A finish nailer is an essential appliance that is useful when doing finishing works, crown molding, fixing cabinets, trims, and other functions. Unlike the old school hammers, nailers are precise and accurate and can work in edges where it is difficult to use the hammer.

Best 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

It also makes work easier and you can finish your work faster when using a good appliance. In this review, we have the best 16 gauge finish nailer brands that you can consider if you are looking to buy one.

Nail guns come in different designs and you will find electric finish nailer and pneumatic options. In this guide, you have all the varieties to compare and get one that will be suitable for your work. Before that, you need to check on the following features.

Depth Adjustment

Are you able to adjust the depth of your firing? This countersink feature gives you the option to adjust and set the right depth that you need to achieve when firing nails into surfaces. You should check whether your nailer has this option or not before buying it.

LED Lighting

This is a feature that is rare but important. Some nailers come with LED lighting features and that is useful when working in dim lit areas. If you want to use your nailer in dim areas, then you should consider one that comes with LED lighting features. 

Adjustable Exhaust

Exhaust is where the air comes out when using your nailer. This should be adjustable so that you can set it to face away from you when firing. In addition to that, exhaust works perfectly for cleaning dust or debris on surfaces before firing.

Design and Weight

The other feature that you must check is the weight of the appliance and the design. Does it offer you comfort when using it? Does it look comfortable to use? Of course, you don’t want to get fatigued with a heavy and uncomfortable nailer and that calls for your consideration.

Oil-free Engine

The advantage of an oil-free engine is that it reduces the cost of maintenance. Oil free engine also reduces the mess and results in a clean surface after work. Therefore, when choosing your best 16 gauge nailer, you need to consider this fact.

Nail and Magazine Size

Nailer appliances are made for different works and come with different capacities. You should check the number of nails that a magazine can accommodate and the preferred nail size range for each nailer to ensure you pick the right machine.

This review comes with 16 gauge finish nailer options that are useful for construction and finishing works. You will find both electric and pneumatic options and different designs that you can compare if you are looking to buy one for installation works, trim, and other kinds of professional fixing works.

What is the Best Finish Nailer?

After going through all the nailers on this list and comparing their capacities and performance, I can confidently put PORTER-CABLE Straight Finish Nailer as the best overall nailer, and runners up for this being NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Nailer. You won’t go wrong choosing any of these options.

Top 10 Best 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Reviews

After researching on the best nailers, here we come with options that are available on the market and you can choose any that can match your specifications and budget.

PORTER-CABLE Straight Finish Nailer

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Finish Nailer, Straight, 16GA...

This machine runs on 100% battery power and is efficient for its function. The battery is strong enough and can fire up to 1000 nails in just one charge. Therefore, if you are looking for a good nailer, then you can consider the PORTER-CABLE brand since it is one of the trusted nailers on the market.

User Comfort

When it comes to nailing, you need a comfortable machine to do the job. PORTER-CABLE Straight Finish Nailer comes with lightweight design and with optimal center of gravity that works to make it easy to use in different positions.

LED Lights

PORTER-CABLE Straight Finish Nailer also features LED light illumination to make it easy to use when it is dark or during the night. This illuminates the workspace as well for excellent nailing and for error indication.


  • Comes with a strong battery that lasts long.
  • Easy to use and to maneuver.
  • It is comfortable to use in any position.
  • Good capacity magazine to accommodate up to 100 nails.
  • Used for different size fasteners up to 2.5-inches. 


  • Does not come with a carrying case.

Expert opinion: If you are looking for a 100% battery operated or cordless electric finish nailer, PORTER-CABLE Straight Finish Nailer is a good and recommendable option and comes with a battery that can last long on a single charge.

Makita AF601 Finish Nailer

Makita AF601 16 Gauge, 2-1/2' Straight Finish Nailer,

This is the best 16 ga finish nailer that comes with an efficient motor and is a great choice for performance. Makita AF601 Finish Nailer is made of magnesium body that not just makes it durable but also reduces its weight making it easy to use.

