Spray Paint Dry Time

Spray paints are liquid colors that come in aerosol cans. A spray nozzle tip is present at the top of the can to dispense the liquid when necessary. It is trendy, and you can apply this paint on any surface.

Moreover, no roller or paint brush is necessary to apply this spray paint. This traditional spray paint is available in different textures, from matte to glossy finish. Most importantly, some expensive colors come with a heat-resistant feature.

Those who like drizzle color to paint can quickly do the job. DIY projects are also familiar with this color paint. Also, spray paints always do not require primers. It depends on the pigment type. Now, if you are among those who want to dig the question of how long spray paint can take to dry, give a short read to this post.

What Is the Average Drying Time of Spray Paint?

On average, spray paints only take 5-minutes to dry to touch. Though, you can consider 1-hour to make the paint dry completely. On the other hand, the thermoplastic polymer is present in the lacquer spray paints to make them dry within a few minutes.

But it would help if you waited for at least 3-hours to make the lacquer paint dry completely. So, generally, you can consider 1-hour to dry. Though, 8-hours is the safe drying time for the spray paint. Some professionals believe a whole week to rest the paint on the surfaces before assembling completely.

It will help you to get a better result. 

Drying Time for Different Surfaces

How long does spray paint take to dry on metal?

The drying time of metal is indeed lesser than the other available materials. It will take only 10-minutes if you apply a thin layer on the metal surface. 24-hours is a safe drying time to make the paint dry completely.

How long does spray paint take to dry on wood?

You can apply to spray paint on various surfaces, like- wood, metal, plastic, resin, and many others. The primary advantage is that the spray paint takes less time to dry than the brushed ones. Also, you can easily apply spray paint on any surface. 

Like above, spray paint can take only an hour or 60-minutes to dry on wood surfaces. You can also consider 24-hours to make the paint dry completely.

How long does spray paint take to dry on plastic?

You must want to touch the painted surface without leaving your hand impression on it. It will take 30-minutes or half an hour to dry if you apply it on plastic surfaces. But 24-hours will be the safe drying time for the paint to make it dry completely. 

To speed up this process, you can fix a table fan or ceiling fan near your window. The fan speed will help to enhance the evaporation speed more than before.

How long does spray paint take to dry on cardboard?

Cardboard is usually available in soft texture and requires easy handling. Otherwise, accidental damage may happen at any time. The only good thing is that cardboard comes with the fastest drying time possible.

If you can keep your painted cardboard in a well-ventilated place, it will take just 15-minutes to make it dry completely. Though, it can dry even in just 10-minutes. It is porous. Therefore, ventilation plays a crucial role when you are drying it.

So, please keep the cardboard outside or in front of a fan to speed up the drying time.

How long does spray paint take to dry on fabric?

Spray paint works well on fabric. Instead, fabric spray paint is an affordable way to makeover your wardrobe in a unique way. It requires multiple layers when you apply it to fabric clothing. But it can dry only within an hour.

But those who want to touch the paint without hand impression should leave it for at least 72-hours to dry well. After painting, take talcum powder to clean the surface well.

How long does spray paint take to dry on glass?

You can undoubtedly apply spray paint on glass. But if the glass object requires frequent handling, the color may wipe off gradually. But glass painting is a bit difficult. Drying time may not be enough for them and ends with dripping issues.

So, try to apply each coat to the glass very gently. Make sure you wait for at least 15-minutes to dry well before applying another layer to it. Though, 24-hours will be the perfect drying time for this paint type.

How long does spray paint take to dry on clothes?

You can consider fabric spray paint good when you apply it on clothes. It comes with a straightforward mechanism. Besides color, this spray paint is present in acrylic polymer and water solvent. These components safeguard your cloth fabric from getting damaged.

You certainly need to apply several coats when applying fabric spray paint. So, you need to leave the stain for at least one hour to get it dry well. The professionals prefer to leave the painted surface for 72-long hours to get them dry completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does chalk spray paint take to dry?

If the climate is cool, it will take more time to dry. It takes only 30-minutes to make it dry to the touch. But if you do not want to leave hand impressions, it will take 1-hour to dry. But 3-4-hours would be perfect and make the chalk paint dry perfect. So, try to apply re-coats after 2-3-hours to get the best results. In addition, you can also use a chalk protective layer to safeguard the paint coat from external damage issues.

How long does it take Krylon spray paint to dry?

Krylon spray paint will take 24-hours to dry completely. You will not face any issues when applying another layer to it. After painting, you can rinse well the surface to make it look clean. Try to use it in thin layers to avoid dripping issues. Though, you can touch this paint in just 8-minutes. Some people prefer to let the paint rest for at least 15-minutes before re-coating.

How long does metallic spray paint dry?

Metallic spray paint comes with less drying time than the other surface materials. If you can apply thin layers on metal, it will take only 10-minutes to dry completely. It would help if you considered 24-hours’ time to make the paint dry safely. So, spray paint takes only a few hours to dry. So, it allows you to re-coat after a few hours. Some brands are available in the market that can take a little extra time to dry. So, it would be great to wait for at least 24-hours to dry entirely and safely.

How long does it take Rust-Oleum spray paint to dry?

You can grant 2-4-hours to make Rust-Oleum paint to dry. Some consider 5-9-long hours to let the stain sit well on the surface. So, 24-hours drying time will be the wisest decision to take. You need to apply a primer before spray painting. After primer, apply spray paint after 24-hours or 48-hours duration. According to the professionals, Rust-Oleum requires 7-days to dry well. Moreover, you need not use water to clean the stain. However, a few sprinkles of water from the sink or tap are okay.

How long does spray paint take to dry outside?

It would help if you left the paint for at least 10-30-minutes to make it dry completely. As per the experts, it will take 8-long hours to make the paint dry well. But it would help if you avoided sunshine when you applied this spray paint. It is because the paint gets dried very fast in direct sunlight. Thus, it may peel or crack with time. If you need to color it outside, try to avoid drying in the direct sunlight.

Final Verdict

Spray painting is not only the easiest way of painting but also suitable for several surfaces, like- wood, metal, plastic, and many others. Various spray paints come with different drying times. It would help if you also remembered that different weather conditions, like- temperature and humidity, also play a crucial part in deciding the drying time of spray paint.

This article comes with all the queries you need to know. If you find this article helpful, share the blog with your friend to make themselves updated.

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