is one of those sites to share everything you need to know about spray painting. We deliver information through our articles to people like DIY enthusiasts, professional painters, and many others. We would be happy if you join us to share your knowledge of painting to our readers as we play a good role of a platform for both readers and writers.

What is About?

Our site is to help a person in painting with modern-day sprayers. We deliver words that make spray painting easy for any individual that seeks help from us. 

We give the latest news and information to keep your knowledge of painting up to date about what is going on in the market and what is trending. Simply, our site is a guide book for any painter that needs help to have betterment in painting.

Who Read Our Contents?

We don't have fixed types of visitors to our websites. As we told earlier, any type of person related to painting visits our website. People who are out of the painting profession also gets help from our articles. 

There are several purposes why people click on our website. We also have a huge community of regular readers that inspire us to publish more about spray painting. At the end of every month, we have an increased traffic rate on our website all because of the helpful content we show.

What You can Write for Us?

You can write about every side of spray painting, top-notch paint sprayers, tools for spraying, paints, painting processes, dealing with difficult surfaces and obstacles, etc. 

Your quality article can get the attention of our readers and bring recognization for you and your site. You can feel free to use our site as a platform to upload your thoughts and experiences. Combining what you have faced and what others suggest, you can write a guest post that is truly effective and positive for our site, visitors, and you.

What We Expect from your Writing?

We expect the best from you in the matter of quality of the article you want to publish. The guest posts and articles we publish help both our site and you to gain the trust of a strong community of true readers. That is why when the matter expectations come from your writing, you need to follow these criteria.

  • Engaging Tone: Engagement is necessary to keep our visitors read your content until the end. You have to make sure you write exactly what readers want from you. You should not talk anything off the topic of your article.
  • Zero Grammatical Mistakes: Grammatical mistakes make even informative and helpful content junk. We ought to keep articles that keep up every grammatical rule. Our site has readers from different parts of the world. So, you better manually check your article properly or use any free or premium grammar checker before sending it to us.
  • Good Readability: Not every person has the same type of knowledge of English. That is why articles need to be written in simple words to let every visitor of our site read without difficulties.
  • No Rewriting or Spinning: You are welcome to write for us only when you can send us a pure content. An article that you have already published is not acceptable. Also, your article gets rejected when it is proven to be spun while crosschecking.
  • Plagiarism Free Discussion: We strictly avoid anything that is copied from any other content or journals. It doesn't matter whether your article has plagiarism issues intentionally or unintentionally. We don't accept a plagiarized content at any cost.

Our team takes enough time to check any article before publishing it on the site. Team members have the best tools and methods to know if your writing has any flaws. If we find your article not to maintain any term of the criteria given above, we will reject it without any consideration

How to Send Your Writing?

You can reach us pretty easily. We have an official mail address that we use to communicate with our readers and contributors. To send us a mail, you need to

  • Send a mail to our address ( attaching your writing and a short bio of yours.
  • Tell us that you want us to publish your writing in the subject section.
  • Your bio should contain the information that can let us identify you or your site.
  • You should send your writing in a .docx file format. It is tough to publish a .pdf and other document formats. We usually reject anything that is not .docx format.
  • You should even avoid sending us any cloud drive link. It is a thing that bothers our team members sometimes.
  • We will try to respond to your mail as soon as possible. Don't resend your mail thinking that we have missed your message while checking others.
  • We will give you the update after checking your writing whether your article gets selected or not. We don't assure you to reply to you on the date you have sent your content.
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