How Long Does Glow in the Dark Paint Last?

​The most exciting thing in glow in the dark paint is that you don't need to go out and spend an amount of money for having it. You can make it by yourself at home. It can be easily used in any kind of toy and fun projects. Even you can try it for your bi-cycle if you have any. But here holds the vital thing comes, how long does glow in the dark paint last?

​Glow in the dark is not an uncommon thing nowadays. It can be on the ceiling of one's children's bedroom or painted on the wall. It may come from some distinct elements, and that varies to its longevity. Here is some;


​In this case, the glow of phosphorus happens to throw the emission of lights, which means it is a chemiluminescence system. Each of three primary forms (red, white and black) has different intensity of burning and reactivity. White phosphorus should be avoided because it is poisonous. Red phosphorus is comparatively safe and used from matches to housecleaning products.

​Zinc sulfide

​Zinc sulfide is a combination of zinc and sulfur. Naturally, it appears in the color of yellow and white. When it is exposed to light, it stores the energy, and when you turn off the light, you will be able to see the glow. Here is an interesting thing in zinc sulfide; you can also add some other elements like copper, silver, and manganese, to make a different color combination. Silver delivers blue illumination. And copper and manganese produce green and orange-red sequentially.

​Strontium Aluminate

​It was invented later and offered ten times brighter and ten times longer glow than its predecessor. It is the combination of strontium and aluminum. It stores energy form light and makes it into colorful glows like zinc sulfide.

How Long Does Glow in the Dark Paint Last

Glow in the dark paint is a very common thing nowadays, but most of the people are conscious about its durability because its bit costly. People buy it for their purposes. It can be painted from children's toys to adults Halloween costume. To be very honest, its durability varies. We tried to provide you the most satisfactory answer.

It actually varies according to the uses and situation. It may also vary regarding the product type. We divided this segment into some parts. Let's jump right into the topic.

​Unopened Glow in the Dark Paint

​If a bottle or container of glow in the dark remain sealed then it can survived more than three years. Manufacturers are emphasizing on packaging and containing. We have seen in recent times, some of the containers even last for more than five years. But on average, we suggest you to expect not more than two and half year.

​After Application

Outdoor glow in the dark painting can shine more than a decade. It cannot also be denied that the durability depends on the surface. If the surface is good then it glows for several years. You need to choose right surface and right powder for make it more durable. 

There have some elements which are become fade under regular charging light. So, you need to have an alternative that means artificial charging system. And it is obvious that a proper coating can make your glow in the dark long-lasting.

​After Recharging Once

​If you put the object under the sunlight it will glow for more than 4 hours. Glowing time depends on how much time you've charged. You can recharge it thousands of times. We have already mentioned that it can survive a decade though it starts fading after ten to eleven years. But most importantly, after every recharge, you find it as a new.

Top 5 Tips for Painting With Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the dark is extremely interesting to work with, but it requires some consideration for bringing desired results. Here we will provide some vital tips to make it the most effective one.

​Lighten the Background

Try to keep the background lighter. It will eventually brighten the glow.

​Use Less Paint

​At the time of first coating, start with less than you generally use. Spread it thin and, if needed, then add further. It will make your coloring smooth and cool.

Dry Between Coats

​Please make sure to have 10 to 15 minutes between coats. Before adding up another coat, let's try the paint for better results. When you brush it for the second time, the glow of the first coat will flee away. You can also use a hairdryer to dry the paint quickly.

Additional Coats

​​Many people do just one or two coats, but if you want more brightness, you need to make more coats. The more coats, the more brightness.

​Charging With an Ultraviolet Flashlight

​​Household lights are not sufficient to charge it with maximum potential. Use sunlight, black light, or an ultraviolet flashlight for the best result.

Some FAQs    

We have accumulated some questions related to this discussion. By reading those answers, you can have a clear concept about glow in the dark paint. So, let's move on to the topic.

​Can I Charge a Wet Painted Object?

​​No, you cannot charge it until it becomes properly dry. After finishing the final coating, dry it with natural or artificial light. No glow in the dark glows decently unless it is dried correctly.

​How Long It Takes to Get Charged?

​It actually varies product to product. Normally a quality product doesn't take more than 4 hours to get charged. But to be frank, no exact time limit there.

​ Can I Use Artificial Light?

Yes, but not all the time. Inexpensive and average paint will not be getting charged with artificial light. If you have an insufficient budget, then you have to depend on only sunlight.

​Is Glow in the Dark Paint Safe for Children?

​There are different types of products. If you are looking for kids' costumes, then check the ingredients of the paint. There have both toxic and non-toxic paints. Try to find out non-toxic paints and buy those for children.


As we usually see, glow in the dark paint doesn't last more than a decade. Its durability depends on usage and its ingredients.

We expect you have got your answer for how long does glow in the dark paint last.  

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