Paint jobs are not as easy as they seem. You need to have patience, labor, quality equipment, strategy, etc. to do painting on walls, ceilings, furniture, and many other surfaces. The result of the painting mostly depends on the type of the surface, the amount of effort you can give, how strategic you are, and how healthy your budget is. Considering all these four facts, we can see that doing paint jobs on wood surfaces is quite difficult, even if you are an experienced guy in painting and you have good tools. So, you can now ask yourself a question, "Can you spray stain on a fence?"

Spraying is the latest and effective way of painting rather than using a brush or roller. Almost every surface can have wrought iron paint finishes or other type of paint coats through spraying. You can spray paints even on wooden surfaces too. No matter what type of paint or sealer you are going to use, you can do spraying on a well-prepared wooden surface with ease. That is why we think putting stains on the wooden fence by spraying is possible. Below, we are describing why spraying stains is possible and how you can succeed in doing so.

​To help you get out of the confusion, we have already done a small research on this matter. Based on the information we have got, we are assuming some facts which we want to show you in easy words.


​A gallon or container of quality stain or paint for woods may cost you at least 35 US dollars. If you make a budget of around 60 US dollars, you can get a high-quality stain gallon. Moreover, painting on woods doesn't require any primer type stuff. You might need a sealer based on the quality of the paint. But in most cases, the budget of 50 dollars for a gallon is enough.


​We have already had some words on how much skill an individual might need to perfectly paint a fence. You don't need to be an expert or too skillful for this job. You can finish the job with ease if you get the right instruction even from a website. Here, labor is not an issue which you need to highlight. It doesn't matter whether you or any other member of your family is going to do this job. The person only needs to be patient enough while painting. Spraying doesn't burn too many calories. So, any adult of your family can do this job alone, and the person needs to have several free hours to finish the job. That's it.


Now, if you ask about the time when you need to start spraying, then the answer is simpler. You have to check the weather forecast first. You need to do spraying on a sunny or dry day. It is better to do paint jobs outside before sunset.

​Required Time

​You don't have to spend your whole day in painting woods. You can only give three to four hours to finish the wood spraying. We are giving you this time range based on the average fence length of normal houses. You have to spend more hours when you are spraying the fence of a large farmhouse.


​This topic is pretty important. The sprayers can put some serious impact on the outlook of the fence after spraying. You need to have a good and productive sprayer for this job. Many might think that there are separate sprayers for painting woods. A random paint sprayer can even do the job. We are insisting you get a good sprayer only for the better result. That is why you should buy a quality sprayer or at least sprayer nozzles if you have a healthy amount of budget. There are different types of sprayers out there. But we have found out that pump sprayers give you a bit of advantage while spraying wood surfaces. So, it's up to you whether you want to buy a new sprayer or not.

​Final Verdict

​Our assumptions given above might have already made some people clear about our answer. Our answer is yes. You can do spraying on the wooden fence even if-

  • ​Your budget is not big
  • ​You are alone
  • ​You have never done this job
  • ​You don't know the type of wood your fence contains
  • ​You are a jobber guy and don't have a whole day for painting
  • ​Your fence is older
  • ​You don't have a good paint sprayer

So, it is clear that spraying a fence is possible in many ways. You can collect all the equipment as soon as possible to start making your fence look like a new one.

Some Obstacles

​The main discussion on the top can encourage you to take a major step in painting your fence. But some obstacles can stop you from doing so. At the end of our today's discussion, we are about to show you some facts that make fence staining almost impossible.

  • ​When your fence already has a thick coat of primer or anything else, you can't give a new spray coat. You need to remove the old layer first
  • ​If your fence has any stain due to getting wet, you need to eliminate that first. Or else, painting can't make your fence look good
  • ​In a damp weather condition, you can never expect to finish your paint job.
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