Best Spray Gun for Polyurethane

Putting a topcoat or sealer is the most complex task when painting a wooden surface. A slight mistake in such a task can ruin the look of a newly painted surface.
Best Spray Gun for Polyurethane

That is why professionals suggest using sprayers for painting or varnishing wood as sprayers have fewer possibilities of making errors than brushes or rollers. But do all the sprayers have the ability to spray varnish liquids like polyurethane? Varnishes or polyurethanes are way thinner than usual paint products.

Their dry time is also a bit different. For these reasons, you have no other option than buying the best spray gun for polyurethane here. 

Using a normal spray gun for finishes can give you a worse result than using rollers or brushes. This means, both your money and effort can go in vain as sprayers are a bit costly tool. Now, you can ask me what makes a spray gun capable of spraying complex things like polyurethane.

If this is your question, then my today's article is the answer to that question. I am showing some top-class spray guns along with a simple guideline to get a sprayer, especially for polyurethanes.

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Generally, a sprayer needs to have smaller tips and balanced pressure creating construction. Together, they can create and release very small particles of polyurethane while spraying, which mainly creates a firm coat on the surface.

Apart, the sprayer needs to maintain the volume pretty well as topcoats on woods should be thinner. So, polyurethane spraying guns are those which powerfully releases the liquid to create a firm and smooth coat, but keeps the coat thinner and smoother.

Reviews of the Polyurethane Spray Guns

Here are my top ten picks that I have tested in painting wooden stuff. I have also given priority to experts' opinions while making this list and reviewing the products.

C800971.A Super Finish Max 450-Watt Paint Sprayer by HomeRight


According to experts, this one is the best DIY wood finish spray guns currently available. The super-easy functioning allows you to put a solid and smooth topcoat on any wooden surfaces without any hustles. You get to control the performance of this gun always during your work. 

You can find it handy with any type of coating or paint you buy. The construction of the tip and pressure points release the thicker mixture into small particles that ensure a smooth paint job.

The sprayer comes with three tips also capable of giving you the desired paint finish on most surfaces. 

The sprayer package includes a blue 1.5 mm brass tip. This one helps to spray polyurethane even on a complex object without spreading unnecessary particles.

The other two tip options are there to let the gun spray other types of paints and primers on indoor and outdoor objects.

Special Note: The sprayer comes with a friendly flow controlling function. It lets you decide the average flow of the liquid to get the accurate type of coat.


  • The 450-watt engine of the sprayer brings perfection in paint particle flow
  • The variety in the tips' size makes the product usable for any paint job
  • You can use this product to get a thinner coat with any type of paint liquid
  • The easy to use product doesn't create too much mess


  • The sprayer does well but creates some disturbing noises in a few settings.

700-Watt High Power Paint Sprayer from REXBETI


The REXBETI sprayer has become a blessing for beginner-level wood painters. With a simple construction and functioning, the sprayer can give accuracy quite well. 

Unlike other sprayers, this one has a large container that can help you to do bulk jobs, both indoor and outdoor. The structure is also friendly enough that doesn't let the large container to make the gun heavy or hard to hold. You can easily grip the sprayer with only one hand. 

The package of this sprayer has six types of tips to fulfill almost each of your demands. Most of them help you to place thinner coats on surfaces, even with thick mixtures. That is why you can count this as the best spray gun for lacquer products spraying.

Special Note: The product takes a minute to get assembled. You can also customize it along with some other things if you need so.


  • The product features constant smooth coating on any kind of surface by maintaining the same pressure
  • The sprayer is integrated with three necessary spray patterns
  • You can keep a liter of paint in the container with the gun while spraying
  • The adjusting knob is right near your fingers when you hold the gun


  • The package doesn't come with detailed information to help you

22032 118SG Siphon Gun by Critter Spray Products


This is a spray gun with fewer features to produce. Yet, the sprayer is effective in spraying thin paint liquids is small DIY projects. The siphon gun we are showing you now can help you mostly in painting indoor. 

The sprayer gun comes with a light mason jar. It can hold enough amount of paint to cover a normal wooden door. Besides, you can attach the sprayer with any other jars if you want. 

The functioning of this sprayer is pretty simple. You only need to adjust the nozzle to get the required liquid flow. The gun doesn't need any other adjustment for good spraying apart from having the necessary amount of pressure from the external compressor.

Both installation and cleaning of this sprayer take some minutes. You also get a guide from the manufacturer that directs you about mounting the gun and cleaning after using it.

Special Note: The sprayer is compatible with most paint types. But experts suggest using a siphon gun only with water-based paints and other products.


  • The simple construction helps even a beginner to do the painting
  • The gun can spray most type of paints and finishes
  • The control over the liquid flow of this sprayer doesn't allow the gun to create any mess
  • You can easily mount the sprayer on any jar you prefer


  • With just one spray pattern, you can't do anything professional with this sprayer

31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun from Neiko Store


31215A sprayer is preferable for those who have bulk and heavy paint jobs to do. This durable HVLP sprayer can feature almost everything you need to paint woods. 

