10 Best Leather Paints for Any Type of Leather

Whether or not you have artistic skills, you can easily make beautiful patterns on various leather surfaces, like shoes, bags, furniture, etc. Thus, you can give a new look to the old leather items.

Though leather painting is more accessible and tricky, you can make this task more manageable with the best leather paints. Moreover, the high-quality leather paints will not fade away with time. Read this review post to know the ten best leather paints.

It will help you choose one to refurbish the old furniture and clothing. A detailed buyer’s guide and some FAQs will make your choice brighter and more accessible. Just take a short trip to welcome your artistic intelligence.

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint

This 12-set paint product from Angelus is the best leather pants available. Angelus has been the leading brand with leather paints for over a century. There is a total of 12-sealed paint bottles present in this product.

Each of these 1bottles comes with different colour acrylic paints. These are- red, yellow, pink, green, black, white, turquoise, purple, lilac, orange, blue, and purple. So, it is the best leather paint that will help you achieve your desired design.

Most importantly, the paint comes from non-toxic chemicals. You can use these colours in the bags, shoes, and jackets to cover the scratches.

Key  Features

  • Available in 12-different colours, it comes in the tightly sealed bottles
  • Comes from non-toxic substances
  • Suitable for jackets, bags, and shoes


  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent packaging, excellent quality
  • Easy to clean


  • A little bit watery
Mont Marte Acrylic Paint

This paint is available in 24-various acrylic colour choices. Each of the colours comes in 26ml tubes. It is the best leather paint, leaves a smooth effect and dries fast.

If you want to give a quick makeover to your leather jackets or belts, Mont Marte acrylic paint will be the best option. This paint set is also suitable for children's projects. Each tube will last for an extended period and will not make you fall short of paint.

Key  Features

  • Creamy texture
  • Fast-drying mechanism
  • Available in 24-various colours
  • Compatible with wood, paper, canvas, and ceramic


  • Value for price
  • Easy to get every drop from the tubes
  • Amazing range of colours
  • Easy to paint with


  • Packaging is inferior
FineMade Acrylic Leather Paint

FineMade Acrylic leather paint is available in twelve various colours. Therefore, you can choose as per your requirements and tastes. Most importantly, you can apply this leather paint on multiple items, like- boots, handbags, jackets, purses, etc.

It can dry in 24-hours. This paint also comes with a waterproof feature, making it another intelligent choice. Also, it is fold-resistant and durable. So it will not fade away or wipe away with time.

Another important thing is that you can easily mix one colour with another.

Key  Features

  • Available in twelve various colours
  • Compatible with multiple products
  • Enabled with waterproof feature
  • Durable and fold-resistant


  • Rapid drying time
  • Very durable
  • Colours mix very well
  • Easy to use


  • A little thin in nature
Angelus Leather Paint 4Oz

Angelus leather paints are more famous for their flexible nature. So whether you are painting your shoes or an oversized couch, this leather paint from Angelus is suitable for all. It is available in various vibrant colours.

It allows you to mix one colour with another to get your desired shade. Most athletes love to have this leather paint design in their pair of sneakers. Scratch-proof and water-resistant are some of the other notable features of this paint.

Key  Features

  • Suitable for jackets, boots, purses comes from non-toxic chemicals
  • Scratch-proof and water-resistant
  • Available in various colours


  • Dries and blends well
  • Beautiful colour and adhesion
  • Super easy
  • Never comes off from clothes


  • Bit stickier surface than before
Fiebings Leather Dye -Alcohol-Based - 4 oz

Fiebing’s leather dye is another intelligent choice available in this list. This paint comes in a tightly sealed container. This paint is available in 11-various colour options- including- red, yellow, blue, orange, dark brown, and turquoise.

Moreover, it comes with anti-breaking and anti-peeling features and a fast-drying mechanism to make it suitable for leather surfaces. It has a water-resistant feature and leaves a smooth finish when it dries off.

Therefore, you can mix this colour with water to make them diluted. You can avail of this paint at an affordable price range.

Key  Features

  • Dries uniformly
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Enabled with anti-peeling feature
  • Water-resistant


  • Amazing colours
  • Covers well
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable price range


  • Delivery may take time
Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Pack 9 Jewel Colours

This leather paint is available in nine different colours. Besides leather, it is compatible with various surfaces, like- paper, wood, tiles, and fabric. Moreover, Jacquard Lumiere leather paint is durable and easily washable.

This paint is available in small tubes. You require a minimal amount of this paint. Therefore, these tubes will last for a more extended period. If this paint is applicable only for outdoor surfaces, you need a liquid sealer to safeguard it from damage.

Key  Features

  • Available in nine colours
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces
  • Durable and easily washable
  • Suitable for outdoor surfaces


  • Simply gorgeous
  • Well packaged
  • Great consistency
  • Fast delivery


  • Bit pricey
U.S. Art Supply 12 Colour Basic AIRBRUSH Paint

Next, this list comes to this 12-colour U.S. Art Supply. This leather paint comes in a complete set to help you do your craftwork well. There are 12-sealed acrylic bottles present in this set. You will get 12-various colours in each of the 1-ounce paint bottles.

They are- bright yellow, pure pink, deep purple, bright red, coffee brown, orange, sapphire blue, hot pink, deep black, flesh, grass green, and white. You will also have an airbrush cleaner, extender bas, and an airbrush reducer with the set.

This colour paint comes from high-grade acrylic resin and has met all ASTM D-4236 safety requirements.

