Best Paint Sprayer for Fences

Staining and painting using rollers and brushes have gone outdated. People now prefer using paint sprayers for fence staining. ​Finding ​the best paint sprayers for fence is no longer an easy job. It seems every outdoor gear manufacturing brand has put its feet into the paint spraying world. The paint spraying market is thickest like never before. It is full of thorns now, and one should be careful before buying one. 

Naturally hand sprayer takes more time than the pump sprayer for stain. In case of large projects, you should go for pump sprayer. It will make your task easy. 

Do not worry, we have curated a list of top products, have a birds-eye-view and see what suits your needs.

​Quality sprayers create enough amount of pressure for perfect spraying. Top rated paint sprayers help you to put precise coats on most of the surfaces.

As people tend to choose stain sprayer over roller, you should have through knowledge over all the know and popular product. Make sure you read the level and instruction before you finally apply. For example, you should set the spray pressure low, and be close to the fence while spraying.  

The guide we are putting up contains top products right now on the market. These products have passed our strict checking processes and fall right on our criterion. So, get any of them on board and they will surely help you in getting your fences stained in no time.

​Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO

​Wagner is not a new name in manufacturing paint sprayers. It has a range of line-up of paint sprayers for different purposes. The brand has earned a unique place in the market now and ranking high on one of the biggest shopping portals.

The 0529010 FLEXiO is a versatile model, used for variant paint application. You get the product onboard for inside and outside staining and painting jobs, such as fences, furniture, ceiling, and other objects.

The sprayer features two nozzles; smaller and larger. The smaller nozzle helps you get smaller painting jobs done without over-spraying and consume a large number of sprayers.

The larger nozzle helps you finish larger areas fast. Thus, the sprayer offers customized paint and staining experience and comes in hands at the affordable price range.

Additionally, the sprayer comes with 10-speed controls to control the flow of the stains. You get precise and targeted spraying results without consuming much of the stains.

With the sprayer onboard, you can spray unthinned material. Its turbine controls can throw any kind of stain with the smoother finish on surfaces. You may face issues in starting while shooting unthinned material, once you get the right optimization of the features, you will have it working without any hiccup.


  • ​It is a breeze set up and uses
  • ​10-speed controls to regulate paint throwing
  • ​Two different nozzles
  • ​Uses for more than one type of spraying tasks
  • ​Ideal for fence staining
  • ​Reasonable price


  • ​The larger nozzle overspray sometime

​HomeRight C800766

​When it comes to painting sprayer, it is imperative to have HomeRight products onboard. It would be near to crime not to include a unit designed by the leading paint sprayer manufacturer.

This is one of the top-quality paint sprayers that share a royal blue body look. It stores around 27-ounces paint into the cup and helps you nail down painting jobs quicker than most of the enlisted.

The self-containing sprayer would not require compresses when you need to shoot up paint, varnish or stain. Just have the cup filled with the stains, and start shooting at your object.

With the sprayer onboard, you would not require any manual spraying. The model provides smooth spraying results that you do not need any retouches or brush after. This fine spraying is possible just because of its air cap which helps in throwing at precise coating.

You can turn the nozzle to get customized results. It can be turned into round, vertical and horizontal. If you are coating on wide strokes, the vertical and horizontal would help, in case of irregular objects, get the round setting.

This product also comes with two ears long warranty, you get enough amount of time to check, use and if something bad happens, the warranty will cover that damage.

It’s a biggest downside getting clogged, when you see it happening, no paint will be thrown out, but the paint will drip down.


  • ​Good for throwing any type of paint on fences
  • ​Includes three spray painting
  • ​Two years long warranty
  • ​Offer smoother finishes


  • ​Gets clogged

​Fuji 2903-T70 Mini-Mite 3 PLATINUM

Fuji is an iPhone of paint spraying the world. The brand stands the test of time and has proven its worth time and again. This brand shares those innovative features that no other brand can imagine integrating. With Mini mite 3 you got to see some new out of the box features and performance to help your spraying chores done easier than before.

The model is powered with a platinum turbine motor that provides six PSI paint throwing speed. This motor comes with a heat dissipation box that helps it to push away heats from the motor to protect it from burning or overheating.

You might have experienced, paint sprayer produces heavy noises. Not this one, the product shares noise reduces that muffles the sound and makes it quieter than quietest.

With the sprayer onboard, you would not see any mess around your spraying objects. You will enjoy a seamless painting and staining, with a 25-inches long hose for easier mobility.

This sprayer also comes with two extensive years of warranty. Any damage in these two years will be upon the shoulders of Fuji, you will have every right to claim. 

Yes, it is difficult to use, once you get used to it, you enjoy using the Advanced HVLP paint sprayer.