Durable and consistent performance is the most vital facility this product features. Both acrylic and latex paints can be sprayer using this strong sprayer. 

The only tip of the sprayer has the capability to produce different types of finish depending on the setting you prefer.

There are three knobs on the gun that you control almost the whole construction of the sprayer. From liquid flow to pressure, you can decide the necessary ratio. 

The whole structure contains solid stainless steel. There is no chance of this gun getting rusty or damaged. The tip you are getting is also made of the same material.

That is why you get the assured longevity. You can get the best from this sprayer for many years.

Special Note: The integrated regulator is a surprise for all the painters. It makes your job easy by letting you know how much air pressure you are having while spraying.


  • The functioning lets you control most of the gun's performance
  • The container mounted has a lid that can stop paint from spinning
  • The sprayer comes with all things you need to maintain the gun
  • You can use it to spray paint with any range of thickness


  • The tools of the package to clean the gun is not too durable

High Power HVLP Spray Gun from YATTICH


This option does well on automotive painting rather than only being the best HVLP spray gun for woodworking.

Many experts recommend this to DIY people who want to paint something in their home. It is because it takes less power but works fine like other industry guns. 

The construction of the tips makes the product one of the finest options. The copper tips can hold pressure all the time while spraying. It also ensures accuracy. There is no chance of paint spreading and creating a mess because of the hardy structure of tips and spray point. 

This 500-watt sprayer can release very small particles of paint liquid that can bring perfection with both oil-based and water-based paints. That is why you can use it to paint every material and object. 

You can separate every part of the sprayer for cleaning. The feature helps you to carry this sprayer even in a handbag. 

Special Note: The cable is quite long enough that lets you move easily holding the gun. It also allows you to spray large surfaces with ease.  


  • The smallest one of the nozzles has the right size for spraying lacquer and finishes
  • It has an 800 ml paint container made of durable plastic
  • The handle of the gun has a comfortable shape for your hand
  • The nozzles can take extra pressure without spreading paint


  • The construction is a bit heavier than usual guns

HVLP Paint Spray Gun by Campbell Hausfeld Store


It is for those who want to buy something strong and sustainable. It might be the best spray gun for wood finishing in small projects. The sprayer is ideal for spraying in a close range on small and medium surfaces. 

The adjustable feature of this sprayer is the fascinating part here. You can control the liquid flow according to your demand with a large knob mounted on top. The knob also helps you to have control over the spray pattern in most cases. 

The product has a catchy structure and some other common features to help you paint. Besides, the sprayer is surprisingly faster than other gravity feed spray guns because of the zero complex functioning.

Special Note: The sprayer doesn't waste paint while spraying. It can stay accurate in close ranges.


  • The functioning makes this gun a perfect option for beginners
  • Durable materials in the sprayer ensure longevity and top performance
  • You can easily clean the sprayer within minutes


  • It mostly acts as the best spray gun for water based paint; not a good option for oil-based paints

700W High Power HVLP Home Spray Gun from Dicfeos


You can also consider it as an all-in-one package. The Dicfoes sprayer can perform like any other industry paint sprayer. Though people suggest it for indoor works, you can use it to put some firm coats on outdoor surfaces too. 

To help you move flexibility while spraying, the manufacturer has integrated a cord more than 6 feet long. It lets you cover a large surface without any problem. 

You get four different tips along with the sprayer for different types of paints and finishings. The smallest tip has the right size to spray any thin paint liquid in the market. And the others nicely spray less thin and thick liquids. 

Despite being a bit large, this sprayer is lighter and carriable. You can separate the sprayer parts if needed for carrying or cleaning.

Special Note: Surprisingly, the model has a 1.3-liter container. It makes the sprayer paint big surfaces faster.


  • The integrated motor of this sprayer is powerful to control the volume and pressure according to your command
  • Because of being light, you can lift it for consecutive hours
  • 6.6 feet cable gives you the freedom to change position
  • Four unique tips can let you spray any paint without making any mess


  • Knobs for adjustments are not durable like other parts of the sprayer

SP-352 Gravity Feed Spray Gun by SPRAYIT


By judging all the facts, the SP 352 gun is the best budget pick. The sprayer features the basic facilities that let you do your DIY paint works without facing any trouble. 

The sprayer doesn't come with any type of exceptional feature. It has a pretty simple construction that can spray paints without wasting much. You can also count it as the right one for painting small furniture, windows, and automobile parts. 

The light aluminum body doesn't hurt your hand when you are painting for quite a long time. This lightweight construction is a lot more durable than other average guns in the market. 

Moreover, the sprayer is consistent in performing. You only need to do the cleaning after every usage to get the best from this product.

Special Note: This paint sprayer is a good option for giving a surface sharp detailing. You can also use any type of paint you want to spray with this product.


  • The sprayer puts firm coatings on any type of surface
  • Straight and simple construction lets you use it even with less knowledge about spraying
  • The light construction lasts for years, with the same type of facilities featured


  • The container of this sprayer is comparatively small

Professional New HVLP Spray Gun from TCP Global Store


Despite being popular, this HVLP sprayer is not the best option for quality polyurethane finishes found in the market. But it can do well with other top coats and paint products.

