is a downside; the model lacks a rapid cooldown function. The function is one of the necessary features in heat-guns and can cause harm if did not care about it.

​In a nutshell, the model offers an extensive range of features for removing paint out of any surface, and it offers versatility to complete almost any heart-related project.


  • ​It comes with an LCD screen for more precise viewing
  • ​It integrates multiple useful attachments
  • ​The unit provides a wide temperature range
  • ​It comes with kickstand support to cool down


  • ​No rapid cooldown feature

Weller 6966C 250 Watts Electric Industrial Heat Gun

If you ask my personal favorite heat gun, I would say, Weller 6966C 250 Watts heat gun.

The heat gun might not impress you when you look at it the first time. Yes, the heat gun might look old as it is on the market for decades now. It is old because people recognize the heat gun from its old look.

The heat gun is very light-weight, light-weight but comes with a powerful fan. The heat gun integrates 5 different nozzles size what you can do for different tasks. Like, you can use each of the five nozzles as per your paint removing tasks; each nozzle has special features to help in removing paint.

The tool is ideal for small tasks, but you can use it for commercial-scale projects as well. It comes integrates with a 250-Watt motor, which runs at a good speed and produces enough power to make you have hassle-free paint removing.

The 250-Watt motor will not consume much of the energy if energy consumption is a problem for you.

The fan inside the model is very quiet and would not produce any noise. The model comes with two modes; one will blow hot air to remove paints from plastic materials, and others will blow cold ambient air that helps in turning off the heat gun.

The life expectancy of the gun is more than another model. Its sturdy made and quality stuff used in manufacturing help it has an extended lifespan compared to others.


  • ​It is very light-weight, would not harm your hands even for an entire day work
  • ​It comes with five different nozzles sizes
  • ​The model integrates two modes. The first for blowing cold air and the second for producing hot air. The cold air blowing will make you have a hurry cooling of the heat gun
  • ​The life expectancy is longer than you expected
  • ​250-Watts motor


  • ​Cannot select the exact temperature
  • ​It is used for small and medium tasks

​Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0503008 HT1000

Wagner Spraytech HT1000 is a less expensive heat gun but performs like a premium-priced gun. The heat guns integrate no bells and whistles, only the most important features that matter in paint removing. With the gun, you get various temperature settings from zero to 750 and 1000 degrees that means it can carry out any type of paint removing tasks.

​Some call it very hot for sensitive applications, but I do not agree with them. The temperature settings allow you to have the desired temperature, so switch to the temperature settings that suit you most.

The model boasts a corrosion-resistant nozzle, that's a great addition as it leads to a longer lifespan than expected. Another important to mention feature is it produces low noise, making it ideal to use in noise-sensitive areas such as households or in hospitals.

The model integrates a 1200-watt motor and comes with two fans.

It has an ergonomic design, very compact, light-weight, rugged, and withstands rough and touch.

The unit can offer more than one application. Such as you can have it for loosening floor tiles, paint stripping, thawing pipes, and much more.

The model is good at loosening bolts that are rusted due to its high-temperature controls. It is also capable of removing several layers of paints due to its 4100 BTU output.

So, these many advantages are wrapped in one model, and the price is also lesser than many others added to the list.


  • ​The corrosion-resistant model offers an extended lifespan
  • ​Produce minimal noise, ideal for working in a noise-sensitive zone
  • ​Durable model
  • ​It offers various temperature controls


  • ​Does not integrates anything to store easily
  • ​Cord causes the gun to twist and flop over

​Master Appliance HG-501AK Professional

If you are after a quality heat gun for paint removing, you need to look at Master Appliance HG-501K heat gun. Master Appliance is in the manufacturing heat guns since 1951; they are in the market just because of quality product production. The Master HG series heat guns are very powerful and come with high-speed motors that produce more than one type of temperature range.

The heat guns of the series come with three types of temperature range from 200-300, 750-1000, AND 500-750 degrees. Before buying a heat gun, you need to check which temperature range suits you the best and order as per your requirements.

The Master HG series guns offer three basic switch options; OFF, heat, and cool. These options are very helpful, especially if you are in haste and do not have time for cooling the gun down. Using a cooling option, you can make the gun cool down fast.

The temperature shift is also pretty impressive in the heat gun. To change the temperature, just rotate the air intake, and it will switch from one option to the other; for instance, you can switch to low, medium, and heat by rotating the knob.

The design of the tool is pretty cool. It comes with a large rear that helps you sit your hand, that rare renders ultimate comfort while using it for extended hours.


  • ​The product offers extended lifespan due to its quality material made
  • ​Comes with cool air option, heat air blow, use them as per your need
  • ​Comes with cool air option, heat air blow, use them as per your need
  • ​Pretty looking design
  • ​Comfortable to grip for longer hours
  • ​Offers lots of heat range


  • ​Does not come with a nozzles

Buying Guide: ​What to Look When Buying​ The ​Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint

With the reviews, we can hope that you have gotten the idea of what should look into a heat gun when buying one. The paint removing off from plastic, floor, walls, and other wood objects are not easy. It consumes lots of time, and most of the time, the hour's work can take days. But, if you have the right heat gun and know how to use various functions to come with it, the work could be a lot easier.

If you are interested in learning more, knowing more about the heat guns, or how we chose these, the buying guide will help you. And you can also check here our best furniture paint sprayer.

These are some specs that must check into every heat gun before buying.

​Temperature Range

Temperature range and control is one of the most important features to look into heat guns. A quality heat gun comes with various ranges of temperatures so that a user could bring forth desired performance by switching to the desired temperature.

Many low ends, less-expensive devices come with just two temperature settings. Having more settings options leads to a higher degree of control and better results.

Modern heat guns come with a wide range of temperatures; users switch temperature using dial, buttons, or LCD.

The most advanced heat guns come just over 100 degrees to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This leads to better usage; users can work at lower temperatures as well as higher temperatures depending on the need of the hour.

Adjustable Airflow

The second most important feature to look into a heat gun is non-other than airflow. That's, in my opinion, as important as the temperature itself.

For instance, you got a heat gun with perfect temperature controls, but the airflow is not as good. You would not be able to get a smooth working experience of removing paint off the surface.

With a good air-flow, you stay safe at a distance away from the tip of the gun. If the airflow is not that good, accidentally, you can touch the tip and harm yourself.

The advanced models come with low and high airflow speed settings. These settings do not matter the most; the thing that matters is checking the model's motor wattage. If a heat gun integrates a 1000-Watts power motor, you are going to have good airflow.

​Temperature Display

The temperature display feature makes you not ruin the project or surface due to the wrong temperature. Many heat guns come with two temperature options, but you do not know the exact temperature of the gun. The temperature display will tell you the exact temperature so that you could work as per the temperature requirement.

​Thermal Cut Off

The feature, though, is not adding into your tool performance, a safety feature. The safety features are also important as it helps in protecting you in an accident. The thermal cut off feature turns off the tool if it reaches a maximum temperature threshold.

You know heat guns are for producing hot air; if any malfunction happens, they can ruin a project or harm your hand as well. The thermal cut-off will automatically shut off the heat gun, protecting your investment.


I hope the guide will help you find the best heat gun for removing paint.

For DIY enthusiasts or someone who gets into paint stripping job occasionally, having a modest price gun is the best option to with.

For a professional person, who carries out commercial-scale projects, having a top-notch heat gun that helps in stripping all types of paints off all types of surfaces is a must-have.

These options are best that will assist you in carrying out your DIY or commercial projects.

Have a view of these reviews and check what projects attract you, or best fits your project.

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