Best Spray Gun for Enamel Paint

Painting is a daunting task. It takes time, and without having a professional on board, you might end up doing nothing, paying a price without any gain. You should buy a paint sprayer, this will help spray from a nozzle and you will be doing painting at double speed. Get the best spray gun for enamel paint and apply colorful latex paints to your interior, exterior, and other objects easily.
Best Spray Gun for Enamel Paint

To find the best latex paint sprayer we have curated a list of top products. You can read this article and get to know the top-ranking products right now on the market.

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Latex paint sprayer that is used to spray enamel paint is a great product. It comes with four basic components; wand, hose, gun, and tip. The wand and hose are to offer flexibility. This means, by standing at one point you can spray anything. The gun is for actual spraying and tips for variant applications.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080


If you are a novice and decided to paint your apartment for the first time, and do not know to optimize a sprayer, get this Wagner Spraytech 0518080 onboard. This is a perfect product for beginner and integrates cutting-edge features to sky-rocket your painting tasks. The HVLP sprayer is made to last and offers favorable painting results. 

The sprayer comes with three spraying patterns; you can enjoy your painting tasks by having the desired pattern turned. Set it horizontally to get the egg-shaped pattern at higher elevations. To spray elliptical patterns adjust the cup vertically, in the same way, place the cup diagonally to get the uniform pattern.

It manages the viscosity of different fluids and allows you to throw thick and thin fluids without any issue.

By using you control the air pressure system and provide as per your requirements. If you take 1.50 PSI to 2.63 PSI range of pressure, there would be zero oversprays.

It comes with a 20-foot high flex air hose, so you can extend your reach and spray anything on the premises of 20-feet.

It is a multi-purpose paint sprayer and you can use it for walls and ceilings painting also. It features a variable spray pattern, air pressure and flows control to make you control anything to get seamless results.


  • It provides three spray patterns
  • High flex air hose to make you access hard to reach areas
  • It allows you to spray thick and thin without any hiccup
  • It comes with two large air filter


  • The power cord is not long
  • Built to withstand smaller projects

Graco Magnum X7


If you need a paint sprayer that could perform in all areas and help you carry out different jobs at home, go with Graco Magnum X7 airless paint sprayer. The paint sprayer features many advanced features that others lack. It comes with fully adjustable pressure to control the paint spraying, that helps you have different paint spraying speed.

With the product on board, you are not required to thin the material before throwing it. Its stainless steel made piston pumps provides enough power to throw out unthinned material.

The sprayer can be connected using a garden hose that helps cleaning better and quicker. It is very easy to clean and use as well. Everyone, regardless of the experience, gets the product and have it used.

When you spray unthinned material, the obvious thing is, the tip gets clogged. The sprayer features a unique function, the ability to reverse the tip when it clogged. 

This is a powerful unit, yes it is cumbersome to carry around but it got all the guts to handle a commercial level project. The paint sprayer comes with easy to access start-up button.

The unit weight falls around 26-pounds with 19 x 15 x 37 dimensions. It comes with a cart, that aids in maneuverability. Just put the unit onto the cart and gets it mobile from one corner to the other.


  • Integrates adjustable air pressure
  • No need to think the material
  • Cleaning is easier, connect it with a garden hose and get all messed washed way
  • The startup is a breeze
  • Easy to maneuver using a cart


  • Bulky option
  • Costs arms and legs

HomeRight C800766, C900076 Finish


If you are searching for an affordable option to get your painting chores done without going through any long process, get HomeRight designed Finish Max to spray gun. This is a great replica of your hard-earned money, comes in hands at a tiny price compared to its features.

This HVLP paint sprayer is self-contained, comes with no compressors and hoses to connect with, this makes things easier and seamless.

The spray gun is all for doing small spraying jobs at home. You might not use it for commercial projects due to its smaller capacity.

It is made of plastic, needs special care if you wish to use it for a long time. The plastic made though would not stay long with you, even if you are very careful about your gadgets.

Another positive thing, the unit is lightweight due to its plastic build. It weighs around 3.4 pounds, you will be able to carry it for extended hours with no pain in your shoulder or arms.

It is an adjustable spray controller, allow you to control the speed at which you are spraying paints. It features three spray patterns with its versatile nozzle; horizontal, vertical and round.

The last but not least, the product comes with a 2-years warranty, so if any damage occurs, you will have every right to pronounce claim.


