How to Seal a Fence with a Sprayer?

The traditional element painting an object is the brush. People started to use rollers in common for painting from the last few decades. But in recent years, people are finding sprayers more effective and time-saving in any type of painting. No matter what you want to paint, you can find various types of sprayers for different types of painting. A pump sprayer or any other sprayer can do bulk painting jobs perfectly. You can also choose a sprayer to paint your fence or walls. But the main question here is, "how to seal a fence with a sprayer?" 

Well, painting a fence using a sprayer is not a bad deal at all. You can be beneficial through using a sprayer for this purpose when you know the right way. There is a very common and easy way to do paint jobs on your house's fence. We are about to describe every step of the method, including all the necessary information regarding fence painting in the main section of our discussion below.

A perfect coat on the fence not only enhances beauty but also protects the wood. You need to focus on putting the paint coat evenly on every part of the fence to get an eligible look along with necessary protection. We are showing you a list of tools and stuff that you need to have for painting fences.

​Things You Need to Get

​The essentials you need to gather are-

  • ​A pump sprayer or any other sprayer that can work as a fence stain sprayer
  • ​A plastic scrubber
  • ​A paintbrush
  • ​Water
  • ​Wood stain or paint
  • ​Sealer
  • ​Detergent
  • ​Waste clothes or newspapers
  • ​Goggles, gloves, apron, etc. for safety purpose

Step #1 Wear Protection Stuff

The first thing before starting DIY paint jobs is to ensure your safety. You have to protect your sensitive body parts such as face and eyes by wearing face mask and goggles. You can wear an apron not to let the paint ruin your dress. Wearing gloves is a must when you are spraying paints. Some paint ingredients can cause skin diseases, and that is why we are insisting to be safe.

Step #2 Cover up All the Other Objects

Spraying paints can cause some amount of waste of paint. That waste amount can spread on other objects near the surface you are painting. That is why we advise covering any other objects near your fence with waste papers or clothes. Otherwise, you need to clean up the mess after painting, which can waste both your time and energy.

Step #3 Clean the Fence

Take a bucket and make a mixture of detergent and water. Split the mixture on each part of the fence using a sprayer or mug. Then, take a scrubber and rub every slat well to remove dirt and other wastes. You don't have to put a lot of pressure here. Putting a lot of pressure can cause damage to your fence. Moreover, if you have a healthy budget, you can buy a wood cleaner from the market instead of detergent.

Step #4 Do Some Observing

Next, you need to wait until your fence gets dry. After that, you need to check your fence closely. If you find any hole or crack, you need to fill that using pudding. Sometimes, you can find extra wood pieces, broken nails, or nuts. You have to remove them also. Then, you need to make sure the surface is plain and smooth to paint.

Step #5 Start Spraying

Now, you have to do the spraying. Fill the sprayer tank with the stain or paint you have bought. Make sure, you have done stirring before pouring the paint. Then, lock the lid of the tank well to keep the pressure inside. Point the nozzle at a slat of your fence, and pull the trigger. Move your sprayer according to the alignment of the slats.

Step #6 Check if there is Any Gap after Spraying

After spraying, check if there is still any place where sprayer has failed to give a coat. Mostly, the space between two pieces of wood doesn't get painted. So, you need to identify those places and paint them using a paintbrush. Here, you have to use a small and soft paintbrush so that it can reach areas that are difficult to paint.

Step #7 It’s Time to Put the Sealer

When the paint gets dried, you need to spray the sealer if the paint requires for the better result. You have to buy a sealer that doesn't ruin the actual color of the paint coating. Otherwise, your whole paint job can go in vain.

Things you Need to Follow while Painting

​We are willing to give you some tips that can put some positive impacts on the result of your paint. Besides, these tips are for the betterment of you and your fence.

  • ​Before starting your work, check the weather forecast. Painting fences on a rainy day is a kind of foolishness
  • ​Judge the length and width of your fence, and decide how much paint you want
  • ​Try to buy paints and stains that contain fewer chemicals and heavy metals
  • ​Keep the distance of almost 10 inches between the fence and sprayer nozzle while spraying
  • ​Wait for at least two or three hours to let the fence get dry after washing or painting

Some Useful Tips to Take Care of your Fence

This was the easiest way to paint your fence without hustling. You can follow our method to make your fence look new again. But you also need to make an eligible budget to do the job well. Apart, you have to keep the fence in good condition after painting. Keep the area of the fence clean so that it looks catchy most of the time.

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