  • ​Powerful motor
  • ​No mess around
  • ​Two years warranty
  • ​Noises reducer
  • ​Large cup size increase paint capacity


  • ​Difficult to use
  • ​Costly

Graco Magnum 262800 X 5 Stands

If you are looking for an airless, electric powered device for staining a fence, look no further, your search ends with Graco Magnum 262800. It is no doubt the best paint sprayer for fences and other larger projects. Its smooth and powerful stainless steel pump lets it suck paint and stain and spit out directly on the fences, wooden objects, chairs, furniture, and other bigger or smaller items.  The Graco Magnum integrates highly-innovative features that make it best pump sprayer for staining fences.

The machine is bulky, difficult to carry around, but it supports 75-feet long hose for farthest fences. You get them sprayed without moving your actual machine, bring forth wonderful finishes.

This machine comes with adjustable pressure, allow you to control the flow of the paint, stain or anything you are shooting.

The only drawback of using it is that it should be cleaned immediately after use. Otherwise, it becomes a problem to clean out and sometimes you have to follow some complex cleaning regime.


  • ​Support long hose
  • ​Adjustable pressure
  • ​Very easy to use and direct spraying on the objects
  • ​Three different nozzles


  • ​Difficult to clean
  • ​Monitor paint level before spraying at 2 inches it stops throwing paints or stains

​ Hvlp Paint Sprayer 800ml

​If you are running short of money, and still want to grab something that assists you in fence staining jobs, get TakeLife designed Hvlp Paint Sprayer 800ml. The sprayer comes with 900-milliliter paint or stains storing capacity with lid flip over for easier refilling.

This sprayer comes with three different nozzles patterns that help you have different applications.

The standout feature of the sprayer, it comes with four different nozzles. You can integrate any of them as per your use. These nozzles spout different liquids like you can have the largest nozzle to spit out paint and smallest for stains.

This product is easy to pull up. You can easily assemble it without having expertise onboard. This also can be disassembled easily which is great for cleaning it out thoroughly after finishing a spraying project.

The sprayer adheres to many advanced features that helped it to be on the top of the best paint for the fences list. One thing, you watch out for, it produces heavy noises. This is very loud and would disrupt the surrounding ambiance with its noise. So, if you can endure this drawback, the product is designed for you.



  • ​It disassembled so you could clean it out easily
  • ​Affordable price range
  • ​Easy refilling
  • ​Can throw different types of liquids including paints, varnish, and stains
  • ​Comes with four different nozzles
  • ​Three nozzles patterns


  • ​Noisy

​Chapin International 30600 2Gal Steel Deck Sprayer

The chapin international is one of the most prominent sprayer manufacturers for the past few decades. Notably, Chapin International 30600 2Gal Steel Deck Sprayer offers a number of crucial benefits apart from its 4-inch wide funnel and three poly fan nozzles.

The cleaning and refilling system of this sprayer is very easy. You will find pumping and handling easy because it provides the ergonomic handle, which is really special. It offers a 60-inch hose, which makes it more comfortable for bigger projects. Remember, you will have a 12-inch extension wand too. This feature helps to cover a long distance where you don’t have access, maybe.  

This sprayer is not too heavy in weight too (less than seven pounds). The control system is quite decent. You can actually pump it as your wish. If you don’t pump the sprayer is completely dead. When you pump while you are spraying, it builds up pressure very quickly. 

Before applying stain, clean the fence intensely. No matter how new or glossy it is. Clean it to perfection.

With a closer look, you’ll watch some watermarks and stains. Even there aren’t any visible stains; it’s essential to clean the fence first. It’s tempting to skip the step, and if you do so, your new stain might look great at first, but it won’t last very long.


  • ​It is easy to cleaning and refilling
  • ​Long hose and 12-inch curved wand
  • ​Durable
  • ​It offers poly fan nozzles
  • ​Special poly ergonomic handle
  • ​Transparent stains


  • ​The wand is made of plastic

​How to Choose the Best Paint Sprayers for Fences?

There are different types of fence paint sprayer. All are not the same. Some sprayers vary in weight, price, or quality etc. Before you choose your paint sprayer, be cautious. You may find all the same, in beginner's eyes. We suggest you not to go to a shop randomly and buy a fence stain sprayer.

Instead, read some articles; gather a thorough idea about this industry, and then buy. Or, you can take advice from your experienced friend if there is any.

A paint sprayer comes with wide arrays of features to ease down spraying. The important thing is to watch out which features are important to you. Are you going to stain your fences, and looking to get a suitable option to carry out the job? There are different parameters to choose a sprayer for painting fences. These are some helpful hints that can help you to choose one as per your needs and requirements.

​Price Tag

This is the most important and influencing factor when buying best sprayer for staining a fence. The sprayers come for different usage; some are general that can be taken out to any spraying tasks. Some are dedicated that only fills the bills in particular spraying tasks. 

If you have no other use, and wanting something just to spray your fences, go for a specialized product in fence staining. No need to spend your money on something that got no value for you. So, it is upon you, what you need, opt with as per the recommendations.

​Spray Patterns

Sprayer more than often comes with three nozzle patterns; horizontal, vertical and round.

If you need to cover a larger spraying area, a horizontal pattern helps you get it finished quicker. For smaller spraying area, having a vertical nozzle pattern is good.