  • Three different spray patterns
  • Lightweight
  • No hoses or compressors to connect, much easier in use
  • Two long year’s warranty


  • Poor built, would not stay long

Scuddles Paint Sprayer, 1200 Watt


If I had to define this Scuddles designed powerful sprayer in one word that would be 'Customized spraying'. This is what the project offers, three different spraying patterns, three different nozzles to suit your job and above all its adjustable flow setting.

The sprayer comes with three spray patterns, you choose as per your project needs from Circular, vertical and horizontal. With three nozzles, you get one as per the project demands.

The sprayer is not just a latex paint sprayer; you can spray anything you wish. The spray nozzle works well and makes you throw unthinned material at high pressure. 

It integrates a powerful 1200-watt motor that provides the sprayer enough power to spray an object 10-14 inches away from the nozzle.

The sprayer would not require any tool or equipment to assemble. It can be used right of the box, features a power cord to make you have the right use of it for the larger workplace.

The package comes with five nozzles caps, two extra straws and makes you adjust the flow of your paint according to the thickness.


  • Adjustable pressure allows you throw paint at variant speed
  • It saves your time by spraying your objects fast
  • Three spray patterns and three different spray nozzles
  • The extra-long power cord to make your work at larger workplaces


  • Can use latex paint well

Paint Sprayer, NEU MASTER 600 Watt


If you are after buying a spray gun to get smoother finishing, get NEU designed 600-Watt paint sprayer. This is our last product on the list of the best spray gun for enamel paint.

The spray gun features a turbofan that helps it to provide smoother superior coverage. It comes with a removable handle, lightweight body and is designed to be used by beginners and professionals alike. It shares simple features that are easy to understand and optimize by beginners.

It shares three spray patterns, what most of today's spray painter shares. It also has a flexible-hose and shoulder strap for easier and seamless painting work. The spray gun comes with adjustable pressure control that lets you control the speed at which gun throwing paint at the object. The sprayer comes with two nozzle size, so have the right use of them as per your project needs.

A spray gun is a hands-down option for those who are desired to paint the ceiling, indoor walls, and fans.

The product shares a unique design, with a separation between motor and gun, the sprayer gets way lighter than others. It comes with a 6-foot hose and a 6.6-foot power cord for support on larger projects.

The assembly of the unit is a breeze, its user-friendly design allows a novice to have a professional finish.


  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Three spray patterns
  • Two spray nozzles
  • Turbofan and 600-watt powerful motor for even smoother finishes
  • Innovative design makes it lighter than others


  • Clogs easily
  • Cannot work with unthinned material

How to Purchase the Best Spray Gun for Enamel Paint?

There are three main types of spray guns to consider for enamel paint; airless paint sprayer compressed air sprayer and HVLP paint sprayer. All can spray enamel paint but some of them do better than others.
In general HVLP paint sprayer is considered the best to spray latex paint. Here in this guide, we will mention some of the basic points a user must remember while buying a spray gun for enamel paint.

Adjustable Settings

While spraying latex paint, you need to change the speed, pattern, and thickness. The adjustable settings allow you to change the speed to adapt different surfaces and to get desired results.

Most of the paint sprayer comes with adjustable settings, get the right use of the settings and get your job quickly done. If you have been using a spray gun before, you would know the meaning of adjustable settings and flexibility.

Garden Hose Connectivity

Though, the garden hose connection feature might not be as important as adjustable pressure settings but it helps in easier cleaning. The feature is very useful, after getting indulged into a full-fledge paint spraying project, you need to clean the mess. If you could connect the hose with the sprayer, the mess will be easier to clean out. And your latex paint is simple to clean; it means doing cleaning using a garden hose will take less time.


The size of a latex paint sprayer depends upon your usage. The size can be anywhere between a handheld spray gun to a bulky vacuum size cleaner. If you are intended to spray enamel paint on a larger surface, you need to buy a bigger size sprayer gun. 

If you are planning to use one for indoor; painting furniture, indoor walls, ceiling, and other tiny objects, opt with a portable option.


It is an important aspect to look into while purchasing a latex paint sprayer. The feature is important as bulky sprayers are cumbersome to carry around. It depends on the construction, plastic material made sprayer are lightweight and can be carried around from one corner of the building to the other. 

