Best Paint Remover for Wood

If you are intended to paint a wood surface that is previously been painted what will you do? Would you apply a new coat on a peeling, crackling and flaking wood surface? This will be unprofessional to paint a wood surface without removing old paint. To make the process of paint removing from a wood surface smooth, we use paint strippers. The best paint remover for wood helps in proper stripping off the previous paint surface to create a solid base that results in professional paint finishing. 

The paint removing or stripping can also be done using hand sander. That's alright if you need to scrape one piece of furniture like a chair or anything else. But, if there is a complete project with dozens of items, scrapping and repainting them will be time-consuming. 

So, have a paint remover for wood onboard and ease down your wooden materials painting tasks. 

Making the decision of buying a paint remover is good, but finding the best one is daunting. You have to wade through dozens of options, and read hundreds of reviews to learn which one suits your needs. 

We have made the entire process easier for you. We have done detailed research and curated a list of best chemical paint remover for wood.

​Coverage is one of the important matters to concern while buying paints. It is pretty hard to find the best one coat paint as most of the good paints feature two or three coat coverage.

The list consists of five products. These are the best available on the market, and a user can use them to get paint scrapping done in no time.

​Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3332 Smart Strip

​If you intend to remove paint from a wooden surface that has previously been painted continuously, you need to have something powerful that helps you remove multiple layers. This biodegradable paint stripper is odor-free and easily removes multiple layers without damaging the surface or environment. The chemical safe for the environment and user, one can easily use it without putting a mask on.

The formula not only applicable on the wooden surfaces but concrete, brick, plasters, stone, and glass surfaces as well.

The paint remover is ideal to remove paint that is oil-based, water-based or acrylics. You should always put a lid on the bucket, do not leave it open for more than 3-hours, or else it will all be gone.

Though the company claims the chemical is odor-free but in practical results, like other paint removers, it also emits fumes. And once applied, you had to clean up a good chunk of mess.

The paint is good for one layer of the paint; multiple layers might not get affected with it or have to apply more than once to get complete paint removing.


  • ​Biodegradable paint
  • ​Safe for users and environments
  • ​It helps you remove paint from a multitude of surfaces


  • ​Emits fumes
  • ​Leaves terrible mess to clean up

​Goof Off FG658 Professional Strength Remover

​If you need something that helps you remove the residue as well as hard paints off the multiple surfaces, do not pass Goof Off strength remover. Goof has earned a huge name in paint removing off the wood market and ranking on the top. The Line-up has more than one product, to carry out different jobs.

The Goof Off FG658 is a US-manufactured product thus offers quality at par and compliance with the safety standards.

Yes, the chemical can be used on different surfaces to remove different application intended and accidental.

The paint remover from the wood provides tough results and you can have it onboard for removing graffiti, varnish, latex and other hard to remove symbols from the tree, walls, and upholstery.

It works the first time, and help you get rid of the hard stains on the surfaces such as chewing gum spots that normal household cleaners cannot work.
It smells strong, you must have to use a mask while using it for removing adhesive stains off the surface.

Do not use it without safety gears, it is a tough chemical including Ethylbenzene which causes cancer and other hazardous diseases.


  • ​It can be used for wide arrays of applications
  • ​Provide smooth finishes
  • ​Professional paint remover off the wood, metal, walls and other wide surfaces
  • ​Cost-effective
  • ​It works the first time, did not have to apply twice or thrice to remove adhesive materials of the surfaces
  • ​Effective in stripping hard to remove residue


  • ​Applicable only removing paint stains and coats
  • ​Contains toxic components

​Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel

​If you want your hard-earned money spent on a quality product that provides great paint stripping results, look no further. It can be used on different surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, concrete and much more in the row. In our tests as well, the product stands out in the crowd and offers optimum paint removing results. It is no doubt a multipurpose chemical that is famous in offering superb finishing.

The formula has some superb results of lifting oil-based paint and dried latex from the wood surface. The unit works for the first time, strips multiple layers with one coat. Get it onboard for removing varnish as well, no harsh odor or fumes emission, pleasant citrus scent.

The paint stripper also eliminates the need for scraping after applying it on a surface, which is time-consuming and laborious and sometimes if not a professional onboard, damages the surfaces.

The paint stripper is great to use indoors, as it would not emits bad odors or fumes that are harmful in a closed environment. It stays wet for 24-hours, so apply it and remove the paint when you get time.


