You are about to start spray painting your home or car and looking for the best Paint spraying respirator. That's indeed the right decision, your doctor will applaud your take, and your lungs will thank you for sure.

Painting, more specifically, spray painting or Fumigating, can be a daunting task and lead to many serious health issues. This is because of hazardous chemicals that are mixed in the paints, and you are inhaling them as you did not have put any safety equipment such as masks or respirators.

The respirator helps you filter out all the dangerous chemicals that enter your lungs and cause breathing and other issues.

Without proper safety accouterments, these chemical enters into your system and cause asthma, allergies, rashes, coughing, and many other breathing problems.

There are lots of paint spraying masks available in the market. All of them seem to share the same features, and it becomes tough to choose one.

Most importantly, here you should not pay focus on the aesthetics looks of a respirator or mask; you are not contesting any beauty contest. You are trying to protect your health from harmful gases that you could inhale if you do not buy a proper mask.

We are here to help you to make a wise decision. We have studied different products and checked the pros and cos.

Each review will give you a short description of a product, along with the pros and cons. check these products and see what looks better as per your situation of paint spraying.

Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator

Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator...

Safety Works is one of the leading names in manufacturing safety products such as safety masks, security cameras, security systems, and much more in the row. The respiratory masks manufactured by the brand are the best mask that can be used whenever you are exposed to paint and pesticides. 

The mask continues to provide maximum protection as it is built in a way to render extreme protection, not from the paint fumes but other hazardous gases. The Safety Works SWX00320 is a multi-purpose mask that provides comfortable gripping, snugly fitting, and highly safe respirator.

The feature that makes the mask stand out is its unique nose design. The design is uniquely designed to fit the nose area so that in critical situations, the mask does not slip and provide you constant breathing.

The dust respirator integrated into the mask blocks as much as 99.98 percent of the toxic particulates that comes to you. This leads to optimum breathing protection and makes you not inhale harmful gases or dust.

The respirator also meets the Government standards P100 class, OSHA, and NOSH requirements.

The P100 filters that the masks integrate are advance level filters than not only filters airborne particles but also provide resistance against oil and the chemicals mixed in the paints.


  • The product integrates a patented nose design for better fitting on the nose
  • Provide ultimate protection from paint fumes, ammonia, dust, and other airborne particles
  • Built-in exhalation valve
  • P100 filter filters oil and gases mixed in the paints


  • The cartridge could have been improved

3M 6000 Series Respirator Medium

If you are looking for a paint that is lightweight and offers comfort when you do paint spraying tasks for extended hours, look no further 3M 6000 series mask is there for you.

The biggest attraction to buy these masks would be its company. The 3M brand is one of the biggest names in the niche; the brand has poured all that experience in creating the best respirator masks.

The masks come in various sizes, adjustable and comfortable to wear as well.

These masks are lightweight that is a vital aspect to look when you are working for an extended period; anything heavy masks the task intricate, and you will be reliving your neck all the time rather than putting attention to your work.

This mask is designed to do lots of DIY projects, including welding, painting, fumigating, soldering. The mask also gives shield from physical obstruction and helps you breathe in critical conditions.

The3M mask a well-balanced made; everything fits in the right place, allows easy breathing without any breathing issues in any situation.

It is fully adjustable, can customize the fitting as per your ease. The 3M masks also come with NOISH approval, the regulation company to check the quality of the product.

The cartridges of the mask feature swept-back design, which provides more balance and better visibility when working.


  • The 3M safety painter mask light and comfortable to wear when you are work for extended hours
  • You can use it for painting, cleaning, sanding, sawing, welding, and much more in the row
  • Easy to wear design that renders optimum comforts
  • It can be used with filters, cartridges to purify the air
  • Best suited for indoor and outdoor painting projects


  • Yes it is expensive

Stanley Paint Spray & Pesticide OV/R95 Respirator Mask

When you are already exposed to allergies, breathing issues, asthma, and other type of respiratory diseases, it is vital to use the right type of equipment. So, when you are going to paint your car using a paint sprayer, it is imperative to wear an exceptional respirator mask.