In the same way, metal made products are difficult to carry but are durable and stay long.
In my opinion, it should be a perfect balance of sturdy construction and weight.


The capacity refers to how much substance a sprayer can hold. The larger sized sprayers are easier to cater to larger surface needs. Here, you will not have to refill it repeatedly. But, it will get bulky and becomes difficult to carry around. 

It is your personal preference, and it should be chosen as per your previous experience and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions of Best Spray Gun for Enamel Paint

Is Enamel Paint Durable?

Enamel paint is durable. Enameling is a process of applying and fritting (fusing at very high temperature) various solid inorganic salts and colorants on Steel or other metallic objects. The metal object in question gets a continuous, seamless, impervious coating or skin providing a corrosion-resistant coated surface. 

Samples of enameled metallic cooking utensils are shown below. Objects made through a process of Enameling are corrosion resistant. The surface is Non-Sticky and very easily washable. They are metals and have high impact resistance. They can be heated indirect fire and can withstand high temperatures. Earlier intended for use by Military, now it is even used in Households and Hospitals.

What’s the Difference Between Acrylic and Enamel Paint?

Enamel paints and varnishes are solvent-borne using oils or alkyd resins to suspend the pigments and provide the final paint film. It is slower drying and considered more resistant to harsher, outdoor conditions. Lately, some acrylic paints are using the term enamel to describe their paint. Enamel paint is a paint that’s good for the kitchen and bathroom or someplace where one would want to wipe down the walls or protect the walls from stains.

Acrylics are one kind of water-borne paint. They use pigments suspended on an acrylic emulsion resin that is diluted with water or a water-alcohol mix. It is fast-drying, water-soluble, but becomes water-resistant when dry. 

Enamel paint is a paint that’s good for the kitchen and bathroom or someplace where one would want to wipe down the walls or protect the walls from stains.

 On the other hand, Acrylic paint is widely used by artists for pictures. It is a plastic that dries faster than oils and doesn’t require as many mediums to layer it or even to apply it to get textures.

There are also solvent-based acrylic paints, but those are mostly used for specific applications like road-marking paints.

How to Thin Enamel Paint for Sprayer?

Thinning is achieved by adding the correct thinner for the paint you are using. You can use water, spirit, or other paint thinners for enamel paint. Before start mixing any of these, read the paint container label carefully. 

The first step in thinning, after you determine what to thin with, is to decide how much you need to thin the paint.

Too thin, and the paint will run, the colors may fade, and the sheen will be altered. Trial and error is not a good method, but it may work, just add thinner carefully, and never add more than the container’s suggested amounts. After adding thinner, mix the paint very well, and then test. 

Thinning makes the paint flow more easily, without affecting the sheen of the paint.

How to Use Enamel Paint on Models?

With a spray gun, you can use enamel paint on the model. You will also need a compressor with a tank and filters to provide a constant supply of air. Cans of compressed air can be used but work out very expensive in the long run. Don’t forget your low-tack masking film, which you should use for not damaging the ‘model’. Enamel is simple oil-based paints that are ready to use.

These can be applied to any model and even to walls, but they are made to be applied in a careful way. They have a wide range of colors available and are suitable for home usage, and decorative painting. Finally, clean the damn thing every time you use it with a suitable solvent.

Does Enamel Paint Need Clear Coat?

A clear coat can be one and the same depending on the type of paint product used. A clear coat is sprayed as the final finish in a two-stage paint job where the base color has no shine of its own. The clear coat provides both depths of color and shine. 

For the enamel paint, the necessity of clear coat varies. Most of the cases, if your enamel paint is a quality product, then it will not be that necessary. Most clears will require a mechanical bond for something applied over it, and you must be sure the paint is compatible with the clear or apply a primer that can go under the type of paint you plan to apply. It is not rare, but it is uncommon for clears to react badly to primers provided they have been properly prepared.


Finding a best spray gun for enamel paint is quite tough. Especially if you have some dedicated needs and want the spray gun to address those specific needs. However, we are hopeful that you will find your product from the above-mentioned spray guns. Take your time, repeat your specific needs, and look-out one as per your need.

These are best HVLP sprayers to throw enamel paint, these are best at spraying thinned and unthinned materials. Above all, all integrate cutting-edge features to renovate your home.

So, learn all about the options available in each machine, and give a final shot upon you are completely agreed to one.

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