The round pattern is helpful in going through odd objects spray painting. Yes, this round pattern spraying consumes lots of your time, and if the sprayer comes with this only option, you might spend your all day in spraying a chair.

​Paint Cup

​Paint cup helps you spraying larger objects fast. The area stores the paint and you get the liquid direct applied on fences or wooden objects. If you are storing paint in a larger bucket and using a hose applying on the fences, your painting task will have exponential speed. In using a smaller cup-size, that has to be refilled after every two minutes, you might have to spend as much as double time in spraying a fence. So, it is always preferred to house a bigger tank, cup or tank bucket.

​Extra Features

The extra features or you can say bells and whistles help you do your jobs. In our case, staining the fences, extra features help us doing our job quicker. You need to look for extension tips that render variant paint application, wheels for easier maneuverability, flip-top lids for easier refill and others.

You might not get all in one product, so try to grab as many as you can as every feature comes at a price.


​This is something most of the buyer's neglect. You need to see what liquid you are going to throw on your fences. In the case of thick paint, the paint sprayer's nozzle should be wide enough to let go of the paint easily. Otherwise, the closing will eat up much of your time; the waste of the paint is an additional benefit.

​Frequently Asked Questions of Best Paint Sprayer for Fences

​How to Paint A Fence with A Roller?

​A beautiful fence is often a significant added value for your property. But when it is not correctly maintained, it can have the opposite effect. This is why we recommend Paint A Fence with A Roller.

  • Step 1: Preparation

Start by cleaning the support by removing dust and traces of grease with a high-pressure cleaner.

Remove the damaged parts. Then fill the holes with wood pulp. Sand the backing once the wood pulp has hardened.

  • Step 2: Apply a base coat

Dilute the stain with three parts of the dye for one part of turpentine. This will allow the stain to penetrate deeper into the wood. Apply a base coat on the wood and allow it to dry.

  • Step 3: Paint

Mix the paint well with an agitator. Start by painting the fence with a roller. Then paint the details with a brush. Let the first coat dry. Apply the second coat in the same way. Let the second coat dry.

​How to Paint an Old Wooden Fence?

A wooden fence is generally entirely exposed to the elements and the sun. This makes the wall old and needing a repaint.

If the intent is to repaint and maintain an existing fence, first of all, remove all or part of the old paint. Sand with 80-100 grit glass paper (you can help with a sander to speed up this passage).

After removing any residual dust that could compromise the anchoring of the paint, you can proceed with the painting phase.

Use a water-based waxed impregnating agent. Two coats are needed, by brush, roller or spray: the first penetrates the wood, the second form a water-repellent film that does not crack, flake, or flake. Let it dry, and you are done.

​How to Paint A Wood Fence with A Sprayer?

Painting a wooden fence with a sprayer is easy. Start by setting up the work area, choose and prepare the paint you prefer, adjust the gun, and do a test painting. If you are satisfied with the result, apply it to the surface you prefer, and when you are finished, clean the gun. It’s that easy.

​Here’s how to paint a wood fence with a sprayer:

Step 1: Prepare the workspace. 

Step 2: Prepare the painting. 

Step 3: Adjust the gun 

Step 4: Do a test paint job 

Step 5: Paint the fence.

Step 6: Clean the gun

​What Is the Best Way to Paint A Metal Fence?

The metal fences are very aesthetically beautiful, but it is easy for them to deteriorate due to the effects of the weather. To make them look like new, or to change their appearance, there will be nothing like giving them a coat of paint. We explain below how to paint a metal fence easily.

  • Carefully clean the surface, removing dirt and dust.

  • Remove all the rust and prevent it from reappearing using sandpaper.

  • Start painting. It is essential to add an iron enamel and an antioxidant to the paint.

  • The application method to paint the metal fence with the antioxidant enamel is very simple.

  • It can be done with a brush, roller, or spray gun.

  • Check if the paint is entirely dry to the touch after 8 hours.

​How Do You Stop Overspray When Painting A Fence?

Over spraying is a prevalent problem when it comes to painting a fence. This excessive amount of paint creates a mess around the workplace. It not only wastes colors and other materials but also cost more money. This happens for many reasons. The main reason is the mis-sized nozzle. Other than this, there are inappropriate distances, dirty equipment, or wrong pressure of the gun.

    To reduce over-spray, you can-

  • Prepare before start painting

  • Set the pressure at right point

  • Find the perfect nozzle appropriate for your job

  • Choose the right accessories

  • Work on your spray technique

  • Make a workplace, so the excess paint doesn't make a mess

  • Take safety precaution


Staining fences is a good idea to enhance the aesthetic look of your property. With paints on, the fences look attractive and your house's entire looks change. Of-course, it increases your property's value and tells about the owner's care for the property.

We curated the list of top best paint sprayers for fences after consulting with the experts, reading the product reviews and beholding ratings.

We have mentioned some of the top products available on the market right now. You can buy any of them, after reading their reviews and pros & cons. We are very sure, the guide will make you choose one as per your property's need, requirement and your budget constraints.

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