Top 10 Paint Thinners

You can mix paint thinner with primers and various oil-based paints to reduce their texture viscosity. Therefore, it can fasten the drying time. Some paint thinners are available that can help you with different clean equipment, including- paintbrushes.

The best paint thinner plays a crucial role in helping you get the desired consistency and saving you valuable time. I have shortlisted the 10 best paint thinners and their specifications and features.

Just give your 10-minutes to get one for you.

Paint Thinner
Weber Odorless Turpenoid Artist Paint Thinner

Weber odourless turpenoid comes first on this list and is a great alternative to turpentine. It is possibly the best paint thinner with above 5-star customer ratings and reviews. The drying time and other features are similar to the traditional turpentine.

The best part is that this turpenoid from Weber does not have a strong odour. Moreover, you can mix with almost all the oil-based paint colours without damaging their true colour texture. Therefore, almost all professionals prefer to use this turpenoid.

In addition, it allows you to clean all the necessary painting accessories and equipment.

Key  Features

  • Good alternative of turpentine
  • Reduces the drying time
  • Compatible with all the oil-based paints
  • Cleans all the painting accessories


  • Work as expected
  • Long-lasting
  • Truly odourless
  • Arrive on time


  • Little pricey
Sunnyside 45732 Lacquer and Epoxy Thinner

Sunnyside 45732 is an excellent quality paint thinner that allows you to dissolve it with most shellacs and lacquers. Besides, you can also clean various cleaning tools along with other components.

Likewise- this thinner can help you efficiently clean all the cleaning equipment, like- sprayer, airbrush, or roller. In addition, it is the best paint thinner that can also degrease different vehicle parts.

Medium-fast drying time has made this paint thinner highly recommended by the customers.

Key  Features

  • Can efficiently clean the cleaning tools
  • Degreases various parts and components
  • Medium-fast drying time
  • Compatible with most of the shellacs and lacquers


  • Fast drying time
  • Creates a beautiful, long-lasting finish
  • No residue
  • Suitable for thick coatings


  • Poorly designed container
US Art Supply 16-Ounce Pint Airbrush Thinner

Next on our list comes US Art Supply thinner coming from the leading brand. This thinner is primarily compatible with acrylic paints. In addition, it comes with acrylic binders to leave a long-lasting effect.

It is the best paint thinner that can make the colour transparent and with fine detailing. It works best mostly with textile and mixed-media surfaces. But, most interestingly, you can apply this thinner on all surfaces, like- wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, and others.

Key  Features

  • Improves colour transparency and flow
  • Works well for fine detailing projects
  • Suitable for mixed-media and textile surfaces
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces


  • Works great
  • Well priced
  • On-time delivery
  • Available in good colour


  • It takes a long time than other mediums
Artists' Grade Gamsol Oil

Artists’ Grade Gamsol oil is another great choice to pick. This paint thinner is available in both 32-ounce and 1-litre bottles. It is odourless and does not contain harmful solvents to make it environment-friendly and safe for the painters.

This fluid is available in a crystal-clear texture to make the oil paints and the other media undisturbed the integrity. Moreover, it is reusable and highly recommended by professional painters.

Key  Features

  • Available in 32-ounce and 1-litre bottles
  • It comes in a crystal-clear texture
  • Odourless and environment-friendly
  • Suitable for oil paints and other media


  • Cleans well
  • Has no odour
  • Works very well and quickly
  • Evaporates quickly


  • Bit pricey, but worth it
Golden Open Acrylic Thinner

Golden Open Acrylic Thinner is our next choice. Unfortunately, this spray bottle comes only in a 4-ounce bottle. So you need a small amount to apply this kind. Also, this paint thinner has an oil-based mechanism.

Therefore, you need not face sticky issues. In addition, it is durable and lasts for a longer period. Most importantly, it will not damage the texture or integrity of the mixed paint. So, you can use this thinner for both expensive and cheap ones.

Key  Features

  • Water-based mechanism
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Available in a 4-ounce bottle
  • Suitable for both cheap and expensive paints


  • Works perfect
  • Great value for the money
  • Mixes nicely
  • Very easy to use


  • It May have a bit of confusing consistency
Airbrush Flow Improver Paint Set

The list of the best paint thinner will be incomplete without Airbrush Flow Improver. For those who use only the airbrush paint, this paint thinner is suitable. Unfortunately, this paint thinner is available only in 8-ounce bottles.

Also, it is very easy to apply and is very helpful for beginners. You will also get an excellent output from this paint set. Besides airbrushes, it is compatible with various paints also.

Key  Features

  • Improves flow
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • It leaves a smooth finish
  • Available in an 8-ounce bottle


  • Airbrush friendly
  • Works well
  • No odour
  • Easy cleaning


  • It does not come with a nozzle
Real Milk Paint Citrus Mineral Spirits Paint Thinner

Real Milk Paint is suitable not only with paint thinners but also with mineral spirits. It is available in crystal-clear texture. It will not damage the original colour.

Most importantly, this paint thinner is suitable for wooden projects and leaves a natural texture. Also, it is environment-friendly and does not contain any preservatives, additives, or other chemicals.