Key  Features

  • Available in 12-various colours
  • Meets ASTM D-4236 safety standards
  • The water-based mechanism comes with other necessary attachments


  • Fantastic brightness, viscosity, and curing time does not have a  scent
  • Stays fast
  • Mix perfectly


  • Poor packaging
Springfield Desert Gold Leather Glitter Paint

Springfield Desert glitter paint will be the best option for those who want to give their artwork a glamour and glitz look. It is the best leather paint to meet your glitter artwork requirement.

It will help you to give your old jacket a rockstar look. Moreover, this paint is durable and will not peel or fade away with time. Springfield glitter paint can make your ordinary purse, bag, or footwear look decorated with a glamorous look.

You can apply several coats to get your desired result.

Key  Features

  • Do not peel or crack
  • Suitable for jackets, bags, purses, and shoes
  • It gives a glitz makeover
  • Fast delivery


  • It fits the colour perfectly
  • Easy to apply
  • Flexes well
  • Pretty good coverage


  • A bit expensive for the quantity of received paint
Jacquard Textile 8 Color Set

This paint is suitable for bags, shoes, leather accessories, and textiles. It is the best leather paint that can cover the scratches or damages of the leather products if present.

Besides, it is durable and will not crack or peel away with time. You will get a sponge and a brush with this paint set. Kaps synthetic paint will permanently restore and dye. 

This leather paint comes with a 24-hours drying time. So, you can use the product after 24-hours.

Key  Features

  • Suitable for bags, shoes, textiles, and other leather accessories
  • Covers leather defects
  • It comes with a sponge and brush
  • 24-hours drying time


  • Accurate colour accuracy
  • Easy to apply
  • Value for money
  • Good coverage


  • The bottle is small in size
Fiebings Acrylic Leather Paint

Fiebing’s acrylic leather paint is available in 2-ounces bottles. This leather paint is available in 11-various colour choices. It is the best leather paint that has intense pigmentation. All the colours leave a smooth finish.

This colour is durable and will not crack or peel with time. In addition, this leather paint allows water to make the mixture thin. The best part is applying this paint without using a primer.

Key  Features

  • It comes in 2-ounces bottles
  • Available in 11-different colours
  • An intense pigmentation is present
  • It comes with an anti-peel or anti-crack feature


  • Works very well
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Great coverage


  • It does not come with an applicator

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Paint Remover

Water-based Acrylic Foundation

Water-based acrylic paints will be the best option to choose. This type of acrylic paint is suitable for various items, including boots, belts, shoes, purses, and other accessories.

Also, you can mix this paint with various other colours. In addition, if you want, you can wash them off with water. Thus, you can choose this paint for any customised patterns or designs. Most importantly, this acrylic paint comes with a water-resistant feature.

Different Colours

Some leather paints come only in one colour, whereas others are available in multiple options. Those who want to have various coloured artworks should choose the latter option. 

Thus, you can choose colours as per your style and artwork requirement. But those who want only one colour or need to complete only small craftwork can go with the paint with only one colour option.


It would be great to get an applicator or brush with the purchase. It will help you do your task easily. Else, you need to visit the hardware store differently and bring a suitable applicator to start your work.

You need to expense more if you purchase the applicator differently.


Make sure your desired paint should not contain harmful substances or chemicals. So, you must choose environmentally-friendly leather paint. It will save not only you but also the entire surrounding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to paint leather?

These are the step-by-step instructions to get the leather paint-

  • First, prepare the leather object.
  • If any dirt is present, clean it.
  • Let the object rest for a few minutes.
  • Now, apply the cleaner.
  • Let the cleaner dry for a few minutes.
  • Make it ready.
  • Protect all the things that will not paint.
  • Finally, apply the leather paint.

How will you paint leather shoes?

Just follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • You should apply the paint in a thin layer.
  • It would be great to choose only one brand of leather paint rather than mixing the multiple brands.
  • Avoid heat to make the layer dry.
  • Now, take the acrylic paint sealants.
  • Be careful when you are applying the paint on the shoe angles.

How to remove paint from leather?

You can use cooking oil or olive oil to remove the paint from the leather. Baby oils are also good to remove the stain. First, take a cotton swab and dip it in the oil. Wipe the paint with a cotton swan and wait for a few minutes. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure. You can take a knife to scrape off the paint if you feel it. Now, take baking soda and vinegar to prepare the solution. It will help to remove the excess oil. Thus, you can get rid of the paint quickly from the leather boots or shoes.

How to paint leather furniture?

These are the steps that you should follow to paint the leather furniture-

  • Collect all the items required, like- prep, paint, and finisher.
  • Clean the surface and apply the prep.
  • Now, deglaze the surface.
  • Softly use the preparer.
  • Put a rainbow of colours to make your job done.
  • If necessary, apply multiple coats.
  • Do not skip the details.
  • Be calm and patient.

How to seal acrylic paint on leather?

  • The leather must be clean and dry. So, when sealing the paint, the leather surface must be clean.
  • Now, seal the acrylic paint on burst. You can take a spray sealant or liquid paint finisher to make the acrylic paint stay on leather.
  • This step must go with a waterproofing spray.


The best leather paints are compatible with various leather accessories. Whether you want to makeover your leather jackets or shoes or want your leather sofa renovated, leather paint will work great for you.

All the above choices are smart enough to make your job done successfully. If you find this review post helpful, you can share it with your family and friends to make their work beneficial.

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