Motor Power and Efficiency

This nailer comes with an efficient motor and great design making it efficient for its nailing function. In addition to that, Makita AF601 Finish Nailer features a nail lock-out mechanism that works to protect the tool and also the work surface.

Convenience and Precision

Makita AF601 Finish Nailer is easy to load as it features a rear-loading magazine that can accommodate from 1 to 2.5-inches size nails. It also features a tool-less depth adjustment for excellent precision and functionality.


  • Powerful and efficient motor design.
  • Compact size to ease portability. 
  • Easy to load rear magazine. 
  • Built-in air duster for clearing the workspace.
  • Easy to control and to use. 


  • It keeps firing even after it runs out of nails.

Expert opinion: This is the best pneumatic finish nailer with a compact size and lightweight design hence is easy to use. It also comes with a relatively cheaper price compared to many of its competitors.

DEWALT Finish Nailer

DEWALT Finish Nailer, 16GA, 1-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch...

This one is made for firing 16-gauge straight nails of 1 to 2.5-inches in length. DEWALT Finish Nailer features innovative technology that makes it useful with or without oil. Therefore, if you are looking for a nailer that offers great value for money, then DEWALT Finish Nailer is the choice that you may consider.

Tool-free Features

There are many good features that come with DEWALT Finish Nailer making it efficient and powerful for its nailing work. With the adjustable belt hook, jam clearing, 360-degrees exhaust, and nail depth adjustment, this nailer got everything that you need. 

Power and Efficiency

This nailer is air powered and with great features for efficient nail firing. With the low-profile design, no-mar pad, you can rest assured that DEWALT Finish Nailer is easy to use and efficient.


  • Lightweight and compact design. 
  • Offers great value for money. 
  • Works well with oil or without oil. 
  • Tool-free features for great performance and efficiency. 
  • Comes with a carrying case hence easy to carry around. 


  • It is not good for firing the 2.5-inches nails.

Expert opinion: If you are looking for an air-powered finish nailer that uses pressure to fire nails, then I would recommend this awesome DEWALT Finish Nailer. It is good especially for firing small-sized nails.

NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Nailer

NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic 16-Gauge 2-1/2' Straight Finish...

This nailer is made of an aluminum body that is durable and with lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle. It works perfectly well with 16-gauge straight nails as from 1-2.5-inches. The other good thing about NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Nailer is that it features no mar tip that helps to prevent tents and dings.

Adjustable Exhaust

This finish nailer is comfortable to use since it features 360-degrees adjustable exhaust that helps to keep away air from your face while you are working. This exhaust is also useful in blowing away debris from the working surface.

Sequential Fire

NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Nailer features built-in sequential fire feature that is useful in firing nails into your workspace one at a time. This helps a lot in achieving professional finishing. It is a great feature that makes this brand useful for professional contractors.


  • Easy to get rid of jam with quick jam release. 
  • Lightweight and durable construction. 
  • Ergonomic grip for better handling. 
  • Versatile and useful for different uses. 
  • No mar tip to prevent dents on workspaces.
  • Relatively Cheaper as compared to its competitors. 


  • Can easily bend long nails. 

Expert opinion: This nailer is good for budget. It comes with great and excellent performance and features that are just at bar with similar models and is worth the value.

Hitachi NT65M2S Finish Nailer

Hitachi NT65M2S 16-Gauge Finish Nailer with Integrated...

This is the best finish nail gun that comes with lightweight design and is easy to use. Hitachi NT65M2S Finish Nailer comes with 3.7 pounds weight and with adjustable exhaust that works to direct the air away from the user. This makes it comfortable to use for finishing purposes and also for removing debris and dust on the workspaces.

Tool-less Feature

This one works to ensure that there is no jamming. It clears the nose making it easy to extract nails that seem to jam. The other thing is the tool-less depth drive that is useful for adjusting the depth hence making Hitachi NT65M2S Finish Nailer suitable for professional finishing purposes.


There are so many features that work to enhance the performance of this Hitachi NT65M2S Finish Nailer. The no mar tip is one of the features that prevents denting and ding on the work surface. It also features sequential firing that makes it possible to fire individual nails once at a time.