Key  Features

  • It comes from 98% citrus extract and 2% water
  • Eco-friendly and natural
  • Available in a crystal-clear texture
  • Suitable for mineral spirits and paint thinner


  • No leakage indication
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Less intense odour
  • It leaves a beautiful and rich finish


  • Expensive enough
Speedball Art Products Mona Lisa Odorless Thinner

Speedball Thinner is another smart option available on this list. This paint thinner is suitable for both artist oil and oil-based paints. The manufacturers have designed this container with a child lock to make it safe from your child.

Moreover, you can apply this thinner turpentine to make your work hassle-free. This paint thinner is odourless and will not disturb the paint colour. Therefore, you can consider this option the best value for money option.

Key  Features

  • Suitable for all kinds of oil-based paints and artist oils
  • It comes with 100% mineral spirits
  • Available in an 8-ounce shatterproof container
  • Enabled with child-proof locking mechanism


  • Great priced
  • Completely odourless
  • Does not smudge
  • Blends very smoothly


  • It comes with a little pungent smell
Klean-Strip Green QML170

KLEAN-Strip QML170 is another outstanding choice available in this list. This paint thinner comes with all the necessary benefits of the mineral spirit thinner. Besides, you will also find some of the VOC regulations from Southern California present in it.

Therefore, it is highly recommended by all professional artists. You can clean the painting tools and improve flow and colour transparency. The only thing is that this paint thinner is a bit expensive.

Key  Features

  • Mineral spirit benefits present
  • It comes with VOC regulations
  • Cleans the painting tools
  • Improves colour transparency


  • Works in minutes
  • It does not come with leakage issues
  • Dries in 30-minutes
  • Cleans very quick


  • It needs a screwdriver to open the cap
Pebeo 038004 Porcelaine 150 China Paint Thinner

Last but not least, Pebeo paint thinner is another great option to enlist. Though this paint thinner is compatible with most surfaces, it works great with glass, porcelain, china, and others.

You need a small quantity of this thinner. So, a 45ml bottle can last for many years. This paint thinner is durable. You can use this. A detailed instruction manual comes with this container to make your task easier.

Key  Features

  • Available in a 45ml bottle
  • Suitable for all kinds of surfaces
  • Enabled with an oven-baked mechanism
  • User-friendly 


  • Comes well packed
  • Fast shipping
  • Works well
  • Bright and effective colours


  • Bit pricier

Things to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Paint Thinner

Paint thinner vs paint stripper

You should know the basic differences between paint thinner and a paint stripper. They may have similarities, but these two are different products. You can use a paint thinner to make the paint liquid in texture.

It will not only help the paint to dry fast but also help you to work smoothly using the airbrush. Besides, a paint thinner will also help you clean the cleaning tools and equipment.

On the other hand, a paint stripper will help you remove the painted surface's stains.

Size of the bottle

The size of the paint thinner bottle is another factor you should consider. There are various sizes of paint thinners available. Now, you should also know the function of a paint thinner first.

You can take a very small quantity of the paint thinner to break down the paint consistency. So, a small-sized paint thinner can last for a long time. Therefore, you can purchase expensive containers also because they will last for a long time.

So, always choose the bottle size before purchasing the best paint thinner.


You should always try to choose leading brands when you purchase the best paint thinner. Especially professionals always prefer to have renowned brands to get the best result.

It will also help you to last for a long time. But unfortunately, unreliable brands must contain some toxic components and are not environment-friendly.


There are various types of paint thinners available in the market. For example, both oil-based and acrylic paints come with various paint thinners. Therefore, you should choose the type as per your requirement.

It would be great to check the attached label when you purchase the best paint thinner.


Most of the paint thinners are expensive. That does not indicate that you should spend a hundred dollars picking a paint thinner. You will not be discouraged if you choose pricier ones.

It is because a paint thinner will last for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is paint thinner?

A paint thinner can liquid the oil-based paints to dilute their texture. You can also clean your entire cleaning equipment using paint thinners. Overall, you can say a paint thinner will lessen the thick texture of the paints.

How will you use paint thinner?

You can take a good quality airbrush to apply the paint thinner on any room surface, like- walls, ceiling, or others. Then, you can check the instruction manual to let the thinner dry completely. Usually, most paint thinners will take at least 20-minutes to make the layer dry well.

How will you make acrylic paint thinner?

You can add up to 30% water to thin the acrylic paint. You can also add 60% water to make the texture watery. Then, after application, you can rub the thinner to leave a stain.

How will you clean off oil paints from a brush without using a paint thinner?

You can take a small quantity of dishwashing soap to clean the airbrush. It will go deep into the oil paint to help you remove the stains. After that, you can leave the paintbrush to make them dry. Moreover, you can also use linseed oil to clean the brush without using paint thinner.

How to make paint thinner?

You can purchase acetone from a hardware store to prepare a paint thinner. Now, take 3 parts to paint and 1 part paint thinner in a container. Finally, stir the mixture thoroughly to get your desired texture.

What is paint thinner made of?

You can use a paint thinner to reduce the paint thickness and clean up the cleaning equipment. Various materials are present in a paint thinner, like- turpentine, mineral spirits, glycol, naphtha, acetone, dimethylformamide, and xylene.


Here is the list of the best paint thinner and their detailed features and specifications. Of course, you can choose anyone from the choices mentioned above to make your task hassle-free.

If you find this post helpful, you can share it with your friends to help them get an appropriate thinner.

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