Whether you want to make your chair a showpiece or use it for a utilitarian purpose, chair painting is essential. So, if you find your patio chairs old, paint them well to make them look afresh. The painting procedure is straightforward and can be a weekend job for a professional painter.

So, chairs with vibrant color splashes will add extra décor to your room interior. This informative article comes with all the detailing of the chair painting queries to introduce a new life to your chair. Read along to makeover your old chair.

You will also get to know some of the frequently asked questions at the end of this article. So, take a short trip to this article to learn how to paint your chair using new colors.

Type Of Chairs Which Can Be Painted

There are various types of chairs available that you can paint to make them look new. They are- a round chair, plastic armchair, bar stool, ghost chair, Panton chair, and sun loungers.

Round chairs: These chairs are round and come from an artificial material that you can paint when required.

Plastic armchair: It is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses and comes with wood and various metals.

Barstool: You can also paint this old stool to make your kitchen or dining space more decorative.

Ghost chairs: This stylish-looking chair comes from plastic and is available in a see-through design effect.

Panton chair: These sleek designed chairs are a bit funky to add a modernistic look to your furniture style. 

Sun loungers: These loungers are also suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.

Types Of Paints That Be Used to Paint

There are various types of paints available that you can choose as per your requirement-

Oil paint: is available only in two finish types, glossy and matte. It is affordable, and you can apply it very quickly. The only downside is that it takes much time to dry well.

Enamel paint: It is available in different colors. It is durable, water and chemical resistant, and provides good coverage.

Emulsion paint: Polystyrene and polyvinyl acetate are present in this paint type. Emulsion paint is durable and comes with alkali resistant and fast drying mechanism.

Cement paint: It comes in powder form, and you can mix it well with water. It is also durable and waterproof featured.

Bituminous paint: It is black and has a waterproof feature present. It would help if you only remembered that it may get damaged in direct sunlight.

Aluminum paint: This paint is weather and corrosion-resistant. You can mix aluminum particles with varnish to get this paint ready.

Anti-corrosive paint: It also comes with a chemical-resistant feature. It is durable and black.

Time Required to Paint a Chair

Usually, it can take only 1/6-hour or just 10-minutes to paint a chair entirely.

Time Required for Paint to Dry

It would help if you waited one hour to make the paint dry. If you re-coat the chair, you must wait up to two hours. This time frame is suitable for both interior and exterior surroundings. 

Steps For Painting a Chair

Step 1: First, prepare well your furniture chair.

Step 2: Next step is sanding. Sand the chair entirely to get a glossy finish.

Step 3: Next comes prime.

Step 4: Again, you need to repeat sanding.

Step 5: Finally, paint the chair well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to paint a fabric chair?

Step 1: First, you need to clean the chair well. Vacuum all the corners to steam clean it. Now, place the chair where no wind or dust will come in contact. Take a plastic wrapper and place it on the floor. Then, put the chair on it.

Step 2: Cover the chair’s trimming using painter’s tape. Try to cover all the parts you don’t want to cover. Pre-soften the chair only with a sponge. Make sure the chair must be dry before you start painting. This step will make the chair look fresh and soft.

Step 3: Mix well the paint with a stick. After that, mix the textile medium and the stain thoroughly. Before mixing, estimate the amount you need to paint the chair altogether. So, take a tray and blend the color and medium well in the right proportion.

Step 4: Take a roller and apply paint with short, simple strokes. Try to apply light strokes. The fabric usually absorbs the color very fast. So, use a few coats to get your desired skin.

Step 5: Once your paint is almost complete, apply one last coat to your chair. It would make the chair look smooth. If you find your chair entirely dried, take sandpaper to rub the problematic parts to make them look smooth. Finally, use an iron to make the textile set well. But avoid putting the iron on only one spot.

Step 6: Finally, take a sponge and fabric softener. Thus, you can remove the stains from the chair. And, your chair is ready to use.

How to paint a wicker chair?

Step1: You should paint a wicker chair in a well-ventilated space. Try to paint on a sunny day to get the best result. Try to spray the paint inevitably. Please keep all your belongings away to make them protected. Keep the wicker chair on a drop cloth to prevent debris from letting in.

Step 2: Vacuum the wicker chair to remove the dust and debris. Take a bristled brush to wipe off the flaking paint.

Step 3: Wash the wicker chair with a sponge and soapy water. Add one cup of detergent to the water and wash well with a sponge. Now, rinse well the chair with clean water. Currently, dry the chair well.

Step 4: You must prime the chair with an oil-based coat. Apply several coats to get the best result. Now, hold the can and apply the spray paint to the wicker. Spray from the side of the chair and sweep away with your hand. Leave the nozzle when you come a few inches far from the wicker. Thus, you can prime the entire surface. Allow the chair to dry the first coat and apply the second coat only after that. It is a basic primer that takes significantly less time to dry.