  • Includes safety glasses and carrying case. 
  • Lightweight design that makes it easy to use. 
  • Adjustable exhaust for clearing dust and debris. 
  • No mar tip to prevent dents on the working surface. 
  • Good for accomplishing bigger projects. 


  • Can leave a trail on soft wood if not taken care of. 

Expert opinion: It’s a good finish nailer and suitable for big projects according to the feedback from many of its users. It is also worth the value for money and I would recommend it for contractors or anyone that needs the best nailer.

WEN 61764 Straight Finish Nailer

WEN 61764 16 Gauge Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer...

WEN 61764 Straight Finish Nailer is a great appliance that can do both sequential and single firing. It is good for professional finishing and works with nails from ¾ to 2 ½ inches. The other awesome feature that makes this appliance outstanding is the lightweight design and a magazine that holds up to 100 nails at any time.

Depth Adjustment

Flex Shot Rubber Caulk Sealant is completely waterproof and that makes it a good quality caulk to be used for both interior and exterior. The waterproof nature also makes it good for water prone areas including bathrooms and kitchens. 


Firing nails with this WEN 61764 Straight Finish Nailer is an easy task even for the beginner. You don’t have to be experienced to use this awesome appliance. The rubber gripped-handle makes it comfortable to use, and with all the features in place, this is an efficient nailer that you can ever get.


  • It is easy to use by anyone. 
  • Easy to adjust the depth of the nails. 
  • Does both single and sequential firing.
  • Lightweight design with rubber-grip handle for comfortable handling. 
  • Relatively cheap as compared to similar appliances. 


  • May not drive long nails deep enough on hard surfaces. 

Expert opinion: I would recommend WEN 61764 Straight Finish Nailer if you are mostly dealing with softer surfaces. It is a good appliance in average and works great but you may need to install a professional trigger that comes with it for better performance. 

BOSTITCH FN1664K Finish Nailer

BOSTITCH FN1664K 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer

This appliance gives you the option to select the trigger system that you want whether for sequential or contact options. It also features depth control and you can control your nailing depth with ease. BOSTITCH FN1664K Finish Nailer is also compact with an ergonomic handle for comfort when in use.

Engine and Performance

One of the good features with BOSTITCH FN1664K Finish Nailer is that it does not need regular maintenance with oil and that makes it good for work surfaces. It also features a filtered inlet for the air and that makes the engine durable.

Depth Adjustment

One of the important features when choosing finish nailers is the capacity to adjust the depth of the nail firing. BOSTITCH FN1664K Finish Nailer is not an exception when it comes to this. It comes with a dial control feature for countersinking adjustment and for preventing dry fire.


  • Oil-free engine to maintain clean surfaces. 
  • High maneuverability and efficiency. 
  • Compact and comfortable design. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 
  • Durable engine with swivel air fitting. 
  • Easy to adjust depth for fasteners. 


  • It is not easy for the beginners to use since it needs some practice.

Expert opinion: It is a good appliance and works great. It is recommendable especially for professionals who are accurate on their firings. For the beginners, it may need some little firing practice.

Metabo HPT Finish Nailer

Metabo HPT Finish Nailer | 16 Gauge Finish Nails -...

This one is a lightweight and compact nailer that only weighs 3.7lbs and is highly maneuverable. Metabo HPT Finish Nailer comes with competitive price and great performance hence a great deal for any contractor or anyone that needs it for nailing purposes. This appliance works with nails from 1-2.5 inches.

Depth Adjustment

This is a great feature for countersink adjustment and is important for keeping the right depth of firing into different surfaces. Metabo HPT Finish Nailer is, therefore, a great appliance for professional finishing and nailing works.

Exhaust Port

Another feature with this Metabo HPT Finish Nailer is the exhaust port that is adjustable to 360-degrees and is essential for keeping or directing the air away from your face when firing. It is also used to clear dust and debris on working surfaces.


