It would help if you wanted to makeover the fireplace make your interior look beautiful. A good fireplace design will surely add a dramatic look to your furniture and the room interior. However, only the fireplace paints will be a simple and inexpensive way to give your home a fresh look.

There are multiple choices available in the market to renovate your fireplace. Therefore, I have done a thorough market survey and shortlisted the top-rated ten best fireplace paints. Please go through this review post and choose one to enhance your room décor and style.

Whether you want to renovate the fireplace or old furniture, this Rust-Oleum chalked paint will be the best option. This paint comes with all the features to make it compatible with various surfaces, including- the brick fireplace.

It is the best fireplace paint with the latest German Smear effect. The only thing you need to remember is that you must apply primer before getting complete coverage. The only negative aspect you need to consider is that this paint wears very fast.

Therefore, you can apply a sealer coat to make the paint protected. 

Key  Features

  • Compatible with various interior surfaces
  • Latex mechanism
  • Dries in 30-minutes
  • 150-sq. ft. coverage area


  • Very easy to apply
  • Lovely color
  • Dries pretty fast
  • Almost no smell is present


  • A little bit expensive, though okay for the product

The One paint is another smart choice available on this list. This paint and primer come with a fast-drying mechanism, easy application, and excellent coverage to make it the best fireplace paint. You can get both the single finish or opaque texture from this paint.

You can also apply a second coat to get your desired texture. Again, though, it is not the negative aspect of this painting. Moreover, this paint provides multiple surface compatibility. Besides the fireplace, you can also renovate your furniture and other decorative items.

Key  Features

  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • Available in the thick texture
  • Compatible with various surfaces
  • It comes in 12-different colors


  • No smell is present
  • Dries quick
  • Perfect color
  • Spreads easily on the uneven surfaces


  • A bit expensive for the size

It will leave a brush effect to make the furniture and the interior surface, including the fireplace, look beautiful. In addition, it is available in a water-based mechanism that you can clean using normal soapy water.

It is environment-friendly and does not have volatile components. In addition, this Rust-Oleum paint comes with a 125 sq. ft. coverage area and a fast-drying mechanism to dry it within 30-minutes.

You can use various techniques to apply this matte finish paint to provide a custom look.

Key  Features

  • It leaves a brushed effect
  • Available in water-based mechanism
  • Dries in 30-minutes
  • 125-sq. ft. coverage


  • Easy to work
  • Amazing color
  • Great pricing
  • Very fast drying mechanism


  • Average packaging

This paint is suitable for re-purpose projects. It provides the most versatility and is ideal for interior and exterior surfaces. Majic paint will leave a smooth finish. The best part is that it does not require priming or sanding.

The satin paint is available in 10-various colors that you can choose as per your requirement. It has the latest color retention formula to provide a smooth textured finish. Moreover, this smooth textured finish will last for many years.

Key  Features

  • Perfect for re-purpose projects
  • Provides maximum versatility
  • It leaves a smooth textured finish
  • Available in 10-various colors


  • Dries perfectly
  • Value for money
  • Better coverage
  • Covers the scratches


  • The arrival date may delay

Rust-Oleum 7778502 is compatible with various outdoor surfaces. It is available in an oil-based mechanism and can withstand up to 1000-degree F to safeguard the metal surfaces. In addition, this paint will take 2-4 hours to dry and provides up to 65-130 sq. ft. coverage area.

Besides, the heat-resistance feature will help retain this paint's color. It is the best fireplace paint with anti-rust and anti-corrosion features to leave a satin and beautiful finish. Moreover, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Key  Features

  • Can withstand up to 1000-degree F
  • Provides 65-130 sq. ft. coverage area
  • Fast-drying mechanism
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor finish


  • Easy to work
  • Enabled with anti-corrosion and anti-rust features
  • Dries within 2-4 hours
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


  • Delivery may take time

Giani Brick's whitewash paint provides a classic look. In addition, this water-based paint is environmentally friendly and provides an easy application. Though Giani whitewash paint is expensive, you can dilute it before application.

1:1 or 1:2 will be the diluted ratio to help you get your desired result. The best part is that this paint does not require primer. Moreover, you can also apply the second coat wherever necessary. Also, this whitewash paint is durable and stays for a few years.

Key  Features

  • Environment-friendly
  • 1:1 or 1:2 diluted ratio
  • Available in water-based mechanism
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Provides complete coverage
  • It gives a classy look


  • Average packaging

Rutland stove paint is the best fireplace paint with a heat resistance feature. In addition, it will help this paint withstand up to 12-degree F. This paint will give a new makeover to not only the interior but also the fireplace.

Moreover, this paint is compatible with various surfaces, including- brick, steel, aluminum, and other metals. Also, you can apply this paint on the grill, stove, chimney caps, smokers, and other surface areas.

The best part is that this color does not require a primer.

Key  Features

  • Can withstand up to 1200-degree F
  • Compatible with steel, iron, cast iron, brick, and others
  • Suitable for smoke pipe, chimney cap, stove, grill
  • It does not require a primer


  • Looks fantastic
  • Price worthy
  • It goes on relatively quick, and even
  • It completely covers the rust


  • Smells strongly

Next on this list comes Rust-Oleum 7778730 paint enamel. You can apply this paint on the exterior part of wood-burning stoves, grills, radiators, engines, and other parts. It is available in an oil-based mechanism.