The paint sprayer can give you nice and smooth coats using any think paint or varnish. It has a powerful motor that can produce the necessary amount of pressure consistently. 

You can get a 2.5 mm tip with the gun, which is made of solid steel. It can take the load of high volume works. It also features you accuracy while spraying in the normal ranges.

Special Note: You can decide the finishing you get from the coat given by the sprayer. The adjustable knobs allow you to get control over the whole construction.


  • The integrated air regulator helps you in controlling the sprayer
  • The container over the sprayer also helps to store enough paint at a time
  • Adjusting knobs can give you the desired and accurate pattern with ease


750-Watt HVLP Spray Gun from AOBEN


The product is well-known for its powerful performances in spraying indoor. The spray gun comes with almost all the necessary features to help you do your paint job without any flaw. 

There are four different types of tips with the package. The largest one can help you spray with think oil-based paints. On the other side, the smallest one is capable of helping you spray complex surfaces with wood finishes. 

Like other ideal spray guns, you get to have three spray patterns from this sprayer. There is a knob at the top, which you need to push for changing the pattern easily. There is also a knob near the handle of the gun that helps you to control the liquid flow.

Special Note: There no chance of paint dripping after using this sprayer. The functioning does its best to keep the work clean.


  • The construction of the whole sprayer is pretty durable and compact
  • This sprayer comes with four different tips that can help to paint wooden surfaces like furniture and doors surely
  • The installation of this paint sprayer doesn't need any tool
  • The product comes with a large paint container that takes at least 1-liter paint inside


  • The gun can't spray thick paints like it sprays varnish or finish

What to Concern Before Buying a Polyurethane Sprayer?

The considerations before buying a spray gun are as important as doing some warm-ups before playing a game. So, here are some common facts that you should not forget if you are looking for new paint sprayer.


For me, anything above 50 dollars is not eligible. You can easily find a quality sprayer within 25 bucks. A top-class sprayer for finishing can rarely have a price of more than 45 dollars.

Type of Sprayer

When you need to spray a thin and smooth coating, HVLP sprayers are the most common and reliable options. Even I can't trust anything more than HVLP guns. But still, you can get some model which can perform better than HVLP guns in some ways.

Type of Work

Lots of things depend on the type of work you are going to do. Only a few sprayers are vital in both indoor and outdoor paint jobs. Apart from that, you should also keep in mind the size and difficulty of the task before picking any gun. It helps to clarify your confusion in many ways.

How to Buy the Best Spray Gun for Polyurethane

The buying guide for the polyurethane paint sprayers is almost like other paint sprayers. But there are some exceptions between other guns and guns specially made of spraying polyurethane and varnish. Our buying guide helps you to know what you should judge that can make you reach the best spray gun for wood finishing quickly.


One of the vital aspects before opting for a spray gun is its spraying efficiency. Spray guns with high power efficiency recruit superior finishing that is long-lasting enough. The power range comes with the spray guns are 500 watts to 800 watts. With high power efficiency, it covers smooth finishing to uneven surfaces too.


When you are opting for a spray gun for polyurethane, you must check out its material. The durable sturdy plastic material is enough for the spray gun. Gun sprays with all stainless steel body is not that much popular. You need to think about portability too. Way too much unnecessary weight, can be a real pain for you while working. Anyways, while buying, make sure you have a high-grade spray gun.

Fluid nozzle

A spray gun with a good quality of fluid nozzle with a larger capacity is very important. While you are spraying with heavy enamels, you must need one. The ideal size of nozzles is 1.4mm to 1.8 mm to spray varnish or polyurethane. The material of nozzles can be copper, heavy plastic, and stainless steel. Among them copper nozzles tend to hold the popularity.

Easy-cleaning Feature

You need to make sure that your spray gun for polyurethane, is easy to clean. For easy cleaning, there have to be additional brushes to clean the spray gun after using it. Again, to clean the nozzle, you need to have needles. Cleaning up your spray gun regularly after spraying is very important. While buying one, check whether they provide enough materials for cleaning or not. Also, make sure your gun can be dismounted easily. It can help you to clean up the whole construction without having any issue.


The net weight of your spray gun is equally important as you have to hold it for a long time while working. So, your spray gun needs to be lightweight to get comfortable working experience. The spray gun should not be more than 7 pounds, with accessory. In our listed products, we have maintained the lightweight feature that will help you with easy portability.

Power Cord Length

Some of the spray guns have a really low-length power cord. Sometimes it creates problems while working in a large area. The length of the power cord has to be at least 6 ft for fair use.


You don't need to know complex mechanisms to find the best spray gun for polyurethane. Knowing some basic stuff is enough for a person to identify a good sprayer among thousands of junk products. Today, I have tried to make the concept of polyurethane paint sprayers transparent in my discussion. You can easily make your decision after going through the reviews and facts above. In fine, I hope the discussion and analysis come handy in your search for an actual spray gun.

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