  • Maneuverable and easy to use. 
  • Lightweight and compact to ease portability.
  • Ability to adjust firing depth. 
  • Adjustable exhaust for directing the air away and cleaning dust. 
  • Easy to clear nose to prevent jamming. 


  • Not efficient with long nails on hard surfaces. 

Expert opinion: This nailer is the best for molding installation, cabinets, and chair rails among other functions. If you are in that sector, then I would recommend it for your nailing.

Ryobi P325 Cordless Finish Nailer

Ryobi P325 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Battery Powered...

This nailer is a good choice for professional installations and finishing works. It is battery powered and unlike others, you can use any compatible battery. Ryobi P325 Cordless Finish Nailer is compact in shape and is comfortable to handle.

LED Lighting

This is an outstanding feature that is not common with other nailers. It makes Ryobi P325 Cordless Finish Nailer suitable for use in dim light conditions. There is a different trigger that serves for lighting purposes only. This helps to reduce confusion of firing nails accidentally instead of lighting.

Tool-free Adjustments

There are knobs that come with Ryobi P325 Cordless Finish Nailer and are useful for adjusting the depths. It is also possible to adjust the air pressure and firing depth.


  • Compatible with batteries from same brand models. 
  • Low nail indicator prevents dry firing. 
  • LED lighting feature for convenience in dim conditions.
  • Easy to set the firing depth. 
  • Compact design that is highly portable. 


  • Does not include the battery in its package. 

Expert opinion: If you want a battery powered nailer option rather than air-powered ones, Ryobi P325 Cordless Finish Nailer is a preferred choice. The advantage over most other models is the included LED lighting feature for convenience when working in dim areas. 

Paslode Finish Nailer Review

Paslode, Pneumatic Finish Nailer, 515500, 16 Gauge, Air...

Paslode Finish Nailer is an efficient air-powered with a great design that makes it comfortable to handle while firing. The compact design makes Paslode Finish Nailer easy to use and to maneuver. It is also lightweight hence you can use it without fatigue.

Performance Features

The nailer features a trigger that is convenient for firing nails into your trim. It also features a powerful precision feature that makes it efficient in firing nails on hardwood, and finishing works. It is also the best appliance for crown molding.

Maintenance and Durability

One thing about Paslode Finish Nailer is that you can use it for many years if you take good care of it. The appliance comes with oil-free design that also works to reduce maintenance and for clean working surfaces.


  • Ergonomic design for balance and comfortable firing. 
  • Useful trigger for consistent nailing. 
  • Good for hardwoods and crown molding. 
  • Low maintenance costs with oil-free design. 
  • Works with great precision. 
  • Reliable and durable.


  • Can be so loud when being used.

How to Choose the Best Finish Nailer?

After analyzing and comparing the features of the different nailers in this review, you have noted that some come with similar features while others are just unique in their own way. To pick the right nailer, you need to do the following:

Best for Budget

One thing that concerns many buyers is the price. I would advise that you should make price the least thing to bother you when you want the best. However, if you are under a tight budget, you have good options herein like NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Nailer that you can find with a manageable price.

Best Overall

After comparing all the features, the best overall nailer that has satisfied many users and works efficiently and precisely is none other than PORTER-CABLE Straight Finish Nailer. Though it is a bit highly priced, you will come to note that it is worth the value for money.

Best in Class Ergonomics

On this guide, there are so many ergonomic options but Paslode Finish Nailer has been classified as the best-in-class ergonomics. That is a fact if you look at the ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use.

Best Electric

If you want an electric option, then you should also go for the best in that category. In this case, we have Ryobi P325 Cordless Finish Nailer as one of the best options that you can choose. The advantage with this is that it comes with rare features like LED lighting that you cannot find with most other brands.

Best Pneumatic

The pneumatic options are many on this list. Therefore, you can just choose one that is strong enough to drive nails through different material surfaces efficiently.


You now have all the information that you need to buy the right finish nailer for your construction and finishing projects. Of course, we did all the analysis and you can rest assured that you are making a choice that you won’t come to regret depending on what you want to accomplish with your nailer. Just go through the list and pick the one that you are satisfied with in terms of features and performance.

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