  • ​It has a pleasant citrus scent
  • ​Safe to use indoors
  • ​Offer consistent paint removing results
  • ​Stays wet for 24-hours


  • ​It takes a longer time to remove the paint coating

​ Goo Gone Latex Paint Cleaner

If you need something to remove messes made by paint projects, get the Goo Gone Latex Paint Cleaner onboard. This is the fastest and easiest way to clean any mess, especially the spillages off the paint containers.

The paint remover is ideal to remove paints from the wood or laminate floors. Just apply a little and wipe out with a paper or cloth, and observe a neat and tiny surrounding.

The paint cleaner is recommended to be used latex, acrylic and enamel paint and will require just a paper or towel to apply. The product would not produce any bad odor, nor it emits fumes to disrupt the entire surrounding. Get it used to remove hard to scratch paints from the wood surface, and see how it works.

The chemical will not damage wood floors, carpets, plastic or tiles. It is ideal to remove stains and blemishes off your carpet, apply it, get it soaked on the carpet and clean using a paper or cloth.


  • ​Works fast
  • ​Ideal to clean blemishes or spills of painting tasks
  • ​Safe for user
  • ​Safe for the environment, does not emit harmful fumes


  • ​Not a product for professional paint removing from the wood projects

​Sunnyside Corporation 68932 Ready-Strip Graffiti Remover

​If you are searching for a more natural paint remover for wood furniture and other objects, your search ends here. This Sunnyside designed graffiti and adhesive stains remover come in hands at a price. This is not a traditional paint remover, not it is manufactured using harmful chemicals such as methylene chloride or NMP.

It does not emit fumes or harsh odor that is harmful to you and the environment.
Despite the improved safety features, the unit stands heads and shoulder above in stripping paint and varnish off the wood and other objects. It offers a hands-down option for varnish removing for wood.

It has been tested for up to seven layers of many different coating such as paints, varnish, stains, and others.

Yes, the paint takes some time to absorb and make the surface ready for you to remove. It takes 60-minutes, applies it and waits for about an hour. The surface color will change when the paint is ready to be removed.

It works the same as touted in advertisements, removes paints without damaging the surface.


  • ​Methylene chloride free
  • ​No harmful fumes
  • ​Removes tough and stubborn stains off the walls, surfaces
  • ​Provides damage-free finishing


  • ​It dries quickly

​ How to Buy the Best Paint Remover for Wood ?

​Peeling off the old paint off the wooden object to apply a new coat to give it a new look is charming, but in the process, be careful, as tough and hard substances sometimes damage the surface.
So, in the process of chemical paint removing for wood, you need to find a quality product to get the job efficiently done. The larger surfaces require stronger chemicals; smaller can be done with removers.
So, if you have these points in mind, you will be able to find a better product as per your need and demand.

​Multi-surface Paint Stripper

If you know that, this is the only job I am going to do in life, go for a dedicated paint stripper for wood, else try to grab a general paint remover. The general remover will help you in removing old paints of the multiple surfaces in any area.

Check, if the substance works good on a wood surface, then see its working on metal, plastic, concrete, and other surfaces. If you are utterly satisfied with the performance, give it a final call.

​Work Fast

If the time your problem, you do not have much time and need to get the varnish paint removing instantly, find something that offers instant cleaning. In this way, you will have to apply more than one coating to get complete cleaning.

In general, the best varnish remover for wood can take up to 2 hours to prepare the surface for paint removing. Some may dry in seconds, but again, their results would not be reliable and smooth. 

​Paint Types

You need to learn that, oil-based paints, water-based and varnish react differently upon applying a paint removing the substance. It would be easier to get a general paint removing product that could help you remove any kind of paint from any surface.

Still, if it is a surface that has previously been painted for dozens of times, you need to buy a dedicated paint remover.

​Methylene Chloride

These days produce to remove paint for wood surface come manufactured using Methylene chloride. This is a hazardous ingredient and there are proves the ingredients cause cancer and other diseases.

So, if possible try not to grab a product that is mixed with the substance, rather go with biodegradable products, these are odor-free and does not have harmful impacts on human as well as the environment.

Still, for intense paint removing jobs, you will have to use this ingredient, as it is powerful and ease down paint removing off the surface jobs.


The paint removing from wooden material should be a flawless task with no damages to the wood skin. Therefore, one needs something that is powerful enough to know off several paint layers with no mess and deliver superb finishing.

These best paint removers for wood are the best option available on the market right now. You can read their reviews, check ratings and behold ratings before placing an order.

The products have been enlisted after a detailed research process. These have gone through our strict testing, upon fulfilling the criterion; we added these in our final draft.

Hope you like this guide, and it will make you find a product as per your need and requirements.

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