Fortunately, Stanly has been manufacturing the best paint sprayer respirator masks that provide ultimate breathing and protects from harmful gases when you are painting. The masks are made from super-soft elastomer and silicone blend. The combination of both offers latex-free breathing experience, and the respirator fits snugly and comfortably on the face.

The best full face respirator comes with the honored sealing that helps minimize pressure points on the face. With the masks worn, you will not be stretching it again and again due to hard-fitting or difficulty gripping. The contoured sealing offers comfortable gripping, and masks stay on the face all day.

The Stanley expiratory paint sprayer mask also comes with a dedicated design that features a special exhalation valve that allows more breathing and more exhalation.

In this way, you will have a more relaxed, more comfortable breathing and wearing.

A mask is an excellent option for DIY projects as well as for professionals who has to indulge in paint spraying daily. The respirator is NIOSH approved with OV/R95 protection. NOISH is a regulatory authority that checks on the quality of the product.

The protection also checks whether the product renders protection mentioned in the description, and it falls right on every criterion of stability. Stanley Respirator masks for paint spraying keeps you safe from oil plus, non-oil solid particulates, and much more.


  • The respirator fits snuggly and comfortable and integrates rolled edges to remove pressure points
  • The straps remain secure and do not slip from the face even for an entire day
  • Adjusters on the strap provide the required grip
  • Hypo-allergic product
  • Approved by NIOSH
  • Breathe Exhalation faster


  • For some people the nose area is small
  • The product is bulky and difficult to wear for long periods

GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Dust Half Mask Respirator

GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Dust Half Mask Respirator with...

The mask comes in medium and large sizes. The half-mask is considered the best if someone is looking for a lightweight and flexible design. The GS P100 dust half-mask respirator is compactly designed, flexible made, and lightweight that makes it easy to wear on a wide range of facial sizes and shapes.

The lightweights help it to be worn for more extended periods compare to others. The other masks will irritate and run after wearing 2-3 hours, but this one takes longer as it fits on all sizes and shapes of faces.

The mask is best to be worn if you are already exposed to breath allergy. The Respirator filters and give protections against particulate matters, no fumes, unfortunately.

If you are searching for something to protect against fumes, that's not the product for you. And the brand has clearly mentioned it on the packaging; the features do not stand against fumes.

If you are after a mask that eliminates dust particles, sand, grit out of nose and lungs, and others particulate, consider buying this impressively features respirator.

If you have pollen, dust, or any other kind of energy, the seal tight breathing system installed in it keeps out all pollens from trees and bushes and provides seamless breathing experience in any kind of environment.

The best feature is, if you wear glasses, you can have the mask worn on the glasses, which is a great add-on for those who cannot work without glasses.

The mask is a good option and does what it is designed to do, but you cannot compete with other full-face pieces like others we mentioned in this list.


  • It is a lightweight model
  • Keeps particulates out from your breathing system
  • Can wear it with glasses
  • The compact model fits most of the sizes and shapes
  • It will not make you feel irritates


  • Does not keep fumes out
  • Does not shield your eyes

N95 Pollution Respirator Dust Mask

If you are looking for an instant and less-expensive solution for your pollen allergies, dust allergy, or just want to wear a face mask to block out impurities, N95 pollution respirator dust mask is designed to do that. The mask is most of the time recommended by specialist doctors for the people who are exposed to breathing issues and allergies. The face masks are easy to wear and block out matter particulates to enter into your breathing system.

The advanced N95 respirator masks offer optimum protection, superior comfort, and long-lasting support to keep your respiratory system clean, healthier, and safe, no matter what air brings your way.