Step 5: After priming, apply two thin coats following the same techniques. Try to cover the unseen parts first and the rest parts afterward. It will take only a few hours to dry the paint. But please leave the chair for a few days before use.

How to paint a rocking chair?

Step 1: Choose a ventilated space and keep the rocking chair on top of a dust paper. Cover those areas with a mask if you want a contrasting color effect. Use the additional form to protect the surrounding area.

Step 2: Use sandpaper to remove the surface’s dust, rust, and extra grease. 

Step 3: You should apply a primer to the wood and metal. Try to apply two thin coats on the wicker chair. Make sure the gapping must be at least four hours. It allows the coats to dry completely. The best thing is that no priming is required for this step.

Step 4: Hold the can almost 30 cm away from the surface and start spraying back and forth motion. Try to keep an equal distance to get the best possible result. Keep a few minutes gap and apply a few thin layers.

Step 5: Let the chair rest for at least 24-hours to make it dry completely.

How to spray paint a chair?

Step 1: Place the chair on an air-circulated surface on top of a dust sheet. Cover the areas that you need not colour accordingly. Also, cover the surroundings with a newspaper.

Step 2: Keep the surface free from dust, wax, and rust. Please apply a smooth primer on the rough surfaces. 

Step 3: Hold the can 30 cm away from the area and move back and forth. Maintain an equal distance to make the paint better. Apply a few thin layers on the surface.

Step 4: Keep 24-hours or a whole day gap to make the chair dry entirely before using.

How to paint a leather chair?

Step 1: Take a cotton cloth and alcohol cleaner to clean the dirt from the leather. Keep the chair for at least one hour. 

Step 2: Use painter’s tape where you do not want to paint. Move the chair to a ventilated surrounding on top of a cloth.

Step 3: Shake well the can to mix well.

Step 4: Smoothly cover the entire area. Keep the can 6-inches from the chair. Keep the paint for 4-hours to make it dry completely.

Step 5: Now, smoothly apply the second coat. Again, let it rest for four hours and apply another thin coat. After finishing, keep away the tape from the chair.

How to paint a metal chair?

Step 1: Keep the chair on a well-ventilated surface. 

Step 2: Take a brush to wipe off the stains. Do not apply firm pressure.

Step 3: You can use TSP cleaner to remove the dust. Always wear safety glasses and a mask when handling TSP cleaner.

Step 4: Take a wet rug and wipe it off. Focus on the hard-to-reach corners to clean the cleaners from there. 

How to paint a varnished chair?

  • You need not prime before you start painting.
  • Chalk paint can be an intelligent choice that you can use. This paint can save you from sanding.
  • Milk paint, along with other agents, can be another choice.
  • Finally, take liquid de-glosser to get the best result.

How to paint a wooden chair?

Step 1: Keep the chair on a drop cloth.

Step 2: Use dishwasher soap to remove the chair’s dirt and grease.

Step 3: Apply sanding to remove the peeling paint, if any. You can take a stain stripper to keep it in its original form.

Step 4: If you find any cracks present, cover them with putty with 200-grit-sandpaper.

Step 5: Finally, wipe off the remaining dust.

How to spray paint a wooden chair?

Step 1: You must use spray paint in a ventilated area. It is because spray paint contains toxins. Put the chair on a newspaper or dust paper to keep the floor clean from the mess. Also, if you do not want the parts to be painted, cover them with paper.

Step 2: Next, find if there are stains present on the chair. Take sandpapers with 60-100 grit range to clean. Now, sand the entire chair until you get a smooth finish.

Step 3: Now, sanding may come with various bacteria and viruses. Add detergent to keep away all the dirt from the chair. Try to wear gloves to ensure safety.

Step 4: Check all the nooks and corners to check whether they need repairing. Fix all the necessary parts. If you cannot manage yourself, seek a professional’s help.

Step 5: Decide whether your chair requires primer or not. Chairs without primer may get damaged with time. Apply the first coat and let it rest for a while to dry completely.

Step 6: Shake well the can. Keep at least 30 cm between the can and the chair surface and move the can back and forth. Avoid the can from moving. After the first coat, leave the chair to dry completely. Finally, you can apply a protective coat to safeguard your chair paint from all-natural issues.

How to paint a stained chair?

Step 1: You should start with sanding.

Step 2: Wipe the chair to keep away the dust and dirt.

Step 3: Apply the first primer coating.

Step 4: Again, wipe the chair using a soft cloth.

Step 5: Paint well the natural wood.

Step 6: Provide a final touch.


So in this article, you have found all the ways that you can paint a chair no matter what type of chair it is. Use these instructions to use and happy painting!

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