It has a heat-resistance feature that can withstand up to 1000-degree F. Fast drying formula will help this product dry within 2-4 hours. In addition, this protective paint enamel can provide up to 16-32 sq. ft. coverage area.

The Colour retention formula is present to keep the color of this paint even after repeated heating. Rust-Oleum 7778730 also has anti-rust and anti-corrosion features and leaves a satin textured finish.

Key  Features

  • Can withstand up to 1000-degree F
  • Fast-drying mechanism
  • Enabled with color retention formula
  • Suitable for both interior and outdoor surfaces


  • Easy application
  • Good coverage
  • Affordable
  • Dries faster


  • Delivery may take a bit of time

Rust-Oleum 248903 comes with a heat-resistance feature that can make this paint withstand up to 2000-degree F. It is the best fireplace paint with an anti-rust formula to keep away the gas, oil, grease, and other elements.

Moreover, this paint will take only 30-minutes to get dry completely. You can get up to 10 sq. ft. coverage area from this product. Rust-Oleum 248903 paint is not only durable but also leaves a long-lasting effect.

Most importantly, any-angle spray feature is present to spray the paint in all the possible directions.

Key  Features

  • Can withstand up to 2000-degree F
  • Enabled with anti-rust formula
  • Dries in 30-minutes
  • Any-Angle spray technology


  • Covers scratches
  • Perfect color
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Good coverage


  • Little bit overpriced

Last on this list comes to black colored 8-0048 Majic Paint. It is weather-coated and comes with a UV-resistance feature. It is suitable for various surfaces, including- wood, brick, metal, and others.

It has a color retention mechanism to keep the color even after repeated heating. This paint is bug-free and provides up to 250 sq. ft. coverage area. The fast-drying feature is present to help this paint dry in just 30-minutes.

It is fade-resistant to protect the color itself from all kinds of environmental elements. The only downside is that this color paint is unsuitable for floors or rooftops.

Key  Features

  • Weather-coated and UV-resistant
  • Compatible with wood, brick, metal, and others
  • The Colour retention formula is present
  • Superior coverage


  • Durable
  • Nice color
  • It covers quite a lot
  • Speedy delivery


  • Very thin

Things to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Fireplace Paint

Heat Resistance

It is not true that the fireplace paint must always come with a high heat-resistance feature. For example, some latex paint comes with 120–200-degree F temperature suitable for interior uses. This low-temperature withstand stain will also work for the masonry projects.

It would be great to choose chalk paints with high heat-resistance features to put on the fireplaces. However, it would help if you remembered that you could apply these paints on the outside walls, not on the inside.

So, try to pick paints with a heat-resistance feature to get the best result.

Sheen and Color

The gloss feature will help the paint with light reflection. So, you need to consider this feature before choosing one. Usually, a brick fireplace requires paints with having high-gloss texture. Besides, matte, flat, and eggshell is some of the popular choices.

However, painting a fireplace will depend entirely on your choice and taste. There are a wide variety of colors available. So, you can easily choose one appropriate as per your own choice. For example, some people prefer white bases to provide a tinted look.

Moreover, you can also have color options in masonry and chalk paints.


You must check whether you need to apply primer or not before painting. Some people prefer to have a translucent finish, whereas others may like the original brick finish look. Paints that come with the latest German Smear technology are preferable.

It is because these paints do not require primers. Also, the branch has multiple pores. So, you may apply a primer to make the brick completely hide after painting. Then, you can either use a primer or apply double coats to get the desired skin.

Though, most of the primers are cheaply priced. Even they come with a fast-drying formula. It is not the color depth that depends on the primer. Primers seal the surface. Some primers come with stain blockers to make the fireplace look brighter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to paint a brick fireplace?

  • First, you need to vacuum the brick fireplace to keep away all the debris, dust, and cobwebs.
  • You will need a tinted primer to apply the first and the second coat.
  • Take a paintbrush to apply the paint between the bricks.
  • After you have finished the primer coat to the mortar, apply it to the face of the bricks. You can choose both the paintbrush and the high nap roller to help you easily paint the rough surfaces.
  • Let the first coat of primer rest to dry, and then apply the second coat. The second coat will help you get nearly full brick coverage.
  • Wait for a while to dry the second primer coat. After that, apply a semi-gloss paint. Finally, follow the last primer steps to get your desired result.

What color to place the fireplace surrounding?

It would be acceptable to choose a neutral color to paint the fireplace. These paints are neither cold nor hot and can fit in any circumstances. White color can also enhance the fireplace. On the other hand, ivory or off-white color will add a soft touch.

Can you paint the inside of a fireplace?

Yes, you can paint the inside of a fireplace. However, you need to pick colors that come with a high heat-resistance feature when you apply them to the inside of a fireplace.

What will be the perfect color to paint the inside fireplace?

You may have plenty of choices available. Among them, grey or black will be the perfect option to choose. But, here, you must choose white or other neutral colors to put on the outside to keep the serenity and calm atmosphere.


It isn't easy to choose one appropriate paint for your fireplace. Therefore, fireplace paint is an excellent monetary solution to make your interior look stylish. This review post comes with the top-rated choices to renovate the interior.

Choose one from the above choices to make your fireplace look the best.

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