The mask is designed to provide multi-layered protection, wear it when you are traveling to a location unknown. Or have it be worn to block colds, viruses or pollen that is dangerous for your health and can block your breathing systems easily.

The breathing mask is reusable and green friendly. Not only it offers protection against bacteria, dirt, dust, and other particulates in the air on the environment, but the unit can be hand-washed and air-dried to use again and again. This also reduces carbon in our environment, saves your money, and protects for longer-terms.

The mask can be used all-day as it comes with over the ear, adjustable straps that provide ultimate gripping and comfort without any pinch, bind or chafe the skin.

The reusable respirator mask makes an excellent choice for all age’s people, including older and kids. They are fully adjustable, washed by hands and provide excellent use after washing.

The option is budget-friendly; it blocks pollen, bacteria, germs, and pollution and makes you remain safe in smog conditions.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to wear due to adjustable over the ear straps
  • It blocks pollen, particulates, gases, fumes and other germs
  • It offers many customization
  • Simple to war and air-dried


  • Not a durable item
  • It does not offer industrial strength

Buying Guide: What to consider before buying a mask for spray painting?

There are several things to consider before buying a mask for spraying paint. First, you should know your needs, pen them down and, after that go on a hunt having those features in mind as I have mentioned above and going to say here as well. We are not participating in a beauty contest, so do not fall for the physical appearance of a product. Here is a quick guide to the most crucial things you must consider before buying.

NIOSH Approval

NOISH is a regulatory authority that checks for product safety measurements. While, you see many products are selling on the market with the claims, safety approvals, and sketchy credentials. But, you need to see the carry NIOSH certification. That's the authority that checks if the product is of industry standard and implies protection against various harmful substances, including particulates, toxic games, gases, and sprays.

In my opinion, that should be the first yardstick to gauge a product. And if a product falls right on this criterion, go ahead and check for others.


I have seen people opting with disposable, single-time using respirators. These masks do not integrate replaceable cartridge and filters. The point that we should understand here is, those disposable masks are just one time; they do not integrate the filters that are necessary to replace before using it another time.

If we do not remember replacing those filters and other stuff, it is likely that you will inhale toxic gases and fumes regardless of the quality of the respirator.

If you go in for a replaceable filter, take care of the requirements that a respirator must-have.


The ideal respirator or mask does not make you feel that you are wearing it all. Whether you are wearing it for breathing or for doing some painting or another task, your eyes should have a maximum field of view.

The ideal respirator should be comfortable enough that you could wear it for 8-12 hours without any irritation.

The nose covering area should be softer, the exalting part should make you exhale faster, and it should not be bulky to wear around the entire day. You can get many lightweight filters out there on the market; they are as lightweight as a quarter of a pound.

The most important thing is, be aware that the security measures are not compromised in rendering comfort and ease.


Buying a respirator is different from buying a pair of clothes. The job of the respirator is to provide you protection and safety, and neither of these things can be achieved without a mask that does not fit you properly.

These respiratory masks come with size, small, medium, and large most of the time. You should make sure what fits you best, have a tape measure on hand, and measure the size of th head to find the most suitable option.

Filtering Capacity

The feature or function of a respirator goes over all others when buying a spray painting respirator.

That's the basic functionality of it, and if the respirator does not provide enough filtering capacity to withstand against the critical situation, what's the use of it.

It is wise to have knowledge of a respirator that how far it can goes filtering out toxic gases.


Your health is the most important part of your life, and if something is impacting your health negatively, you should not think about the price. It is important to keep yourself and your overall health safe, whether you are staying at home or doing paint spraying.

These best masks for paint spraying protect you from harmful gases, fumes, and other hazardous chemicals that can cause your health and breathing issues. You can achieve protection from the potential harm brought on by your work or air surrounding.

These masks not only blocks impurities like wooden dust, pollen, and other particulates but also offer protection against harmful chemicals mixed in the paints that are exposed when you open them for applying.

We hope that these options will make you have the product that you have been looking for.

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